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fashion connects people, so it happened to be that thanks to one of my favorite designers I got to know and close friendship with the model Regina San and she again made me get to know another couture designer from Hamburg. It was a sunny but cold March day when my friend told me about Ella Deck. We have been sitting in a restaurant and enjoyed a slight meal when I asked her about her refined cut dress in the color of magenta that she wore in one of her photoshootings.
It is by Ella Deck“, she told me, „do you know Ella Deck? She is the cousin from Christine Deck.“, I had to say no to her questions.

Photo: Henriette Mielke

She is a famous designer from Hamburg.“, she started to tell and show me photos she had taken from her showroom.
If you want I can introduce you to each other.
Shortly afterwards in April the time had come. We met in the afternoon at the Lehmweg in Hamburg-Eppendorf in front of Ella's atelier and went in together. We had a heartily welcome. Inside arrived I firstly forgot about anything around me while I most exactly scanned the atelier. I tried to recognize something from the photos that Regina had showed me what I firstly did not achieve. We were welcomed by a dark haired woman who seemed to have recognized Regina immediately. I introduced myself to her and she began to lead us through the atelier right away in which I slowly began to grope my way through the magical world of Ella Deck. By the way, where was Ella Deck? The woman pointed to the rooms beside to a normally tall blonde woman and said: "Ella is about to dress a customer for the Blue Ball which is supposed to take place the coming weekend." In this moment I realized that every woman must feel like a princess or even the queen of the night herself when she was dressed in a creation from Ella Deck.

It did not seem like a not willing to end time that we had been waiting for Ella because Ella Deck's fashion was so versatile that each dress was a unique class for itself.

Ella Deck's atelier und showroom spreaded a warmth as if one would feel like on a wonderful flower-field that was embraced by the warm sun. It united beauty, style and the sunny friendly mood from Ella Deck's team to a place where one loves to come back again and again.

Recently I've visited the designer again for an interview in her atelier and showroom. In the grey, cold October fall it was still Ella Deck's showroom which symbolized warmth and security. We talked about her, her fashion and naturally about her fashion show which is to take place on November 6th. Read the whole interview below:

Fall4Me: Dear Ella, first of all tell us a little bit about you: where do you come from and how would you describe yourself with a few words?
Ella Deck: I was born in Russia or rather back then it still belonged to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, in the capital Bishkek. in 1989 we emigrated. My mother is Russia-German, which was the reason that it was possible for us to emigrate sooner which my father however did not want, that was why we emigrated just later in 1989 to Germany. There I have visited a high school, studied fashion design at the Academy Fashion & Design (Ger: Akademie Mode & Design - AMD) successfully completed as the best of my school-year, afterwards I was shortly in America later I have worked freelance. In 2001 I got my freelancer certificate and shortly afterwards in 2002 I have built up my atelier and showroom which is two in one.

I would describe myself with the words down to earth, cosmopolitan and realistic.

What was the origin of Ella Deck Couture?
With a little summer collection everything has started. Dresses and skirts in crazy colors have been created with fluid clothes such as silk. The love towards color I have brought with me from my childhood. My stay in Russia until I have turned 13 influenced me as well because my mother was a painter. In 2001 when everything started I thought to myself if I work freelance I have to do something for it, so I have collected models, hair and make-up stylists and everyone was invited whom we have known and in regular intervals of three months the fashion was presented at different places.
In August 2002 someone talked to me and said: „Ella I do not want to be forced to wait for three months for your fashion.“
Shortly afterwards once I have passed the Lehmweg by car and saw how cartons were transported out. I said to my boyfriend who is now my husband: „Stop immediately!“
I went there, asked and then I have started to rent the location. I have intentionally chosen the neighborhood Eppendorf even though the meet of the young fashion designers takes place at the Karolinenviertel but during my studies it was clear for me: There I never want to land!

What does fashion mean to you personally?
Fashion is my life. I fight for women in Germany to dress better because if you take a look at the women abroad Poland, America, Italy, Russia, etc. you immediately realize that the women abroad put a high value on their outer self and look much more feminin.

In Hamburg women focus on pants also on their wedding then I always say: „Your husband already wears trousers for your wedding why don't you leave the trousers at home for that day?“, many of them accept my adivce.

On November 6th Home & Garden Ella Deck and friends presents your recent collection. What is the motto or rather the above topic under which you have designed your collection?The motto is „Time is luxury“. We have everything apart from time. [The further explanation comes with the answer of the following question].

What inspired you for this collection?
I was inspired for the motto „Time is Luxury“ by the modern woman of now our days who is wife, mother and has a job and accommodates it all. This inspiration of the woman is based on the fact that she does not have to worry about anything anymore if she i.e. wants to go out with her husband and needs a cocktail-dress for that she will get a cocktail-dress in addition she will get fitting underwear. My label works with partners so that the woman does not have to miss anything. If anything does not fit we deliver it even shoes from which there is one model with three different heels – for older ones a little bit lower and wider ones, for younger ones a little bit higher and slimmer ones – we are open for any age. Furthermore we have the matching accessories, etc. The already anyway full-time woman does not have to run from shop to shop, she can take care of her personal business and we take care of her looks. So if she wants to go out with her husband...we even organize the tickets, you do not see each other as partners between designer as customer you are friends.

Also for weddings our effort is high, we can offer her three different photographers that suit to her personal style out of which she can choose one, make-up and body-care... I really do not know what we do not have!

Every woman is not satisfied with herself, we want to give her the feeling of satisfaction.

What does it mean for Ella Deck Couture to create a new collection, how does the process look and how long does it take?
We create a collection lasts a whole year. Once a year a fashion show takes place then, to inspire the women with this show to „Girls, dress yourselves better!“ During the fashion show we show the highlights of the year, it can be a simple thing but also something extravagant.

The highlight of the last fashion show

As you say yourself you like to mix different style epochs and engrave the design of different cultures. Which style epochs and which cultures fascinate you most?I love the 30s, the diva that slides down the stairs like a muse and whose train is pulled after her; black and white movies, the timeless, a slim waist and also the 20s, the Charles-Style connected by details. A casual coat is i.e. given a chinese touch with a little put on collar and with that the wide skirt that is Russian inspired combined. But it all fits together.

What does your fashion express? How should a woman feel when she is wearing your creations?
She is supposed to feel feminine. Another feeling that is to be given is the self-confirmation that is given through compliments because compliments are honey for the self-confidence. Also we get feedback from our customers who call us and say: „I will come back!“

A business woman who has to hold a speech in front of a hundred men has to feel good and secure therefore her dress is supposed to help and give her a feeling of security and safety and says: „I can achieve all, I can do it all!“

How would you project your personality to your fashion and creations?
The inner joy.

Ella Deck Couture is famous for her colorful style and „breaks masterly the love towards black“, the color that is known as „so elegant, simple to combine and timeless“ within the world of fashion as no other one. What can color do what black cannot do?
Color can describe feelings and transfer emotions. Other than black color is more precize to the character. One must also not forget what many people however forget black does not suit everyone.

Has it always been your dream or rather your goal to become a fashion designer?
My interest on becoming a fashion designer came very late when I was in 10th grade and seriously thought about my future job what I want to become. Jobs like police officer or stewardess were running through my head but then once in the morning I immediately woke up and said to my mother: „Mama I know it know!...“ 
And she said to me then: „Child, I am so happy. I have never told you because I did not want to push you but it has always been my wish.“
I went to classes and so the pencil rather than typically the sewing machine has become my toy.

A true artist like Ella has an atelier and showroom full of originally 
painted images

Which hobbies do you have besides from fashion?
Because I have very few time it is my biggest hobby to watch movies. I can dream away and imagine myself to be in the movie. I imagine how I dress the characters. I love to watch cartoons to relax, these are the best ones to relax. We sit comfortably with the family and we are together, that is the most important thing for me. We also have two dogs and cats which have to go out.

Which people would you like to thank for the fact that you arrived where you are today?
The most I want to thank my mother who has supported me building up my label in any way. Apart from that I want to thank my husband. Because he was the first one to say: „If you need it we will buy it!“, he has given me the full treatment to help me and he was the one to help me to decide to build up my own label. I could have as well worked for other labels as designer i.e. Tom Taylor.

What could you wish more from life?
That the development goes wider to the mass. The single person comes back again but that the mass comes back and that there is a presence in Germany does not exist yet. In Hamburg people know me but I would wish that maybe at Unger Ella Deck would be featured at a small place with selected dresses from me by that it was present and perfect that everyone talks about it. My wish is that Ella Deck Couture is passed pearl necklace from one generation to the other.
It is my dream that one wears Ella Deck for the first job.

Thank your for this great interview!

Visit Ella Deck online and sink into her wonderful world or if you are in Hamburg visit her at the Lehmweg 51. Visit her on Facebook for regular updates and register for the fashion show the coming week via telephone or e-mail below.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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