Snap, Snap!

Hello my sweet people,

I hope you've had a great weekend and collected power and positive emotions for the new week. It's holidays here again, so it came to my ear. Oh my god...(?) Sometimes it is really exhausting when school pupils and students have holidays together. The kiddies and teenies can be so exhausting in the shopping malls or in the subway at times. What I like about it is that my dear friends who still go to school have time for a meet-up. Still I'm happy for them that they can collect power in sleep and can take a little break to work hard again.

My holidays (or correctly lecture-free-time) still lasts three more weeks which I really need after this stressful month.
Anyway after all the work is done for now I have went to the exhibition "Du und deine Welt" [Engl.: "You and your world"] in our huge and famous exhibitionhalls.

There I have made a photoshooting, check out all the results below.

The process and the studio - StudioLine Photography

Do you have a favorite?

"Life is like a camera focus on what important capture the good times and develop from the negatives"
Smiiiiiile and snap, snap :)
Xoxo ♥ Johanna

5 Questions To Johanna From Fall4Me

Hello sweet people,

I have really missed you guys since my last post. I am quite busy this week and I will tell you about all latest in one week and also tell you why.

I just wanted to let you know once again that without you people I as blogger would be nothing. Blogging is my big passion and you make this passion arise more. That's why I keep offering you to take part in arranging my blogging by "wish-posts" or so called "Q and A" (question and answer). I am even happier if you attend to those offers via Facebook. for example like one of my fans did.
He asked me about the elections in Germany which took part last Sunday. He asked me in particular the following five questions.

I would be interested in if you are contented with the results of the elections.
I am partly contented with the results of the elections. My feeling has already told me that Merkel would certainly win another election, still she doesn't have the absolute majority. Besides from that the opposition is completely left oriented, not conservative like her party. That's a good point. I am also happy that the left political party (Die LINKE) has become the third most powerful party in the parliament. September 22nd, 2013 is a very important date for them. 

Are you sad that the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland; Engl.: "Alternative for Germany"-Party) failed shortly before the obstacle?
No, not really. I think nowadays a party like the AfD has no business to be in the parliament. We don't need a nationalistic party in the German parliament but left parties who are global and open-minded for the world.

What do you say about the failure of the FDP (Freie Demokratische Partei; Engl.: "Free Democratic Party")?
I don't think that the FDP has "failed" in this sense. The fact that the FDP isn't represented in our parliament anymore shows that there is a new generation of electors in Germany, a young one which is taking part in politics and the future of its country. I am talking about the generation of the mid-1990s which is tending left. This orientation is showing the independence of the young people.

What do you think would be the best coalition for us?
Personally I think - just like the European Union - that for the moment the red-red-green coalition would be the best for us. As I have already said our nation wants a left government. A government which is taking care of its nation and furthermore of its youth and future because the young people are the future and the old-age provision if they have no perspective and help to get independent from the government  how are they going to help their elders? The red-red-green parties have realized that problems and are looking for ways to solve them. They are moreover closing friendships with other countries and are world-opened. They are also taking care of their poor majority and look for fairness and equality within the country. That's what counts for a good-working system.

What do you think of the manipulation reproach during the elections towards the CDU/CSU (Christlich Demokratische Union, Engl: Christian Democratic Union) ?
I can't and I don't want to say something to this since I haven't ocupied myself with this closely but it can be possible since Merkel and her party have succeeded for 8 years and it was thinkable that they might have wanted to make history by winning another elections. Still I don't want to reproach anything to anyone.

I hope I could answer your questions well, dear, and I hope you've enjoyed reading my interview and statement about the elections. I am lately asked this question very often since I am involved in politics and study political science.

The next entry will be more about fashion again.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Don't Be A Maybe!

Hello my dear friends,

today is a long awaited, special day and I am supercharged for it! It is the day of the elections in Germany! Not only our German government will be elected but it will also be decided if the electricity and gas will stay privatized or not through a plebiscite.

I can always and only recommend or demand from people to take part in the elections because every single voice is worth something. Apart from that people can be proud and blessed to have this chance and take it and then complain or celebrate with a good conscience knowing they have done their part. So don't be a maybe! Make your choice if you can.
It was the very first time for me to elect. Maybe that's why I was even more excited, because that was how I felt, like an important part of a whole and the party I belong to. I felt strong and confident.

The first voice is for a candidate and the second one for the party you elect.

The final results aren't out yet but the party I have voted for is on a very good way. For the plebiscite I am very happy to tell you that we have reached even more voices than required and won this! YAAAAAY! I will keep you informed via Twitter about more.

Talking about the party I have voted for it was just natural to dress in the colors of that party to show my loyalty, red and black. The careful heads among you might now think that I am breaking my own rules because red and black are more or less replaced this year but it is also a real trendsetters duty to prepare you for the upcoming trends: Red and black come back as a duo. Sexier than ever for some romance in the cold and dark winter season.

Lipstick - Christian Dior; earrings - SIX; blouse - Mango; balloon skirt - Tally Weijl; watch - Chanel J12; bag - Harrod's

I am also presenting you my dark-red Dior lipstick which will certainly be my constant company in winter. Lips will be romantically red combined with a dramatically sexy black. Personally I think they especially suit very well if you have dark hair, just in the Snow White style.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Bonsoir mes chers amis,

yesterday was an emotionally really exhausting day for me. I feel very blessed to say that it was half as painful thanks to my very close friend who comforted me, my collegues and my incredibly adorable group in "Youth in the Parliament".

Well what do you do when you're down and need to think? - Relax. And how do you relax best? - As I have told you one of the best ways is some kind of wellness. As longer planned I went to the manicure yesterday to get myself artificial gel nails which was suggested by my mother.
It does have many adventages compared to the one or other disadvantage which I would like to name: On the one hand it helps you of your fingers are actually looking short to make them seem longer and even more slim. Besides from that your hands will look very well looked after all the time no matter if you do household-work or wash your hands many times furthermore your nails won't break as easily as they would usually (for example my real nails). And if you have the bad habit to nibble at your fingers you will forget about it as you have your new nails. Once a month (or every one and a half month) you would need to refresh your artificial days which would take about two hours (which is nothing compared to the other time you would actually have to spend daily or weekly for normal nails). Artificial nails don't just look sexy, they are also suitable for your everyday life especially if you are a busy woman.
Of course in the beginning you will have to get used to it and feel the one or other unpleasant feeling but it will fade. Another disadventage would be that if you get rid of them after a time your nails will feel very thin and breaking (but for that you would have a nail hardener by P2 for example)

The funny part yesterday was that I have chosen purple but while we were applying the paint we have noticed that the color was turning blue whereas I got in panic because the first layer looked pink.
Later on we have realized that the color I have chosen is a thermo-color which is turning blue in the warmth and gets purple when your fingers are cold.
Here is the result and some different nail moments.

My nails were done at Miu Nails in Hamburg where you get 30 % of discount for a new modellage, check them out on Facebook.

Today's blog entry was  written with Jimmy who turned 6 on Thurday :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Good Night, Little Girl...

Hello my beloved readers,

today I want to share something very special and personal. I of course want to share my week with you from Monday to today but also what I have went through since last Friday and I want to ask you a few things according to that. It would mean a lot to me if you read until the end and really add a statement instead of writing "nice blazers" or "cute looks". Of course every woman loves compliments (men nowadays do even more) but what does it help if you aren't saying it out of your heart?

Friday and Saturday - September 13 and 14:
Everyone of us has weaknesses. Bigger or smaller ones. My biggest weakness is (or was) that I have always taken everything too serious, let it get too deep into my heart and overthought things too much. Besides from that I can become very paranoid when it comes to people I love no matter if I know them from the internet or in real. All are equal for me so all get the same amount of my endless love.
On Friday I have had a little conversation with someone who is (or was?) one of the most special people in my life. We have been through good and hard times but we have always found a way. But this time? He asked me why I am so paranoid. Well... to be honest I didn't know myself but deep in my heart I did and I have realized and admitted it to myself when I talked to my brother. - I am proud to say that he is the best brother a little sister could wish for and I wouldn't change him for the world. We do fight at times to but we always support each other so check him out. - He told me that I have to find the roots of this paranoia and I did. I started very early: I have always been jealous of a so called "third person" that stepped into my friendship or other kind of relationship with a person. I was jealous and feared to lose that person because of the third one and started to act weird maybe which had negative consequences. Realizing that problem I have talked to a friend of mine and my brother (male) whom I told in which state I am. He said I have made myself dependent on my friend and am unsure about myself. In church my soul father told me on Saturday that I take everythinng serious because I am not grown yet.
Realizing all this I have distracted myself away from the computer. I have watched sitcoms and series, played games, learned for my exam, etc. and always if I had negative feelings concerning my special person I took deep breaths to calm down.

Monday - September 16:
The experimental game "Youth in the Parliament" took place in the town hall of Hamburg for the 19th time. This project is supposed to strengthen the young people's interest in politics. Last year I have participated (students, pupils, trainees, etc. take part and make politics just like the real politicians) and this year I was helping and taking care of one of the groups which I have closed into my heart. My friend was a helper too and we have made many new friends. I have worn a royal blue blazer on Monday and wore it in the "rainy day"-version of my "accessory of the month"-look.
On Monday I have noticed that I didn't have any negative feelings about the special person anymore. But you shouldn't praise the day before the night so I have observed it the next days.

Tuesday - Sep. 17
I was very nervous on that day because of the interview I have had at the end of the day but it went all well. A funny highlight was that because of my classic blazer look the young people used a formal address towards me because they nodded shyly when I have asked them if I look older than 20. (One guessed me 25). So let's say I didn't even have time for negative feelings. But I have called my bestie to let her know about it. She was very proud of me and noticed the change especially because I have admitted my jealousy which not everyone is able to do. She said that she will support me in any case.
As celebration we have finished the day with a little shopping tour. I have bought an a little bit different blazer with my gift card from the one I have planned to buy. But the one I bought looks more like Catherine's / Amanda's blazer.

Wednesday - Sep. 18th
I have noticed that I was on the right way and I felt the strength and motivation but moreover I felt independent. To seem more youthful I have awaken the "get fly"-look I have already introduced you again.
I have also made a little joke and said I will bring a tin the next day and everyone who talks to me in the formal form will have to pay in 20 cents. ;)

Thursday - Sep. 19th
I have had too much fun with my (new) friends in the town hall, we were being so crazy and funny and messed around, simply dreamlike - instead of working, well almost all the work was done.
In the evening I broke down in tears of joy because I have felt the success and so many positive feelings when I skyped with my other bestie who actually motivated me to talk to my special person again. I couldn't. I was afraid he would not believe that I have changed and the whole thing with the self-therapy that's why I needed time. Also because I thought if I survive a week like this I can for a longer period.
Sadly we couldn't manage to make a picture of my complete outfit so here is the top part. On the bottom I have worn my Hilfigher slippers and my waist-jeans from New Look.
I wasn't sure if my four boys whom I was surrounded by would have liked to appear here so I have cropped only my part.

Friday - Sep. 20th
So here we are. I have been exciting talking to him all the time but would I have if I knew how it ended? Do you know the feeling loving or liking a person so much that you are afraid to lose him/her? Does that mean you are obsessed with that person and not healthy at all? Well in the end I guess I did lose him. He doesn't want the contact with me anymore because he doesn't believe in me, he doesn't want to restart and he can't trust me. I felt very miserable and was happy my friend was there to comfort me and all my other friends afterwards.
I have distracted myself again and take breathing exercizes. I am still a little shattered but I did not break and I am not planning to. I will stay strong and keep on believing. The manicure I went to was also very agreeable but more about it tomorrow.

Have you noticed something about my looks? - Correct the blazers. One of my most favorite pieces. Blazers are not only chic and great to combine, they are in the first place giving you a serious appearance and a suitable for interviews and a politicians most favorite article of clothing, too. They show some kind of maturity and gave me halt over the week. I have said good night to the little girl who was having the control over me.

I'm sorry this blog entry is so long. Tomorrow all about the manicure.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Tell Me...

Salut mes chers,

today's blog entry is kept short.
I would rather like to ask your opinion today.

As I have told you, my two best male friends gave my a gift card for one of our Hamburg shopping centers, the Hamburger Meile (Engl.: Hamburg Mile) for my birthday, which naturally includes the very popular shop H&M. After thinking and talking to my mother, who is always giving me golden advices I have decided to invest it in something of high cost instead of more things of low costs.

In H&M I think I have found it: a black short blazer which is shows a beautiful waist and has wide shoulders. Just perfect if I think of my inspirations Catherine Oxenberg / Amamnda Carrington and Dynasty. On Last and this week's episodes she was wearing a similar blazer with glitter and diamons on it which caught my attention.

Amanda's / Catherine's version: She combined it with a white top and black Marlene pants.

I was thinking that I could redesign this H&M blazer a little bit and add some diamonds on it if I want to. But I do like the glitter on the shoulder part.

What do you think? Should I buy it? And furthermore should I re-design it or leave it for the beginning? - Share your thoughts with me.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Hello Tresures ♥

Hello tresures ♥

yesterday in the evening my mother showered me with lots of new items in the form of cosmetics of top brands like Chanel, Dior and Clarins which count to my most favorite brands.

I love my mother because she knows and respects my taste and supports me a lot with it. I do love surprises especially if I get things I was planning to buy anyway like the eyeliners, the trendy coral lipgloss and deep red or magenta lipsticks but check it out on your ownand tell me how you like my new tresures.
Which one do you like most?

Sweet and light fragrances for the elegant young lady of today.

A stronger but alluring fragrance by Elie Saab

Givenchy rarity

Instagram: Fall4Me_JK

I really can't wait to show you all those on me :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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