Bright Nails, Dark Nails, Glittery Nails, Matt Nails...


finally I've found some time to lacquer my nails. My beloved quick dry spray from P2 isn't sold anymore but I've found a perfect alternative: The Quick Dry nail polish by Essence.

Quick dry nail polish - Essence; nail polish / matt (940 never 2 much), nail polish / glittery (890 lost in paradise) - P2

As I've told you yesterday on my Facebook-page I present you a new kind of nail art for those who prefer it simple and quick for everyday-life but still want an artistic eye-catcher.

If you love color gradients this nail trend is also made for you. Here is how it goes: Pick a color you're the mood in (in my case turquoise, the color of the ocean). Take a dark glittery version and a bright or normal matt version of it and lacquer your thumb and your ring finger in the glitter color, the rest will be lacquered in the matt color.

This art will cause a nice effect and will bring some lively mood to you. I hope you like it just like I do. I have to say that it's perfect because I usually have a manicure on my own when I want to enjoy a relaxed evening after a hard week.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Even Accessories Of The Month Aren't All-Rouders...

Hello sweet ones,

latest after the Chucks have been elected to the Fall4Me accessory of the month May they have become a timeless trend for every age and both genders.
Still that doesn't mean that you always have to wear them as if you didn't have any other shoes.

A photo worth gold - hardcore chill w/ style

Chucks are very good for (warm) spring days, dry ones(!) or fall days - if you want - nothing else.
  • In winter or wet days you will only ruin your shoes and harm youself and your health because chucks are made of cloth and rubber. Materials which both suck the wetness and cold and pass it to your feet. If that happens you can easily get sick because your feet are a core point from where you can catch a cold - or worse a flu. After some time your shoes can also get ruined.
  • And in summer Chucks would be rather too hot and your feet would sweat and creat an unpleasant smell. Ideal shoes for everyone who likes it sporty - or rather for men are casual slippers or vans, or those summer-chucks.
I may present you another male Fall4Me idol: Tom Felton in chic 
summerlike slippers

Katin Siska presenting her tattoo wearing summerlikely

I certainly don't need to mention that if you wear the same shoes (in this case chucks) like every day - no matter what weather it isit might look as if you didn't have any other shoes. I would really like to spare you that.

In cold and wet days you at least wear good leather shoes (with fur) and 2 cm heels or trendy rubber boots. Remember, you never have enough shoes [a Fall4Me by JK philosophy and slogan for anothe coming blog post]. As I saw this today too. No matter how much you might love your shoes or how much you want to present them because they're new: Sandals and ballerinas are also only worn in hot summer days especially if it's known that it will rain.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

In The End The Unity Is Better..

There is something I have been observing for a longer time and as the limit was broken today I've decided to share my opinion on it with you and give you a golden advice on your way.

Dear girls, for the fashion goddess' sake... Is it so difficult to wear the bra in the same color of your top, blouse etc...? Wear at least skin color please.
I didn't know that this colorful bra-top-combination has been established as a trend. I would never wear it because it's just tasteless and ugly...

With these words I've announced this post on my Facebook page and already got some agreements from my fans - once again I want to remind you that if you haven't liked my page yet do it now.

Nowadays we are lucky enough that the underwear industry has advanced so much that it doesn't leave any wish open. From clear to sexy ones.

Especially in summer or spring these fashion faux-pas are seen more as you usually wear brighter and more transparent clothes and those with less cloth (neckholders, strapless).
We either have the skin-color bras for such clothes or those with transparent backs and straps or such from which you can take off the straps. Personally I prefer the straps and skin colors because they are more comfortable and you don't have to check on your clothes fitting well all the time.

Bra - C&A; earrings - SIX; dress - L&B, name-necklace - Lolli

In any case here are the rules:

  1. BLACK is worn with BLACK - usually. It also works with a black transparent blouse.
  2. WHITE on the contrary is a false friend and worn with SKIN COLOR because white is a strong color which would be seen undernearth. For transparent clothes white bras are okay.
  3. EVERY OTHER COLOR (pink, purple, etc.) is usually ADAPTED, if not the rule with the skin color always works.
Bra - C&A; dress - L&B; necklace - Iam; bracelets - Claire's

Bra - C&A

Bra - Karstadt; clutch - Banani; high-heels - Style In; feather earrings - Expressions; name-necklace - Lolli; dress - C&A

I went without showing you some faux-pas examples because I didn't want to show anybody up but give you a golden advice. I hope I succeeded by that and remember same goes for pants.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Flower Power


in order to this blog entry I also have a fitting saying for you which will hopefully accompany you on your way: "Every flower is blossoming out once but those who are blossoming out the latest will bloom the most beautiful"

When the warm sun shows up again, the days last longer and the flowers start to bloom again spring feelings awaken inside me and reach their high-point in summer. ...and whoever thought of a man now is sweety wrong. I fall in love with flowers. I don't only love to admire them, smell them and take photos of them (admire some on my previous posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) but  I love to wear the best gift for a woman. 

Since the 60es flower power has not only been a life-attitude but also a timeless trend pretty women can't go without because they are also blossoming out in the hot seasons, are admired by everyone and make our world more beautiful.

An advice I want to give you for this trend? - Focus on the flowers, avoid to combine them with other types pattern (e.g. stripes) and don't wear a too gaudy gamut of colours. Be tender like a flower and adapt your look on them. Best would be to pic a special piece of flower-clothing and build your look up from there.
I also wouldn't wear much glitter to the look as it would destroy it.

Ring - SIX

 Top - New Look
 Skirt - Hallhuber
Skirt - Zara

What to combine? - Fanciful pieces like ribbons.

Sandals - Style in...

And yesterday on the shopping Sunday I've bought these new babies.

Pumps - Street Super Shoes

The flower crown and the pants à la Fall4Me idol Lana Del Rey counts to my most favorite pieces.

Additionally I would like to say that I do love the city life but sometimes I just love to escape and discover the beauty of our nature.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Insagram Photo Diary #3


as I've told you on my Facebook page I went without posting blog entries this week because I was preparing and still prepare my next trend entry which is already coming in the beginning of this week.

Still to give you a sign that I'm alive I've posted some look on and Tumblr and shared some celebrity photos on Facebook and reminded you of my past blog entries.

For all those who have missed the good news I have reached the 260 fan mark on Facebook and incase you haven't liked my page you can do it now.

Besides from all here comes my third Instagram Photo Diary post where you can admire beautiful photos of Hamburgs and my impressions of this week. I've also put my personal Insta and my Fall4Me Insta into one so follow me now on Fall4me_JK or look for Johanna Karajan (the one and only).

 You and me ♥

 We are one

 Some love to you my beloved followers

 They say: Monopoly money, I say: Let's play ;)

 I went shopping and brought my mother Chanel goods, mommy went shopping and brought 
me trendy scarves but our love is more than taking and giving

 Home at home ♥

 Our beautiful townhall - very excited about the parliamental summer party on Monday

 And suddenly a lady becomes a dandy

 If just every way of life could be as green and sunny

 The gate to a better world

 The BEST powder

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Weekend


oh my god what a very hot weekend here in Hamburg! I really feel like a tourist in my own home town especially because the shopping malls and the city center are so filled with people and tourists.

This weekend was very enjoyable because one of my dearest friends spontaneously asked me out yesterday and we also made up today and made a little shopping tour through three different shopping centers. It was a very successful weekend I would say.

Check out my look and my shopping results below:

I've found a ring in Iam which fits perfectly to my earrings 

Mint green treggings - one of the pieces I've had my eye on for a 
longer time and finally it is in my wardrobe. Bought in Vero Moda.

And here I present you my LOTD N° 167: whoever thinks coral and purple don't fit together is proved wrong now. With tender and soft make-up and my natural hair - wild and curly.
Thank you for the perfect photos honey ♥

Knit jacket - Zara; top - L&B; skirt - New Yorker; bag - GUESS?; bracelets - Iam; necklace - Tally Weijl; pumps - Karstadt; watch - Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Instagram Photo Diary #2

Ciao belli,

last week I have been very busy because of work AND university therefore I wasn't able to post many entries. My loyal company my iPhone, which I never leave home without, has accompanied me and we made beautiful photos for you of our impressions. So you also get a little insight about my last week, which has mainly taken place in the city center because I mainly work there and there is always something to see.

Enjoy some other and closer views on Hamburg where the summer has arrived. I have to say we have many tourists here. Enjoy as well some sayings à la J.K.

 St. Petri church - the main one

 Thanks to the best brother on the world ♥
 I love my babies ♥
 My beloved Giulsy owns
Another picture my Giulsy owns - Sometimes you have to stop to start something new
 My two best friends are from Italy and my special most  cherished someone has Spanish 
roots ♥
 The beautiful balcony of our townhall

 Welcome to Hamburg I'm looking forward to see you here
 ...and where do you find your style?
 Pass by! ... or come across
 Baby you're long!
 You always admire the sights of the city but you always forget about the little details
 We are at the same place but we have all a different story to tell

 Smile sweetie, just smile.
I always wanted to see the world through your glasses.

Follow my Instagram: Fall4Me_byJK

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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