I Am You

Hello my dears,

you might not believe it and you might be shocked but one thing I realized is that we take a look in the mirror way too rarely. Do not tell me it is enough for you to check if all is accurate about your looks and you are satisfied with that. When all a mirror does for you is giving you the gift of outer self-reflection what makes you believe that you can go easy about taking care of your inner reflection. I knew it - nothing. 
The feeling of self-reflection and a stable and clear inner state is more satisfying than knowing your shield of outer looks is flawless to you. You cannot only rely on the outer shield because it is eventually going to dream when you are in a struggle with yourself.

Maybe some of us neglect it because they do not realize what self-reflection actually is. Self-reflection is the state to be strong enough to face a personal conflict and the state to be brave enough to admit that you are just like the person you have built up a conflict with. Self-reflection is the greatness to pull oneself together and take a step towards that personal that you secretly love because you have only things to share and actually no reason to be mad at this person except from the frustration that has come from the lack of attention whereas even this has its plausible reason.

I dedicate this look to Tamar Kaprelian who inspired me to this look and wish her a happy birthday!

Dungarees - Laura Beauté
Longsleeve shirt - Zara
Necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Watch - Wempe
Bracelets - Douglas, Bijou Brigitte
Creoles - I am

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Soft Rock

Hi my dears,

within all this whipping cold it feels good to know that there is comfort guaranteed with a reason to smile when you know that all the reasons for your depression bear a solution with them. In the horizon you are going to find your serenity and see the light because no matter what may be trust in someone who is going to catch you in any way. Do not let the negative souls eat you up and make believe in illusions to let you sink deeper into a state where you neither want to see nor hear - you know that the truth looks much brighter. Fulfill yourself with fun and the coolness that has always accompanied you. Do not let somebody tell you how to do what you know and can do best. Find your comfort in your convictions and passions.

Long-sleeve shirt - s.Oliver
tank top - Laura Beauté
Leather pants - Romwe
Boots - GUESS?
Watch - Chanel
Lipstick - P2
Necklace - Tiffany & Co.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Rock This Fall

Hello sweet people,

people are false, people are mean, people are selfish. People are looking for proper benefits instead of pushing their fellow men further to their success, people enjoy the fame for themselves and neglect to give back just as much attention to their support, let me notice, witout whom they themselves would be nothing, people smile in your face but in their world you are not welcome, people complain but they do not want to learn, people like critcize everything you do but seriously their actions are not necessarily better, people are aggressive and rough to you, they just stampf more on your already damaged soul, people mistrust you while you stand for what you do and you know that they indeed do bad things secretly, people put their weaknesses on you. People yell before they listen. People hate, before they understand.

These people steal your energy. Do not let them do this. Their time to give their answer is going to come.

Fall is hard because they sun went down. Fall is the time when you do not see any light. Summer that has been embracing you with its charming warmth is over. And so? According to me the real fun begins when the sun goes down. Let it be cold. I will be cooler. Let it be hard. I will be harder. Me and my rock equipent are already waiting to rock this fall because nothing is so much fun than my gloomy black soul that is going to eat you up in the middle of nowhere. I rock it to concentrate on the cool vibes that are pushing me further. I cover myself in the gloomy fog to defend myself from the disgusting selfishness they people demonstrate. I wear black to at least feel love to this deep color that I feel a bond to. Rock this fall for the sake of its beauty. People enjoy the single-player and competition because they have forgotten how strong the power of collectivism can be. The style of rock.

Coat - Romwe
Leather leggings - Romwe
Boots - GUESS?
Cap - H&M
Scarf - Fun Mod
Lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

A New World: Final Fantasy

Hello my dear readership,

let us be honest everyone of us has at least once found him- or rather herself in the conflict that something - may it be an event or a thing - is too expensive but in the end worth spending money on since it is something that happens once in a lifetime or as well a must-have.
This was the situation my brother and I have found ourselves in when the event "A New World: Intimate music from Final Fantasy" was on tour among others in the city I live in, Hamburg. From 31 performances only six of them have taken place in Europe and two in Germany, so I can consider myself as very lucky and blessed as a huge fan of the "Final Fantasy" series by  Square Enix that Hamburg was one of the cities chosen.

The "New World" orchestra featuring Benyamin Nuss as solo pianist conducted by Arnie Roth played at the beautiful Laeiszhalle in the evening of October 16, 2015.

The concert was introduced with the "Red Wings" theme from Final Fantasy IV, various other themes followed from nearly each part of Final Fantasy from calm main themes such as the "Wanderer" from Final Fantasy V to catchy battle themes among others "Those Who Fight" from Final Fantasy VII solo on piano by Benyamin Nuss and "Force Your Way" from Final Fantasy VIII. The songs were divided into two parts in the first part rather calm songs have been played the songs have become catchier towards the end.

Solo on piano: Benyamin Nuss

My personal highlight was the grand final when conductor Arnie Roth made us, the audience, a part of the "New World" orchestra. The alltime famous "One Winged Angel" theme which belongs to the main antagonist from Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth, was held as last song. Therefore we had to sing in a choir "Sephiroth" but sometimes actions say more than a thousand words so see it yourself.

The main antagonist from Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth

It was definitely worth attending the concert. The orchestra played exactly like the actual music and the conductor, pianist and guitarist were all very kind seeming and funny people.
What I personally found a little bit heavy from the responsible ones was the fact that for an autograph hour, meet and greet and photos with the musicians VIP-tickets had to be bought which costed about 72 euros. I think that everyone independently from the ticket-class should have been able to have this chance, Another thing that bothered me and nearly everyone else I talked to was that the tickets could have only been ordered previously on the internet with a credit card as only payment opportunity. This made it difficult to buy them because either out of security reasons you do not want to type your credit card information online or you do not even have one.
The good thing was that an evening box-office was offered before the concert.

A fashion blogger's article would not be complete without an outfit-talk. J. Usually to an opera you wear a suit or rather an elegant dress but I was motivated by my best friend and famous French cosplayer Rebelling Princess to cosplay one of the Final Fantasy characters and chose Ifalna Faremis from Final Fantasy VII since she was easiest for me to cosplay spontaneously. Ifalna is the dead biological mother from the main female character from Final Fantasy VII, Aerith Gainsborough. Sadly no one seemed to recognize my cosplay.

My cosplay

...and the original Ifalna.

For many other videos visit my YouTube channel. There I have created a playlist with the songs I have recorded be aware that I did not record all but only my favorite themes.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

2 Dresses

Hello my dears,

butterflies are beautiful, tiny, free and they are sooo cool! The beautiful animal as pattern is the runner up of the season and a trend that you can find in the most recent collection of every label. Christian Dior showed how it works and was the first one to release the trend already in late summer.

A fashionista like me is naturally updated about the trends and follows them but a style-confident independent blogger like me does not necessarily follow every trend but also sets them and remains loyal to her style.

So after some research I have found this beautiful dress in black and white and on a further store check-out the perfect matching scarf which I can use as a stola.

Dress - H&M

In the same store we have found a catchy offer: Oktoberfest fashion 50% off. I admit I already have a dirndl in my closet as you have seen this spring but I could not resist to buy another one since it had a beautiful flower pattern that caught me and a red-black combination which I loved as well. My mother and I have as well found the perfect hat to it which however can be also used for autumn outfits since a hat is one of the most important accessories for this season and red is a good matching color for the shades of fall.

Butterfly scarf, dirndl, hat - C&A

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

We Look Like This After Work

Hi my dears,

one week ago on Thursday I have attended to AppelrathCüpper's midnight shopping with invited guests, celebrities and a lot of entertainment. On this special occasion I was accompanied by my best friend (who is mainly standing behind the camera of my shootings) and my mother. AppelrathCüpper is a luxurious German department store for women which offers high labels such as Boss, Ralph Lauren, Armani and many more from casual to elegant.

The star-guest was Joachim Llambi who is jurors in the German version of the celebrity-dancing-show "Let's Dance" was the host for the event. Apart from that the evening was among other accompanied by drinks and snacks, photographers or a photobox to set oneself in scene.

My best friend and I had to work before the event but as you see we did not look worse than any other guests. I allow myself to say that we looked great. But I let you decide.

Vest, leather skirt - C&A
Ankle boots - Akira
Necklace - H&M
Lipstick - P2

On the whole I would first of all say thank you for this amazing evening and the kind service. The variety of food was rather modest but better than nothing, Joachim Llabmi was a very funny and kind host and the ambience was just right. Two things that I saw as rather insufficient was that there was no special shopping offer which would have been appropriate for such an event and that the beauty advisors only had gifts for the 40+ guests not taking into consideration that young guests could have as well come in a high amount. Every guest should be treated equally. Nevertheless, thank you very much AppelrathCüpper.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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