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Hey, hey my dears,

crazy bird, chick, extravagant... whether I am at work, university or participate in an event it seems like I am always an eye-catcher. No please, I do not want to be a show-off but but let us see where this comes from... my Eastern-European heritage and influence, yes, I agree but I rather meant what is it that catches the eyes, it is not that I am shopping my clothes at colossal places. How many times have I caught the one or other person on the street wearing something I have in my closet, too.

I have a good quote for you from one of my favorite anime series which as transfered to fashion: "It is not about what you are wearing something but how you are wearing it."

The person who was said this in its content did not understand first. I have to admit this is more complex than it sounds because how to wear it does not only refer word by word on how it is worn but with what it is combined and here comes my recipe of being an eye-catcher. 

As an artist arts is my playground - we remember from my last word - and fashion is arts in one day. Style is self-expression so it turns out for me that fashion is the most beautiful way to express yourself.
We have learned from many painters, (modern) writers and even musicians songwriters and composers that everything is allowed. The only condition is that it shall fit to the author, 

I admit that I am a very complex individual with many different passions and moods but just as every person even I have my trademark. Which made me become someone who loves to play with styles, cultures, epochs and bring the extremes to harmony.

For this look it even happened to be that I achieved to bring the Bohemian-, the flannel-, the hat- and the dark-green trends as the color of fall 2015 into one look.

Are you convinced? Then 3, 2, 1, guess my trademark.

Flannel shirt - s.Oliver
Longtop, belt - C&A
Hat - Colloseum
T-Shirt - Vanilla Ninja merchandise

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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