Accessoire of the Month #1


as I promised I will post the Fashionblog J.K. - Accessoire of the Month every month.

The accessoire for October is my big bag from Daniel Hechter - big bags are very comfortable and practical especially this one because you can pack many things in it like your jacket or the stuff you bought on a shopping tour or books or writing utensils if you go to university.
The colour speaks for itself brown like the fall fitting very well to the rest of my fall-looks.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


As I informed you on Facebook Hamburg city opened its shops on Sunday which made the city blossom out. It was very full of people on the streets as you usually don't see it.
Me and my best friend decided to go and check out the shopping-center Europa Passage which is located in the central city.

The first and main destination was the shoe shop STREET SHOES - where there was 20% of discount for all the shoes because of the shopping-Sunday so I simply had to use this chance to buy the shoes I've fallen in love with when I saw them for the first time.

Besides from the successful shopping-day I've discovered one extra-amazing restaurant in that center: the Italian Ciao Bella - the food is prepared fresh and the meals are very very delicious and filling. Besides from that the meals aren't expensive.

Fall Look #2


fall is coming and I'm getting inspired by the romanticism of the season: bows and girlish fanciful looks. Important cloths here are silk-blouses (rather invisible which emphasizes something naughty in this high-class-look) and volants.

Skirt - Tally Weijl

My LOTD no. 34 is inspired by Kate Middleton.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Fall look #1


Brown and beige are colours which are always represented in fall and so it is this year. But apart from the colours one more important thing is the pattern which is made for this comfortable and kind of romantic season: stripes.

On my LOTD # 31 you see an option:

shades adapted to each other and the cheeky pattern

Shirt - Zara; leather bracelet - Douglas; treggings - Vero Moda

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Hola mis queridos y queridas,

as you got to know I celebrated my 19th birthday on Saturday, September 1st. On Friday one of my best friends called me spontaneously and wanted to do something with me, so I told her to come to me and we had a chilled relaxing evening. Some of my Estonian friends congratulated me already in Estonian time [UTC+02] but as it hasn't been my birthday after German time (where I live) I've waited until then to thank them. For midnight my parents prepared champagne and a little chocolate cake (I love chocolate cakes). So they called me, my brother and my friend to the living-room and I was sang 'Happy Birthday'; the gifts I got were flowers and money and some other things I wished for my birthday.

Even though it was a quite sleepless night (because I was really excited) I was astonishingly fit and energetic. It was a rather rainy and grey day but the sun was shining in my heart. Something which really made my day was that one of my idols (Vanilla Ninja keyboarder Katrin Siska) congratulated me, too.

At the evening my very best friends and I met at my favourite restaurant Lousiana and drank cocktails and celebrated my birthday (this year it was rather small because on my 18th birthday I've had a really huge party). As it was my birthday my first cocktail was a birthday gift.

On Sunday another very good friend came to visit me because she could not attend the evening before. In the evening when I went dancing it was my turn to dance a Viennes waltz (always if somebody has his/her birthday he/she has to dance one). My good friend and favourite DJ was the DJ that evening too and announced it, he said very cute things which touched my heart.

...and here are more gifts I got, my beloved ones know what I like :)

Thank you all who remembered my birthday, for the sweet, lovely and warm words and amazing gifts.

And when I went to work on Monday I bake a cake and I've got a very beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of my collegues :))

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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