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Hello my most favorite readers,

we all have favorites or rather good luck charms in our life, such as a certain color that is supposed to give us power, a pattern that is our trademark or a special brand that we love to wear. The special the occasion the more effort I give for my outfits, the single elements and the details. This is one of my major fashion philosophies: The important the occasion the earlier I start to prepare and think of the outfit for a flawless and perfect performance. Believe it or not, but people - no matter if this is their element or not - feel if your are giving effort for your looks or not. They recognize you in your passion what for you do it and recognize your love towards the occasion or even the person whom you dress up for.
The best of you consists of being true to who you are. Those who know you will always see if you are drifting apart of who are. It takes a lot of risks to notice it and speak it out but it is never a sin to encourage somebody else to be who they are. It is hard to accept this kind of feedback at first because us people are convinced that we know what we do but in the end we are just proven how wrong we are. It takes strength and self-confidence to always be oneself sometimes in this complex world. Those who do not have it for some reason of gaps in their life might feel a (positive) jealousy towards the people in their surroundings but they know that they will be thankful for those black angels who encouraged them to stay true.

Huge thanks to Tham from Thanh Nails in Hamburg at the Lange Reihe 1-5 for this beautiful and great naildo! If you are in Germany I recommend you to pass by.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Sherry London

Hello my dear readers and happy Tuesday,

the followers of my networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) know that on Tuesdays I love to talk about trends, so do I on this Tuesday before my birthday if I may be as selfish and mention it (save the date September 5th).
I want to start with prom dresses by SHERRY LONDON. As the name of the label already reveals these are in particular prom dresses UK and since I am going to talk about trends which are upcoming for the Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 season I am going to refer to the prom dresses 2016. As it is a common knowledge Great Britain is famous for high fashion that doubtlessly has its value, however on SHERRY LONDON you can as well find cheap prom dresses in every style and cut, which is very good especially for a dancer like me. No matter how much I love floor length dresses because I feel like a princess or rather queen in them, I yet prefer short prom dresses. The colors to present the trends of the upcoming season are red prom dresses and black prom dresses.

Check out the selection below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


"Fashion fades, only style remains the same."
- Coco Chanel

Having this in mind I salute you my dear fashion friends,

it is a common knowledge that quality has its prize, therefore it is a welcome feeling to know that no matter in what kind of situation the people may be they would not hesitate to spend some more money on things of high value, know the work, material and costs behind it... I am happy to introduce - especially - you - my female readers - a place online, open at any time accessible from any place, where you can the high fashion I was talking about and extend your style with extravagant items. StyleWe offers women's clothing of any kind: dresses, pants, outwear, skirts et cetera; for every occasion and as the name says suitable for every taste or rather style. This can be elegant feminine wear up to sportswear. You can even find accessories such as handbags and swimwear. The most important guarantee is that the products that StyleWe offers are designers' creations, who set their own trends. What I personally like most about StyleWe is the daily new in which makes shopping there just as more exciting. But long speech, short sense: It is time for you to discover.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Cute Dresses By Fashionmia

Hello my dear readers,

do you remember that your mama always used to put you into cute dresses, fanciful with the most different pattern and colors? I loved them! And now that I think back to these cute dresses I do not regret to have worn them. On the contrary! My closet is so full with this kind of women clothing that I nearly do not know where to wear them in this hectic, busy big city life. But you cannot stop a woman from shopping especially when it is about cheap women clothing such as Fashionmia offers it. What I love most about their women clothing is their huge variety of cute dresses which you can find here.

The cheap women clothing clothing offered by Fashionmia makes me remember and live up my youth up again and which women does not dream of eternal young looks? The women clothing by Fashionmia makes it possible. Be a princess again, look like an eye-catching beautiful doll.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Paradise: TBDress

Hello my beloved readers,

according to a Hamburg designer women in German seem to have lost their femininity. Without the intention to sound offensive, this is a fact: German women are rather dressed suitable for (a stressful and hectic) everyday life, fall for the ultra-urban style and seem to have forgotten the beauty of glamour and feminity when dressed in dreamlike dresses in which every women would fulfill her dream of being a princess or a queen. When I made you fall into a shock because you might think being dressed like a princess or a queen costs too much let me convince you of the opposite. TBDress is a dress paradise where you find cheap dresses for any occasion in any style from casual to high fashion, extravagant or minimalistic, colorfully patterned to unicolored, evening to day dresses. Either way TBDress has everything for every women and does not leave any wish unfulfilled. The best about it? The good quality of the dresses! So do not get confused by the alluring cheap prizes. Being rich is not a requirement to be a gorgeous lady in any way.

Have your found your favorite dress?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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