Dress The Blazer

Hello dears,

phew what an exciting day! I have been awake for 12 hours and on the road for the whole day so that now I can finally present you a new trend. After many outfit posts I'm sure that you have missed the trend entries :)

From tomorrow on I will also be busy with my birthday preparations and others so you will certainly get new blog entries from me next week again. Stay tuned for other entertainment on my other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Lookbook.

As I have already told you a while ago I love blazers and you know my blog's motto that "nothing keeps as it is". So both was put together and created the "dress the blazer"-trend which sounds very ambiguous at the first sight (as you are used to it with me :) ).

Latest since Guido Maria Kretschmer's "Shopping Queen"-motto in Frankfurt am Main "business - style yourself for an after work party" / "blazer different once" from March or since you have seen one of my beautiful idols Kate Middleton in the outfit below you will fall for the blazer-dress-combination just like me.

Today I have tried two different versions of this trend for my church visit in the morning and a coffee meet and little shopping tour with my wonderful friend in the city center. What I want to say is that this look is suitable to every occasion. It combines fanciful or elegant or sexy with seriousness.

Don't forget to hype the looks on Lookbook. One of them is submitted for the big contest. It would be a wonderful birthday gift if you helped me to win.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

You Made Me A Prisoner But You Can Never Take Away My Style

Hola loves,

as I promised you today on Instagram I'm back with a new post today after a tiny break and other new posts will await you in the next couple of days, too.

Today's photos were taken by my wonderful brother who belongs to my biggest supporters behind the scenes. We both share the passion for blogging whereas he rather prefers blogging about pop-culture, his own life and games very interesting written in a satirical language. I'm sure you'll find the one or other interesting article by checking out his blog.

Before I come to the main topic of my post I want to share very very happy news with you which made my day. I have already been suggested by my sweet friend Victoria to collaborate with labels, brands and companies to become more successful with my blog but I still wanted to wait and gain more followers before making this step and today a company contacted me for a partnership! Because they like the content and photos of my blog and feel that my readers - YOU(!) beloved ones - appreciate my good fashion advices. Apart from that this company thinks I have a good feeling for fashion and would suit well to their concept. Of course I agreed but I don't want to take all the excitement so I won't tell you anything else yet.
You certainly can feel my happiness and how honored and proud I am! :))
Besides from that my beloved ESCtoday is following me on Twitter ♥ Thank you both for making my day!

Today's title refers to the stripes which I am wearing and have combined to an 80s look. inspired by Dynasty. I felt like a real Carrington member in this special outfit which shows bravery and fun towards fashion, creativity and the originality of my own style since these clothes belong to my favorite pieces of my collection.

The pencil skirt is another essential for a classy 80s look and grey is a color which simply loves to be combined. As you're wearing such a skirt you will automatically feel like a lady.

To tell you more I'm participating in another Lookbook.nu contest with the chance to win a trip to the dreamlike New York and experience the NY Fashion week 2014. You want to help me to fulfill my dream and make me a wonderful birthday gift? Then please hype my look and give it a ♥. You can very easily sign in Lookbook in you aren't a member yet.
I already thank you very very much in advance.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results

Good evening,

today's post is a little late but I hope you will forgive me that. It was a quite hectic day and I have allowed myself some time apart from my computer among others with shopping and I would love to show you my achievements.

Before that I would like to introduce you to my friend's YouTube-channel. He asked me to share it and it would mean so much to me if you checked it out and subscribed it.
Secondly I would like to thank you already for hyping and commenting my contest look on Lookbook and fanning me so much. That makes me already better than other contestants. Some of you even signed into Lookbook just for that, aren't you the sweetest? ♥ To those who haven't I would like to ask you the favor once again.

Today I went shopping in the Görtz Outlet Store which is close to where I live. We've discovered the great deal yesterday "buy 3 pay 2" which is only valid for the bags and shoes.
I could catch a great pair of Buffalo peeptoes and Tommy Hilfiger slippers and finally I've bought such an amazing blue bag by Belmundo in a leo-print which was missing in my collection of bags.

Welcome darlings ♥

Hope your start into the weekend was as great!
Xoxo ♥ Johanna

The Cool One Doesn't Need Sunglasses (+LOOKBOOK CONTEST)

Hello dear ones ♥

wow what an exciting day! It began with a very interesting article I've read in the German newspaper DIE ZEIT (Engl.: the time):
In short the article reminds of the actual meaning of the sunglasses which are meant to protect people's eyes from too much brightness. Meanwhile it is a sign of coolness - latest since the 50s where the word has its origin - because when you wear sunglasses your partner can't look you in the eyes and the individual is untouched. The new mirror-sunglasses which are as well known as cop shades (because they are usually used by cops) have become a dangerous trend since your partner looks at himself, this can be intimidatory that's why they are forbidden for cops in the Britain Essex. The "Zeit"'s criticism: The one who is really cool doesn't need sunglasses.
Therefore I have gone without sunglasses today.

Secondly, I have spent a very wonderful day with my bestie again who shot amazing pictures of me and my today's look which is a special one because it is the first one I participate in my first contest as blogger with. Therefore I would like to ask you a little favor to support me. If you are on LOOKBOOK please give my look your HYPE & LOVE and let your friends know about it, too. If you aren't it is easy and quick to register. You can read all the information about the contest here. And of course wish me good luck and keep your fingers crossed for me. :)

Today's location and place to chill: The Speicherstadt, my most favorite place in Hamburg.

Thank you already for the support.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Light, Camera, Action!

Hello dears,

I hope you've had a great start into the new week. I for myself can say that it is going quite well because I have the opportunity to correct my mistakes from last week.
I am quite busy with personal stuff and the weather isn't very good either but I will see what I can do for you. So you won't miss me :)

But the good thing about it is that I have finally time to give you expressions I captured behind the scenes in the studios of the North German Radio also known as NDR. I was there in order to the summertour of one of our politicians.
The studio is located in the district Eimsbüttel in the north-west of Hamburg.
It is the biggest television of Germany concerning as well the first German television ARD and other famous ones.

Check out the photos with some sublines below:

 Hamburg Journal - Studio 

 Hamburg 1 Studio

 Das! studio -  The show with the red couch 

 NDR news studio

 NDR studio 3 is the biggest for different shows like sports or concerts. It sometimes even takes a 
week to prepare everything and reduce everything afterwards again.

NDR visitor center 

Building of the ARD studio.

 NDR slogan "The Best about the North"

Television for the host. Hamburg town hall and famous lake Alster in the virtual background thanks to a 
blue screen that's why my blue blazer got the color of the Alster. Lol.

Attached in every studio. Stickers which tell you who belongs where.

 We were lucky to meet the famous newscaster Jörg Boecker :) he was really 
nice and as you see he looks as good in real as on the TV ;)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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