Hello my dearest readership,

with you I feel alive. With you by my side everything awakens to new life. The sky is alive, the flowers are alive, the people are alive - everyone is falling in love and creating love towards something or someone - the love that people have been holding inside them is spread outside again.
My world is colorful and wonderland has become a place on earth. Even if I fall you catch me with a soft bed of petals with your gentle touch on my skin. With the sound of your voice every even so heavy burden and problem looses its weight and finds its solution easily. With the look in your eyes I find my home, my refuge and my destination gathered together at one place.
This is a feeling I do not want to miss ever. It is the feeling of safety and rescue, the feeling of love and happiness, the determination to fight and win and face every shadow. You bring out the most precious values unconditionally without a prize. I feel alive, because you are my life.

Just as colorful and happy the jewelry by BornPrettyStore have made me. They made me bring out color and life and spread the love the single pair of rhinestone colorful earrings and the separate ring are just meant for each other to create the perfect set of bijoux. I have brought them together like destiny brought me together with a wonderful being that brings out just positivity out of me. The perfect mix come together is an eye-catcher to anyone because they spread a magic to the world that is enchanting the whole surrounding. We all know that it is not everything gold that gleams - just like every happy person is known to have its struggles too - but this jewelry seems to be real gold to the eye, high-quality and noble, because of its beautiful sparks and that is all that matters. As long as the sparks are still there the value remains high.

Top - Clockhouse
Leggings - L&B
Pumps - She by Karstadt
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Bracelet - Douglas

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Friends Are Angels In The Body Of Humans

Hello my dear readers,

recently I have discovered I was surprised how many different things you can shop there apart from clothes but as I explored it I have found out that the wholesale offers many different clothes, accessories and styles in the latest fashion trends that does not let any wish open. The current fashion sale makes shopping at Banggood just as agreeable as if you were just on holiday.

I am living according to the attitude that a day without a charity is a day lost, so I wanted to do something good for my friend who is very special for me and chose this dress for her which matches her bright type perfectly. In addition the peaceful beautiful and tender flowers just complete the bright natural summer-style. As my friend herself says "the colors you like suit you most since they underline the passion it bears". So this time I changed roles and played the photographer and made my beautiful friend a model since she looks like one - charming and shiny.

Having chosen the Asian L size which is supposed to be the European M size the "dress", as it is named in the website's describtion, is rather short and tight - even for my very thin and sporty silhouetted friend. So I conclude it function as a long-top rather than as a dress. However the colors white, blue and pink that are suitable to be combined with almost every color make the dress an allround talent.

My suggestion to Banggood is to recheck and correct its sizechart (at least for this item) so that the customers do not get problems with their shopped articles.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Bad Girl

Hello my readers,

I love to wear black, purple is my favorite color and I feel drawn by the darkness. I am a bad girl because I set my own rules and I am guilty because I am looking for the mistake on me first. My empty look is always mixed with a glance of anger. I have a sharp tongue and I often seem bitter and disrespectful. I am who I am.

At the first sight everything seems negative or rather not interesting because it is easier to reject things than getting to know them but if you do not confront yourself with them, I promise, you will paint yourself a completely wrong image about them. Live your life according to images - they have left their mark on each one of us - especially us, the generation of dreamers that is awakening again. But do not paint yourself ones. Once held for the eternity it cannot be erased no matter how you turn it yet you have have the chance to overwork it to a better image out of them bad one when you get to know the things you have evaded and rejected. We all have a side that we are keeping a big secret very carefully. Yes, that side is a secret because it secretly has majorly left its mark on us and yes it is a secret because it is secretly the same side we are all hiding because we do not want to be judged negatively by the society. We are keeping this secret so well that it has become a shadow in our hands. But every shadow comes to the surface once.

Having this in mind I want to thank the BornPrettyStore for uniting us with retro jewelry necklaces all girls have been addicted for in the 90s just like our beloved cartoons. Life may look more modern but yet I am relieved to say we are celebrating to go back in time. It was not that scary to get to know something new, was it?

Top - New Yorker
Cardigan - L&B
Leather jacket - Gipsy
Faux-leather pants - C&A
Pumps - She by Karstadt
Handbag - Ralph Lauren
Lipstick - P2
Kayal eyeliner - Laura Beauté

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Say Yay!

Hello, hello my beloved readers,

the note I have always taken into consideration brings me back to school,  when my tutor used to tell our class that if you get something offered you should take that chance. I have extended this thought and learned that you never know - you can be on the right place at the right time and suddenly your life changes - just like summer finally begins after an endless seeming period of rain. I have had to take a lot in my life. Mostly because I turned out to go again falling into a new hardship when I thought that I have solved all my problems. But Iwas told the truth that it will pay off and in the youngest occasions it did. Mostly when we see a change coming with take it with negativity until we stop thinking that this change could mean our victory. Being a cosmopolite was the best decision I have made.

Blouson - Adagio
Top - H&M
Torn skinny jeans - New Look
Bag - Oilily
Sky-heels - Deichmann
Lipstick - Calvin Klein
Statement necklace - Accessorize
Earrings - I am 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Floral Maxi Dresses by

The Maxi and its Floral Variant

The maxi dress is widely regarded as the fashion trend of the summer. If any women claims to be fashionable she must include this piece of garment in your wardrobe arsenal. The specialty of the maxi dress is that it can be tailored to suit any occasion from a highly formal occasion to a very casual walk on the beach. This dress looks great with a wide variety of designs, most notably floral patterns, artistic geometric designs, white and black or even solid graphic designs etc.

One can choose from chiffon, crepe, silk, georgette and satin to name a few to make fabulous and lovely maxi gowns. The floral prints are a staple of the maxi dress making the floral maxi dress quite popular with females. This type of maxi is ideal for any type of situation. They have the added bonuses of being very stylish, versatile in that they provide a large number of wardrobe customization options and can compliment just about any body shape. Although this particular type of maxi is highly versatile there are some occasions where this particular dress shines through and it is highly recommended to wear this variation of the maxi.

Weddings in the Summer

If you have a wedding coming up especially in the summer and are looking for that one dress to help you to portray the best "you", then look no further than the floral maxi dress. The dress is comfortable and you can indulge in all the festivities and dancing to your hearts content with this. Don't be shy to add jewelry to really bring the dress to life and make an impact.


Every woman knows and has experienced the agony of choosing the perfect dress to travel in. One requires that special dress to be comfortable in while taking in the demands of travelling while at the same time be in that journey mood. A floral maxi dress will have you covered and will make sure that your trip doesn't end in any sort of wardrobe disaster. You will look gorgeous and feel gorgeous.

If you are going to the beach you might as well take this variation of the maxi with you. It is an ideal dress to take as a cover up and being so stylish it will easily carry you through the day. just be sure to complete your beach dress kit with a pair of sunglasses.

Ladies day out

These are the outings all females love and what they love the most on occasions such as these is to look as fabulous as possible in front of their friends. Choosing the perfect dress on such an occasion can be really difficult. When faced with such a task the floral variant of the maxi can prove to be just what you are looking for. Just be sure to take a stylish hat to complete the look. 

With so much versatility and comfort this variant might just be what the doctor ordered.

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