I Did It For ALS

Good evening dears,

some are amused with it, some others are possibly annoyed with it, but most of you are familiar with it, the so called ALS ice bucket challenge, which is following you not only all over the social networks such as Facebook or Instagram but also all over the media in television and other reports.

For those who haven't heard about it at all here is a little explanation:

So, the background and main reason of the ice bucket challenge is to raise money and fight against the A(myotrophic)L(ateral)S(clerosis) disease.
The procedure works the following way: If you get nominated for the ice bucket challenge you have to act within 24 hours and either donate or film yourself making the ice bucket challenge and nominate three other people. The best way to spread the word about this and reach as many people as possible is, of course, the internet or furthermore social networks.

What is most criticized most about the videos is the self-aggrendizement of the people illustrating themselves in the videos. Easily it can be thought that the main reason is forgotten. However, I have to disagree with this criticism since firstly many people film themselves donating and secondly that many people do both refering to the donation in their videos. So you can't generalize this criticism.

The best thing about this way of fighting a sickness is that it combines fun with charity and connects people all over the world. The ice bucket challenge reaches everyone also famous people. My most favorite celebrity-challenges were those of Katsuhiro Harada, Victoria Beckham and Garik Papoyan.

And among all these people the challenge has also reached me. And naturally I have done both. Watch my videos below:

My conclusion is that the water was rather refreshing than cold and I felt great afterwards especially behind the background why I did it.

As a blogger from Germany and German representative I can as well suggest you to transfer money to the following direction because ALS is everywhere and needs to be fought everywhere:
Kasse der Charite
Berliner Sparkasse
IBAN: DE53100500001270005550

(more info here.)
Internationally you can still donate on www.alsa.org.

As you saw I have chosen a total Romwe outfit for my challenge as charity with style.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

This Is What Makes Us Girls

Good evening my beloved ones,

I am a young woman with dreams and beliefs, this is what makes us girls.

I overthink things a lot and let everything get easily too deep into my heart, this is what makes us girls.

I put norms and values first, this is what makes us girls.

I try to understand the background of everything, this is what makes us girls.

I don't reveal the slightest about me, this is what makes us girls.

I will fight with no end.

This is what the strength of a lady is about.

Blazer - New Yorker
Skirt - New Look
Tights - Falke
Plateau Pumps - Deichmann PCD-Collection
Bag - Louis Vuitton
Earrings - Chanel
Lipstick - Manhatten

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

SheInside Publisher Program

Bonsoir my beauties,

as you know your favorite blogger is working among others with SheInside. The online shop known for pretty clothing. What is special about SheInside is that its team always works on improving the satisfaction of their customers such as with their publisher program: All you need to do is to publish SheInside promotions and products on social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. like this you can earn some bonus points to use during your SheInside shopping.

The bonus points have a major benefit that you can use them to have discount for your shopping another good reason to join it is that you can fully feel like a model presenting their fashion.

Attracted by the offer? If you join now you will get $5 as a welcome when you register. Join now here:

Once again the rules:
  • You need to apply to join the program. You must input all information needed completely.
  • You should fill the Social Platform Option with all your social links. Not just "Tumblr, Facebook. Instagram", but with the whole URL to those site.
  • You should share one Sheinside promotion along with three products.
  • Log in to your account and submit the link in "PP- $ 5 for the new members” in the “Submit Links” option. " You will get $5 commission on your account as soon as you submit the link.
  • Each person can only register once.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Men Aren't Just An Accessory

Good evening my beloved readership and very special greetings to my male readers,

today I have something very special for you - even though I hope that every blog post is special in its own way to you. At this point - referring to the title of today's post - I would like to make a clear announce that men shouldn't hold the bag of their sweetheart, it is neither cute nor a sign of politeness because a bag is an essential part of your look whereas a man isn't.

In Germany the weather makes it already noticible: Fall is coming and along with it winter follows. As my friend said she already packed out her winter coat. Also I am packing essentials for the coming season today and my best partner to assist me is the US-American men's dress shirt brand Paul Fredrick along with its Autumn/Winter 14/15 collection which will soon be launched. You can already have a look in their online store - which offers free shipping.

For both - men and women - fashion autumn and winter is completely new interpreted this year. We have been used to mediterranean colors of earth and nature in autumn und shades of black and grey in combination with red in winter. But this year autumn and winter play together as well as men's and women's fashion. We don't have a transition in fashion which passes over from the warm to the dark colors. The season begins gloomy and cold.

My personal highlight about this year's season is that the colors may be still damped but they are very strong shining through the essential colors of nature you find in the cold seasons such as khaki or grey.
Something else you mustn't got without this season are sensual floral prints which give every viewer and wearer the effect of a strong cold shiver. What I am most amazed of is that most favorite colors purple and blue are the dominating ones in this season.

Special thanks to Paul Fredrick and the entire team!

So, what do you think of the new trends? We'll meet son with more of them.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

A Sailor Will Never Leave His Ship

Bonjour mes chers,

I think the navy-look has been one of my favorite trends of SS14.

Not only that it is full of romantic which symbolizes distance and closeness at the same time.

It also shows that you are longing for something.

Apart from all this it reminds of the brave, passionate sailors that would never leave their beloved ship even if it's sinking in a thunder storm  they would rather sink with it because their ship is all of for them.

According to the motto: "One for all and all for one" or "If I cannnot have you no one else should".

That's the sound of the sea.

Bolero - Elara
Striped Top - H&M
Baggy pants - C&A
Peeptoes - Deichmann
Necklace & bracelet - s.Oliver
Lipstick - Manhatten

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Accessory Of The Month

Hello beauties,

every lips need a kickass lipstick. One of the must-have ones is a shiny and strong pink. Yes! Pink! Even if it is not necessarily my color somehow you can't live without it.

To put the focus on your amazing pink lips I suggest you to keep your outfit in cold colors such as black or blue. However don't forget to add some pink details to support the pink of your lips.
For what concerns your (eye) make-up keep in mind that it shouldn't be too strong I would rather say that it should be discreet.

Do you already have your kickass pink lipstick? Your lips deserve the best!

Lipstick - Yves Rocher
Earrings, ring - SIX
Watch - Chanel
Blazer - Tally Weijl
Top - L&B
Skinny Jeans - New Look
High heels - Style in Shoes 'n' accessories

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Your Brown Eyes Got Me Hypnotized

I don't have much to say.
I just want to wish someone special a happy birthday.

Pumps - Deichmann PCD collection
Bracelets - Claire's
Earrings - SIX
Watch - Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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