Wake Up, It's Spring! Soft Orange Embraces Deep Denim: Choices

Hello my dearest readers,

life consists of moment and every moment is the result of a choice between either or. But until the choice is made there is a huge process to go through. It is a confrontation of heat and coolness, the choices that lead further. The trend of soft orange - bright or dark - that embraces denim of deep shade best describe the choices.

BornPrettyStore Charming Zircon Earrings & Dolphins - Blue & Red - Feeling Better

Hello dearest readership,

I know lately I speak so much about life and its hardships that it may seem that life entirely consists of hardships but one can see it that way that the best things in life are those that are deserved.

BornPrettyStore Moon Sun Pendant - BGal Style: The Medium

Hello my beloved readership,

always noticed, once said and if necessary I can always repeat it again: the female intuition is a dangerous thing because it is never deceiving you, even though you should not simply rely on it but allow its powers. In the end everythings is a matter of feels to make you know that something is lying in the air. As I put on the BornPrettyStore Moon Sun Pendant and dressed into the BGal Style I knew, the medium has risen again.

Colorful Collar Necklace By BornPrettyStore: Color Blocking - Charming Warrior

Hello my beloved readership,

how have you been? There is a horrible wave of influenza going around and nearly every of my fellows family and friends are sick, myself included. Make sure to take care of yourself. Nevertheless I can say that I am already starting to feel better slowly and want to set a strong return with stark contrasts combining dominant colors close to each other based on the colorful collar necklace by BornPrettyStore. This, also known as the trend color blocking made me a charming warrior.

Winter Sale: The Offer Makes The Demand

Hello my dearest readership,

while before Christmas and New Year's Eve we are spending our money to buy the best gifts possible for our dear ones we are rewarded after the celebration days with offers as hot as the color they are illustrated on, red, in addition to the already lowered prizes in such a case no one can resist. This is the clue of winter sale when the offer makes the demand.

Eye-Catching Nail Art: Be Good To Yourself

Hello sweet people,

it probably is utopian daring to think that life can pass stressly and without any hardships - despite all the stressless-methods we try. Therefore my recipe is an eye-catching nail art to be good to yourself

Look & Nail Art Of The Year

Hello my dearest follwers,

they are taking place every year, at the same time however with a different result the Fall4Me "Look & Nail Art Of The Year"

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