Fall4Me Is Moving From Blogger To WordPress

Hello one last time here my dearest readership,

Fall4Me on Blogspot is going offline. But do not be sad it is moving to a better place known as WordPress.

If you would like to continue reading and following Fall4Me and accompany me on my journey visit from now on: www.Fall4MeOfficial.wordpress.com and save this link.

I hope to see you all at the new meeting-point!

Love, Johanna

Skyblue & Pink Nails: A Matter Of Sympathy

Hello my beautiful people,

kindness is returned with kindness and a bad mood is always pulling the mood of the fellows down as well and rapidly - that is how the game is played - after all a downer is not called like this for no reason. But let us focus more on the positive part of the story in this case - even if this causal chain valid for positive and negative effects - it is a matter of attitude but having brightening colors such as skyblue and pink included remains a matter of sympathy

The Aftermath: Fanciful, Fluid Clothes And Rough Black

Hello my beloved readership,

April, April it acts according to its will and so does fate: as if wanting to play a trick on us - it leads us to a way of wrong expectations and then - it is a matter of about one second - it makes our heart stand still for a moment and in the next one a big burden is falling off our shoulders

Soft Black: Human Weakness

Hello my beloved readership,
"He is not weak!"
"Loving life is not a weakness!" 

Black & Beige Meet Red - The Alternative

Hello my dearest readers,

blue, blue, blue everywhere you look only get to see blue. I still love it but I am as well missing another color that is dominating my heart, black. Having in mind that since both of them are equal friendly but friendly rivals and majorly there is not enough space for both of them in one look I present you the alternative.

Shades Of Blue: Love At The Second Side

Hello my beloved readership,

"I am going for it, no matter what happens", we keep saying to ourselves and promise it to the world until destiny plays a trick on us and makes our heart get weak on something else - if not in the first then doubtlessly in the longer run.

Wake Up, It's Spring! Soft Orange Embraces Deep Denim: Choices

Hello my dearest readers,

life consists of moment and every moment is the result of a choice between either or. But until the choice is made there is a huge process to go through. It is a confrontation of heat and coolness, the choices that lead further. The trend of soft orange - bright or dark - that embraces denim of deep shade best describe the choices.

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