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Hello my beloved readership,

today's blogpost is very special to me. Because it is the first one in which I am collaborating with an online-shop. Some of you will probably remember when I firstly mentioned it.

Special location for a special article

Fashion2010 is a French company that speaks for elegance, sexiness and sportiness. It is a seduction in its own language that is only understandable if you visit their shop and tackle it.

The first product I've ordered were these fine checked tights in beige and cappuccino. Every legs deserve to be staged and these tights will do the job more than good. The oval checked pattern let's your legs seem longer and thinner.

 Tights - Veneziana by Fashion2010; ankle boots - GUESS? 

Oversized sweater - Mango

I would like to present you two varieties of looks à la Fall4Me I've combined with the tights in which they still remain in the focus: a timeless trend, denim, for those who like it casual and a new spring trend chic and elegant: shade to shade.

Denim shirt - C&A; shorts - New Look; vest - GDM

Earrings - Bijou Brigitte; blazer - C&A; blouse - Peek&Cloppenburg; shorts - Zara; boots - 
New Yorker

If you liked the tights you will love the whole range. Check out Veneziana and like their Facebook page.

Xoxo and thank you Fashion2010 ♥ Johanna

Accessory Of The Month - New In

Hello sweet people,

I'm back from my Russian exam and for what I can say it went pretty well, let's hope that my feeling won't betray me. So one more exam and two seminary works are left for this semester. But enough of that. On Monday I have been spontaneously shopping with my mother. Some people love about a department store that you can find everything there because it includes everything, I however love that I always find something to add to my wardrobe without even intentionally looking for it.

Check it out below:

Many new tights for the coming trend I'm going to present you on my coming blog post on Friday.
Tights - Hudson, Kunert by Karstadt

My mother bought me a warm and cuddly pullover which looks similar from 
Catherine Oxenberg's from the structure but soon more about it when I am
going to wear it.
Pullover - Adagio by Karstadt

This dress simply caught my and my mother's eye! It looks
very noble and is a great dress for special occasions. The 
gold-royal blue combination speaks for itself.
Dress - Adagio by Karstadt.

A little gift from my mother: Lipgloss by Yves Saint Laurent

And here I present you the accessories of the month January: stylish knit-wool caps with the fitting scarf
in trendy gaudy colors like I bought them for myself.
Scarf & cap - She by Karstadt

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Because It's Harder To Keep A Smile Than A Sad Face

Good day my sweet hearts, 

for the beginning of the week I thought of making some announcements and news official. 

I see something you don't see and that is... Two new banners on the right top and another banner in the left middle. 
Yes, Johanna has been hard-working for her blogger career despite her coming exams at university. 
I applied for many meaningful (blogger) communities, such as Chicisimo or Stylight and etailPR approved me as a blogger. 
With this I opened myself new doors for opportunities and it will only get higher! 

Make sure to follow me! 

In the end I have some questions and answers for you according to my Russian exam on Wednesday:
Где ты работаете? (Where do you work?)
- Я работаю в Алстерхаусе. (I work in the Alsterhaus.)
Где ты учишься? (Where do you study?)
- Я учусь в университете на факултете политологии, на третийм курче. (I learn in the university in the faculty of political science in the third semester).
Что у тебя есть? (What do you have - in life/3 things - ?)
- У меня есть брат, блог моды и собака. (I have a brother, a fashion blog and a dog.)
У тебя есть друг? (Do you have a boyfriend?)
- У меня нет друга. (I don't have a boyfriend.)
У тебя в Гамбурге есть друзья? (Do you have friends in Hamburg?)
- У меня есть девяать пльус друзей в Гамбурге. (I have plus 10 friends in Hamburg.)
Твой любимы горот? (Your beloved city?)
- Таллинн (Tallinn.)

Smiley cardigan - H&M; t-shirt - L&B; pants - C&A; boots - Görtz17

 "Smile, because a smiling person is a bright sunshine within the crowd of sad looking people. 
Smile, because it is harder to keep a smile on your face that comes out of your heart than 
a sad face.
Smile without a reason.
Just smile, because you can!" - Fall4Me
Instagram: Fall4Me_JK

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Chic Like You With Chic-Finder

Hey sweethearts, 

who doesn't know this feeling, you see a kickass outfit on the internet, on TV or even in real life and thought this outfit or some of the outfits would look as fine on you? - I knew it! Each one of you. 

Today I won't tell you where I got my clothes ;) find it with Chic-Finder.

With the Chic-Finder App. we don't have to torture ourselves to ask or to find the product without even knowing where to look. And it gives you many different options as results for every type in every price-category.

I think that every fashionista should have the Chic-Finder App. in her smartphone.
Try it out! And visit their Facebook page.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Collar Me!

Good evening sweet people,

Earrings & necklace - Bijou Brigitte; leo blouse - Tally Weijl; pullover - Cache, cache; bracelet - Douglas; watch - Tommy Hilfigher

yes, I mean it, collar me! But not too hard because no outfit looks better on men and women this season than a pullover over a shirt with a beautiful, visible collar, like we are used to it mainly from the classy and noble men of the 80s who mostly wore them at cozy at home.

John James as Jeff Colby in "Dynasty"

The shirt combined with a pullover is a timeless trend which has been coming out of the house over the years more and more. Meanwhile even the stylish women have discovered it for themselves and everyone who thinks this is something for old people should be convinced of the opposite in the following.
Apart from being stylish now that the cold days have started this is the runner up look that will keep you warm.

Earrings - I am; lipstick - Manhatten; shirt - Senorita; pullover - Adagio

Earrings - I am; necklace - Tally Weijl; boots - Texto; tights - Karstadt; dress -

Some more trendy style for your look? One side under the jeans and one half
under it. 

Belt - H&M; jeans - Texto;

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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