They Must Think... I'm Crazy

Hey dear readers, 

...I am thinking... they must be right. After a clear heavy dark grey entry for the (according to the calendar) transition from summer to fall which was not only on my nails but as well in Germany I have opened my heart for some more colorful and brighter nails for mid-fall and play and seem tasteless at the first sight and in the end just be crazy. But all I did was letting my creativity shine at the highest by being like a child when I saw all the colors, all the glitter and all the little jewelries in different colors. Arts are just one of my playgrounds but still they are my toys whether on nails, make-up or on the paper and artists are known to be wild in their expressions and reach over up to the stars and further.

A little note to those who know me and will most likely ring the alarm since I always scream that red on my nails is a no-go. It still is but in my personal little world this is rather cherry color than real red so it is appropriate,

Huge thanks to T. for another great nails.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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