Star-presentation #1: Lana Del Rey

Good evening,

I've mentionned Lana Del Rey already when I reported you about the Liz Malraux fashion-show. That's where I discovered her firstly. I was absolutely amazed by her voice and her music.
When I started to check her out I noticed that she an unique icon in the music world as she has a very unique style what conerns her music and her style. You feel like being back to the 60s or 70s when you watch her videos and her classic but modern retro-style.

Her music is a mix of calming, relaxing 70-retro-pop and cool modern beats which fit to every fashion-show. The titles of her songs are as unusual and cool. She herself says about her music that it is the sound of the sea (as she spends lots of time with her friends in Cuba) and that's where her name comes from. In an interview with the fashion-magazine Vogue she said: "I wanted a name I could shape the music towards […]. I was going to Miami quite a lot at the time, speaking a lot of Spanish with my friends from Cuba – Lana Del Rey reminded us of the glamour of the seaside. It sounded gorgeous coming off the tip of the tongue."

The 27-year-old Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is a beautiful woman and a pure innspiration for me. My most favourite song by her is 'Off To The Races' check it out below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Used Jeans

Hi hi,

some day ago I had the idea to sort out my numerous jeans and cut those I don't wear that much anymore creatively into trendy used jeans.
I love used jeans. Nothing is as casual, cool and sexy at once like them and can be combined and worn so easily!

Check out the result below, everything can be recycled and used:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Colourful Season

Hello sweethearts,

the designer Liz Malraux presented it, I showed it and the shops in Hamburg have discovered the Fall/Winter trend too: Colours.
Inspired by New York the new collection is giving you the choice between two varieties of this trend:

1. - Choose a colourful article of clothing (tights, belt, scarf, etc. ...) and combine it with black. Like the Estonian singer Birgit Õigemeel and I do.

Photo: Aivar Kullama

2. - Choose a colourful article of clothing and combine different shades of this colour with the rest of your clothing.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping-List #1

Do you know this feeling when you go to a shop and go out without having bought anything? - It's not a good feeling really. At the moment quite many things have dammed up to be shopped. Check out the shopping-list below:

- bigger blue and purple earrings (doen't matter what kind of)
- bigger black and purple feather earrings
- black nail-polish (label P2)
- leather-gloves with rivets
- a blue, black and a purple bag
- a black cardigan
- black sandals with bows and beige wedge heels (Style in shoes & accessoires)
- a black or beige trench-coat
- a tremdy black hat
- those in red and beige

Would be cool to have:

- a Fernando-Torres (Spain red/gold) tricot (by Adidas)
- hair-accessoires (little hats, flowers or something with a net)

Maybe I will get some of those things for my birthday on September 1st ;)

Look of the Day #26

Ciao belli,

my look of the day no. 26 includes something special and worth beging posted on the blog: a trendy and popular colour combination for fall: blue and beige in different varieties from business to summer.

Below you can see my option for a hot shopping-day:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results #2


yesterday I have been shopping again and added some more items to my collection.

Check the results out below:

Blouse with ruches and without a collar my absolute favourite ones - C&A

Essential for me: Well smelling shower gels (Lovely Raspberry, Oasis of the Calmness) and a shower peeling (buttermilk & lemon) by my favourite label Balea - Budnikowski

My most favourite ones: Funky foxy treggings available in almost every colour, they are comfortable and you can wear them to almost everything - Vero Moda

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are looking for a job - VERO MODA in the shopping center HAMBURGER MEILE in Mundsburg, Hamburg is looking for someone - they are urgently needed ( 400,- € basis)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

The Absolute Overall View

Hello beautiful people,

the last entry from my summer-holidays, but - as I think - a quite important one. Something I noticed very strongly every day was that the people being on holiday or living at the Côte d'Azur were in agreement to wear only two kinds of sunglasses: wheather the Carrera pilot-sunglasses in tear-shape in every colour or the brown/gold pilot-sunglasses by Ray Ban.

Personally, I prefered the Carrera in black/red I bought last year.

Some celebrities loving these sunglasses are the girls from the Estonian girl-rock band Vanilla Ninja or Angelina Jolie (as Lara Croft)

Photo: Ardo Kaljuvee

Photo: here

...and here is my option

Sunglasses - Carrera

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

A Perfect Alternative


work has started and glamorous, glittery bracelets are indeed a little bit out of place in the office, so a perfect and as good alternative are leather bracelets: you can get them in every accessoire shop in different varieties and types so that.
No matter what kind of style you have you will find the perfect one(s) for you! You can combine the discreet but beautiful bracelets to every look.

Another option are elastic bracelets which you can get with the McDonalds France cup-campaign for Olympia 2012. With every Maxi Best Of you will get one cup with a bracelet.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping-results #1 & More trends

Hello ♥

In my last entries I've already given you a little impression of what I bought on my shopping-tours on holiday in Cannes, here is the rest of the shopping-result:

iPhone-suite - Fun Mod'
Boleros are THE must-have for cold late-summer evenings. Include them in your wardrobe in many varieties and colours!
Necklace - Zara; Bolero - L&B; Leather gloves - Claire's; T-shirt - L&B
The little sexy dresses combined with high-heels make every legs longer and sexier. Must-haves at the Côte d'Azur.
Dress - L&B
Have the dress above also in red and gold
Dress - L&B

Poncho - Zara

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Friendship means Sharing

"There are woman who are concurrents but there are as well friends who share everything!", [©Fashionblog J.K.]

Certainly you know about these BEST-FRIENDS jewellary which you can find in the shop Claire's for example. I really love them, but moreover I love to share a look, a cloth, shoes or accessoires with my beloved friends.
With this I feel like the two of us are even closer to each other and everyone can see the love and friendship between us. I would recommand it to everyone and also to couples as this is really sweet.
Just try it!

Below I'm going to show you some varieties:

Fashionable Pirate


in my two beloved shopping streets in Cannes there was hardly a shop where you didn't find this sign on clothes or accessories and so I discovered another French trend: skullheads. Especially those who prefer a rocky style will be happy about the skullhead-fashion in fall and winter.

The main colours of this trend are of course grey, black and white combined with metallic accents of gold and silver but don't be shy to try out a colourful version.

Below you can see a choice of my wardrobe:

Scarf - Fun Mod; iPhone-Suite - Fun Mod; Ring - Claire's; Belts - Kookai; T-Shirt - Zara

The former Vanilla Ninja bass-guitarist and singer Maarja Kivi now known as the American rockstar Marya Roxx is wearing the same t-shirt I have and has found this trend long ago for herself.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Star-Style #2

Hello loves,

as I promised you in my last entry, I will now tell you why I am so amazed of the colour royal-blue. Of course it is my 2nd favourite colour but especially now the reason is the style of Kate Middleton aka Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
Personally I think she is THE fashion-icon within the royals. Especially in this passed year many women got inspired by her individual and feminine style. My personal highlights about her style are the gaudy colours, the extravagant headdresses and the coats. I also love her long, brown and shiny hair which makes her look natural and the viewers feel the fun and the freedom of her fashion.

Here are some best ofs:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Very English

Hola queridos,

on my numerous shopping-tours on holiday in Cannes, I've discovered another trend: England and America.
If you have not had anything to do with these countries maybe now you can as the biggest and oldest sport event the Olympic games currently takes place in the English capital London. The USA as one of the favourite teams is also back in the world of fashion as we are consuming many American goods.

Check out some of my shopping results below:

Blouse - Mango
Jersey - L&B

You might notice that my second favourite colour royal-blue is dominating, I will tell you why in my next entry.

Top - L&B 
Chucks (Converse AllStar) - Events

ADVICE: If your brand-new chucks get dirty on the white part you can perfectly clean them with scouring agent.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Summerlook #12


as I told you some time ago I want to style my hair like the Estonian singer Birgit Õigemeel for summer 2012. Fortunately I could even manage to have holidays in Cannes again so my wonderful hair-dresser could cut my hair again. She was amazed of the idea and told me that she will style her hair the same in fall. The only thing wie made different from Birgits style is that I cut a shorter slanted fringe becaue I like it better that way.

Below a photo of me and the best hair-dresser:

How do you like my new hair-style?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Liz Malraux Design Fall/Winter 2012-2013


yesterday on August 1st, 2012 another Liz Malraux Design fashion-show took place in the hotel Atlantic Kempinski, Hamburg from 18:00 pm - 19:00 pm [UTC+01] where me and my mother had our seats in the first row again.
The designer presented her new fall/winter 2012-2013 collection and dedicated this show to the 25th anniversary of her fashion-label, so the show was introduced by 25 years LMD fashion. For the first time in the history of fashion some of the designer's clients brought out their favourite LMD clothes and presented them very sovereign on the catwalk.

After that the main fashion-show took place: in five rounds Liz Malraux's models present her new collection.
The designer who was once called The Coco Chanel from the Alster [lake in Hamburg] by a fashion-journalist, opts for crocodile leather combined with lacquer, she called one of her creations outfit-bag, which means that the jacket is well coordinated with the handbag in colour and material we got to know from the label Hérmes, and black in different varieties, classically combined with white (furthermore pearl) and rose quartz, she also present her version of the little black dress which is a must-have for every woman. The classical black colour becomes a sexy basic in the LM-fashion and makes the sporty style luxurious.

In her fashion-show Liz Malraux also motivated her clients and audience to be courageous enough to wear and combine more colours. She added the colours black and quartz to the classic gamout of colours. On the one hand the LMD fall and winter will be dominated by so called non-colours [subdued colours] but on the other hand the play with contrasts is very important, so the retro-fashion was reborn in the colours garnet and graphite.

The material dominating the season is (except from leather and lacquer) rope also combined with leather. Classical clothes like the skirt have become an important separate part with its extravagant cut. Artful separate parts are also very important at LMD, the designer herself once said: "You shouldn't take fashion to perfect and serious" because no one and nothing is perfect in  this world. You should be easy-going with fashion and have fun with it. Extravagant accessoires should conceal every figure.

All in one LMD's new collection keeps its couture, feminine touch and timelessness. Fashion in broadary, cocktail-dresses and material-mix have been accompanied by exotic music.

LMD fashion twice in Hamburg (Alstertal Shopping-Cente/Neuer Wall 50) or online.

Watch photos of the show on my Facebook-page or below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

French Music-Charts

Hello, hello,

on my two-week-holiday in Cannes, Côte d'azur, France I have been accompanied by really very good music which was causing good mood, fitting to the city surrounded by the beach. Moreover the music was also inviting to make party.

Here are the most played songs at the French Rivera:

1# Pitbull - Back in Time
2# Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
3# Rihanna - Where have you been
4# Gotye Feat. Kimbra - Somebody That I used to know
5# Simple Plan Feat. Sean Paul - Summer Paradise (+French Version)
6# Flo Rida - Whistle
7# Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull - Dance Again
8# Pitbull Feat. Chris Brown - International Love

My iPod includes almost all the songs (except from 2# & 3#).

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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