Hey Lolita, Hey - Enough Of Favorites Now!

Hey favorite followership, hey, 

I have been excitedly looking forward to this blog entry because today I am presenting you one of my most favorite looks and the photos of the shooting which were meant for the new design of my Facebook page as well. 

But today I will need to share my experiences of my yesterday evening with you. Dead people, traffic jam, fallen trees, accidents, trains that didn't drive and busses that came late. Hamburg was in a real serious mess yesterday because of the heavy storm whereas it all began with a harmless rain. In 20 years this is the first time I experience something like this. 
Luckily I only had to deal with my way home from university. I firstly laughed at my bestie and didn't want to believe it but reality caught me few hours later. When I needed two hours instead of just half an hour home. 

I enjoyed myself with mommy's food, a latte macchiato, hot shower and naturally a new blogpost

My impressions captured. 

Now to my look. I'm not only my other most favorite color blue (especially navy and royal blue) but also many of my favorite pieces which are among others the bolero blazer, the Lolita volant skirt, the triangle earrings, my quilling blouse, my classy blue bag, my beautiful pearl bracelet, my favorite constant company belt and the lace-up pumps. Something special about my look was also that I could combine my other most favorite color purple on the lips to it. The lipstick is also a favorite since it's from Chanel, one of my favorite brands. 

A wonderful effect, my high-waist skirt and the pumps let my short legs seem longer and more slim.

Earrings & bracelet - I am; bag - Görtz; skirt & blouse - Tally Weijl; lipstick - Chanel; lace-up pumps - Deichmann; bolero blazer - Elara; belt - C&A

And here is one of my most favorite songs from one of my most favorite idols. But enough of favorites now. 

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

Tally Girl

Ciao belli,

I hope you've had a good start into the new week. For me, it may not seem as such a good one because I'm just being late for university and it's horribly rainy and cold but what matters is the temper, I'm listening to music at it's best with Teele Viira, Tuuli Rand, ULA & DrumAttack and I'm looking forward to see my darlings at university again and to an inspiring and fashionably creative week. By the way, the thing with university keeps our little secret, ok? It just happens once in a lifetime with me since I'm famous for punctuality at work or school.

Instagram: Fall4Me_JK

Today I am presenting you a totally Tally look, in order to the Tally Weijl brand's campaign on Instagram. It should be a Tally Weijl outfit and the most creative ones would be featured on their Instagram. For me as a huge lover of that brand it was a must for me to participate.

And here now to my creative look. First of all we should define what "creative" is actually supposed to mean. I defined it for myself with the three expressions exceptional, outstanding and eye-catching. Creativity in fashion means for me bravery to fashion what concerns colors, pattern and material and that's what I did.

Let's see what I did in particular I've put everything on check for what concerns my coat and balloon skirt which reminds of a sexy secretary with the lace up high-heels. It gets even sexier with my deep décolleté which is covered with my blazer. As you see I used soft check pattern and classic stripes which are well mixed together I have set damped and soft colorful accept with a pastel pink belt, damped red soles on the shoes and the dark green and bronze camouflage corset blouse. The silver owl is an addition to my wild blouse. I am very thankful that my bestie who is an equal lover of Tally Weijl once got me a bracelet from there so my arm didn't have to be nude which I hate.

Coat, blazer, skirt, belt, blouse, necklace, bracelet - Tally Weijl; shoes - Deichmann

How do you like the mix?

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

Be A Man And Do It Classy!

Ciao belli,

have you remembered to change your watch? Don't worry I'm not watching you rushing to your watches and change them to the correct time but imagining it makes me chuckle. This change of time is just silly as more and more people shout out in public but I'm happy to know I have one more hour because this Sunday is a busy day.

My D&G, Hilfiger, Chanel & Wempe watches are ready ;)

I also want to share the good news of the day with you that my internet at home works again! Better than ever. What I'm sad of is that my Facebook page lost many likes again because of inactivity so if you haven't like it you are gladly welcome to do so.

Time to celebrate the good news with a trend from the H&M magazine winter issue 2013 - which Fall4Me naturally has already found for herself longer ago. 

A trend known as dandy back then and tomboy now.

Self-confidence has always been sexy and we know from the band Good Charlotte that we all want something we can't have and from Aleksandr Puškin that we run after people that ignore us. Now we can express this in our fashion styles.
For this look I was inspired once again by the beautiful Catherine Oxenberg aka Amanda Carrington, for what concerns colours, the Marlene, the coat and feminine details.
The beige coat is simply classic and can be worn to everything just like the black white and grey which is included in my pants and for what concerns the blue I have told you two months ago that fall is going to be colourful in harmony with the colours of earth and the fall leaves. The checked pants and blouse might seem very audacious at the first sight but fashionable people love the bravery to fashion.
If you take a closer look you will see that they are actually the same and therefore go well together.

Earrings - I am; coat - C&A; blouse - Mango; bag - Görtz17; shoes - Karstadt

The feminine high-heels and jewelry fulfill the feminine touch of the look. Catherine Oxenberg as Amanda Carrington with Joan Collins and Michael Nader in "Dynasty"

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

Be Whoever You Want To Be

Hello my sweet people,

shall I tell you a secret? Since my internet connection is very bad at home and not the best in every part of Hamburg (for example in the subway) on my phone I use the time getting from one destination to the other writing my blog entries. It works well well because writing the entries (and of course) posting them goes much faster and at home I have more time for other things (university work or helping in the household which is a matter of course in our Armenian culture). At home I just paste the text I've sent myself to blogger, add the hyperlink and the photos et voilà!

You can certainly comprehend that I can't stop watching myself in the mirror - let's be serious, which woman can? But no seriously, especially since I have this supersexy new hairstyle. And once I watched myself in the mirror and thought, I can be whoever I want, either sexy or cute. Hot or cool.

And that's what I present you today, a "be whoever you want to be"-look. I have combined a double-button breasted Lolita coat from "Diva" with rocky jeans and black leather boots with rivets.

Earrings - I am; coat - Diva; bag - Daniel Hechter; jeans - C&A; boots - Paparazzi

This style reminded me of Katrin Siska at a demonstration in 2011. Those long leather boots seem serious and suitable for diplomatic meetings or our paved university ground. The Lolita styled anorak serves its purpose for the romantic autumn.

Once I made a little joke with Katrin saying I will steal her great coat because I love it so much :D She seemed to like it.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Meet The Giants

Hola loca people,

sadly I still suffer from a very bad internet connection that's why my interaction on my many social networks is rather weak. I hope that next week it will be fixed. 

Still I try my best to blog for you. 
Remember my new hair style? You will definitely not forget it for sure once you saw it. 
My stylist (my mother) still can't take her hands off my hair because she is so flashed. 
To all the others: thank you for the great feedback so far I'm really torn with my new hairstyle since literally two giants meet here, the two natural and contested hair colors and my most favorite fashion styles: classy and noble rich and beautiful of the 80s meet the modern rock diva inspired by the 90s of today.

Before shooting - Quality time w/ my bestie

Bolero - Elara; t-shirt - L&B; belt - H&M; jeans - C&A; pumps - Street Super Shoes; watch - Tommy Hilfiger; bag - Görtz17

Earrings - I am

Boots - Paparazzi; skirt, blazer - H&M; t-shirt - L&B; watch - Chanel; bracelet, earrings - I am

I don't want to go without classy looks but the new hairstyle inspired by Katrin Siska makes me tend to her democratic rock diva style. In such a case I have simply put the giants together in one and for example chose classy big jewelry and the noble royal blue to rivets, leather and chains. The blazer and jeans showed me that these giants aren't very different from each other. 

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

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