GIVEAWAY - Sugar For Spike x Fall4Me

Hello my beautiful people,

Sugar For Spike is pleased to announce the release of its debut collection editorial lookbook. For that it chose to work with your favorite fashion blog Fall4Me and the best followers one could wish for, so we are as pleased.

The inspiration behind the lookbook comes from two friends looking for an escape from the perfectionism and commercialism of their city, where they stumble into a “secret” underground hangout to have a little carefree fun.

Dancing and twirling throughout the night, and forgetting whom they are and what the world deems as appropriate behaviour, they end up discovering that the liberation from the night out will be one of the memories they will treasure about their youth.

The collection is slated to release at select retailers and online at on August 7th, 2014. The line is also available for pre-order now, with free international shipping. Closing date for pre-orders is July 10th 2014.

The debut of this great label is not the only good news. In order to make you experience an unforgettable welcome we have arranged a giveaway for you. Win a $100 URBAN DECAY by Sugar For Spike voucher.

Submit easily:

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  3. Click here.
The 5 lucky winners will be announced on July 11th, 2014!

Best of luck to you!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Accessory Of The Month

Good evening my diamonds,

before I get to learning after this great match for Germany, for which our professor finished today's session earlier, I want to present you the accessory of the month June. The elegant and chic alternative of comfortable shoes to sneakers for a very changeable weather like we have had it especially this month.

As you know me and sneakers are worlds apart since I have never been the sporty type. I only have one pair of sneakers which I hardly wear. I rather prefer chucks or rather slippers such as mine by Tommy Hilfiger. Slippers always give your look a noble touch and are appropriate for every occasion. Apart from that your feet don't sweat as much in like unlike sneakers.

Usually these shoes come fron the men fashion and were also taken over for women's fashion as well. Believe it or not, when I was little I hated them and found them ugly but meanwhile I have become obsessed with them because they make you look intelligent.

For today's look and photoshooting I was inspired by The Kooples and Veneda Anastasia from Fall/Winter 13/14.

 Oversized pullover - Mango
Flanel shirt - s.Oliver
Lace leggings - New Yorker
Earrings & necklace - SIX
Skirt - H&M
Slippers - Tommy Hilfiger

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Everything Is Allowed

Hello my dear ones and happy Wednesday,

another half of the week is done for you and for me the intense exam-phase has begun in order to reach my aim to be finished with all the university work until the end of july or rather begin of August and enjoy my well deserved holidays. However I will try my best to be active on here.

Today I want to show you my nails for summer. After I have been on the road with turquoise nails for almost one and a half months I couldn't stand this color anymore and since I have a firm plan for my September nails - which is going to be a surprise - I wanted to avoid that color. Therefore an orange/apricot mood caught me for mid-summer and when I saw the neon color I knew it has to be it.

Juicy and fruity, fresh and shining is one of the trend colors of the season. Shine bright like the warm sun and feel the summer spirit with orange and neon colors in all variations.

The rule is: Everything is allowed with orange!

Once again I highly thank Miu Nails & Wellness for their heartful and great service.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Hello my party people,

probably you see it as me that already a new day is something to celebrate. After all you survived yesterday with all the mistakes you made, you woke up today, you are alive and given a new chance to make everything in your world a little better.
Beyond those celebrations there are special occasions like... I don't know... perhaps your big brother's birthday...? Yes, my big brother who is one of the closest and most important people and gave me what left its biggest mark on me in my life celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday. In order to that I wish him once again all the best of the world for his way and thank him for everything. Among others because he has also supported me for my blog and took some photos for selected posts. Have a quick recap:

I was at work almost all day yesterday but of course afterwards we drank a toast on him, sang and celebrated in the circle of our family.
But as you know my motto is that fashion is the most beautiful way of expression. Therefore I always try to express myself in my looks. Just like I did yesterday. At s.Oliver we have weekend-dresscode to wear a white top and jeans. We can add whatever we like as shoes, jackets/cardigans and accessories. And since I had something to celebrate I have decided to add glitter to my suitable-for-work-look and what would be better than trendy silver essentials and some classy glamorous shoulders?
At least my photographer noticed that I look great. She and I are a supergreat team! :)

Blazer - H&M
Whiste-necklace - Douglas
Jeans - New Look

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

SheInside Design Presale

Good morning and happy Sunday my dear ones,

sales, sales everywhere. It is horrible, especially if you planned to save money for your holidays. I am happy to tell you that you can!
SheInside is having its presale phase now where you can save up to 50%!

Not convinced? - Perhaps my picks will make you change your mind:

1. Show your sexy back in summer with a noble white dress perfectly combined with colorful accessories.

2. Or play with romance with this beautiful white lolita dress.

3. Try out the trend "white extended" and add some beautiful flowers to your look here.

4. Pastel stays, especially your favorite mint green with this romantic summer dress.

5. Jupsuits are a MUST this season. Make sure to own yours.

Now you got convinced. Go and check out more!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Good morning my sweethearts,

half of the week done! I know I have been rather silent lately due to a sad occasion, sickness and university work that needs to be completed under a strict schedule. But at least you always have something to look forward to with me. And however I want to share supergreat news from the weekend and beginning of the week of you.

You might remember my look "Spring Feelings" from a few weeks ago. Which I have as well published on my StyleMyFashion account. They have featured it on their Facebook page and the page Best Of Street Style which is sponsored by them nominated it for the "Best Of Street Style - Style Of The Week". I officially want to thank you once again for all your votes and your kind support. My style became the style of the week and therefore nominated for the "Best Of Street Style - Style Of The Month". I hope I can count on you on that voting, too.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much love, my dear ones. Since I work at s.Oliver I have noticed that people love to remember me when I'm working and busy and cannot check my phone and when I'm free for access they apparently don't. [Laugh] At least I always have something to look forward to or get amazingly surprised, just like Friday when the team contacted me to invite me join their new founded community. The admirers of Johanna and Fall4Me have made a place for fashion lovers to share opinions and ask other fashion experts about fashion matters. I am obsessed with Hallon because this is exactly what I love, to discuss with soulmates about fashion. I hope you will love it as much as I do. And whenever you need something I will be there to give you my good advice.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Even I Can't Say No

Good evening my beloved readership,

it is compact, it is practical, it is an all-rounder. Let's be honest, in the last three years the smartphones have developed to our constant company in everyday-life. No surprise, after all these little computers make us available at any place and time. They probably are a blessing and a curse but this is not what I want to talk about today. Approximately one month ago I allowed myself a new iPhone 5S after I have had my iPhone 4G for almost for years. I feel blessed and happy to be risen the way to value material, especially when it is of a higher cost. So I take good care of my new phone not to get any scratches.

It was a really long journey until I have finally found the perfect iPhone case for me. One that would be suitable for every occasion, timelessly trendy and one that would suit of a young adult woman like me.
Usually pink is one of my anti-colors. I don't like it because I have got the feeling that girls and society abuse it in the sense of the girl-princess cliché. Apart from that I am more into blue and purple. But when I saw the floral case my cousin - who is like a big sister to me - had from Ted Baker for her iPhone 5 and saw that one by one of my most favorite designer labels, Christian Dior, also offers one on Romwe, I knew that it and I are made for each other. With such a case even I can't say no although it is pink.

At least I have had an occasion to take my Dior bag on a walk in a sunny park near home after work during the sunset. In a look inspired by Catherine Oxenberg as Amanda Carrington. Capitalism is keeping us from enjoying our beloved nature more and more. It is important to pull a line at times, take a break from work and rest or else you will end up sick like me on such a weather.

Bag - Christian Dior
Top - Pimkie
Marlene pants - C&A
Earrings & necklace - SIX
Watch - Wempe
High-heels - Style In Shows & Accessories
Bracelet - Bijour Brigitte

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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