Accessory Of The Month

Hey dears,

a little bit belated but better later than never: here comes the accessory of the month May, maybe I should admit that it is not an accesory in the main sense but a basic everyone should have in his and her closet: the leather jacket.

 Leather jacket by Karstadt
Leather jacket by Street One

No matter if the classic black one or a bright one, in May our favorite jackets are short leather-biker-jackets. The sun may be shining longer and warmer this month in comparison to March but still you need to have a jacket with you and it is a common knowledge that the most preferred choice is the short leather-jacket.
Disagreements? - I knew it!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Until Holidays

Hello my beautiful diamonds spread all over the world,

if you want to keep me from buying "too much" you aren't allowed to let me into the shop. But now that I entered it once in a while invited by sales and discounts to take a closer look at what was offered I should also be able to find the one or other item to add to my closet. And I did!
But the more you grow up and get to know about the values and priorities you learn more discipline. So this should be enough until well-deserved power-shopping on holiday (hurraaaaaaaay!) begins.

You will agree if you check it out below:

I am a big leather-fanatic since I am obsessed with the rocky style on the one 
hand. And since I recently got rid of my old black short (faux-)leather jacket and
this one's prize (only revealed privately) was very alluring I bought it, especially 
when my mother said it looks excellent on me.
By Karstadt

Since the Carrginton daughters Fallon and Amanda (as Pamela Sue Martin and Catherine Oxenberg)
I am obsessed with flanel blouses, especially to combine them in skinny pants in the same color (or 
the color of the pattern) - shade to shade - and some spicy accessories which will follow soon on the 
By s.Oliver

I am as well a fanatic for tights with exciting prints, classy as I am these black and white ones with 
classy prints were a must-have.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Chic Sale On Romwe

Hi dears,

Romwe Boho Paisley Romper:

$11.99 on May 29th, starting at 1:00AM (GMT), 24 hours only!
You will save 57%.

Free shipping worldwide.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Hello my beloved reader- and followership,

today is a very special day and since I am a passionate singer, let us sing:

Happy birthday to you 
happy birthday to you 
happy birthday blog Fall4Me 
happy birthday to you

you got it, this blog is celebrating its second birthday today and of course I'm not only celebrating it with my dear friends who work with me behind the scenes of Fall4Me but each of you who is a part of it because without you this blog wouldn't be what and where it is today and I thank you with all my heart for this.

This year was very special for me and my blog. Firstly, I have found my personal style in which I was confirmed with more increasing feedback like "your looks get better with every post", "you have a great style", "this style suits you" or "you are playing with colors and materials". In the first place I have to thank Catherine Oxenberg (as Amamda Carrington) and the whole Dynasty community for it who inspired me in the first place but my thanks go also to Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy and the girl-rock band Vanilla Ninja, especially Piret Järvis and Katrin Siska. Because on the one hand I am obsessed with the classy, elegant and noble style but on the other hand I am tending to the style of the rockdiva either. However it is timeless and always has a touch of Johanna in it.

Birthday look...

Marlene pants - C&A
high heels - Style In Shoes & Accessories
belt - H&M
Watch - Tommy Hilfigher
Necklace - New Look
Bag - Görtz Outlet Store
Earrings - I am

...inspired by Catherine Oxenberg/Amanda Carrington

Furthermore it was a year of collaborations. I want to thank my sponsors for the support and confidence:



Born Pretty Store:

Coco Fashion:

Last but not least I got to know what blogging is about. When I made this blog two years ago I just did it to make something in the field of fashion too besides from my politics studies because fashion is my big passion. I thought fashion blogging is only about trends but I figured out thanks to inspiring and supportive (blogger) friends of mine that there is much more behind it as you might have noticed.

And now, CHEERS to another fantastic year where we are going to reach for the stars!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

You Don't Have To Do Anything...

Hello darlings,

according to today's title, of course! We live in a free world and no one has to do anything but... you know it is amazing to have the choice, I understand sometimes a choice is connected with pain - mostly in the matter of us fashionistas - but in cases like this you can always adapt to a person you trust or - in matter of politics - inform yourself and use your own brain.
After all we are all individuals and were made to use our own heads thanks to great philosophers of the Enlightenment such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau or John Locke.

I was happy to see that so many people participated in the Elections of the European Parliament which took place today according to the motto: "So far I thought 'why should I participate in the elections? My vote won't change anything anyway.' But I realized it does change something."
I don't only comfirm this, I even strengthen maxim and call you all to take this as a good example because if you don't decide, someone else will decide for you and may make it worse.

Dressed in the party colors red, white, black
Top: Rich & Famous
Marlene pants: C&A
Peeptoes: Deichmann
Clutch: Beyoncé
Earrings: Expressions
Necklace: Bijou Brigitte
Watch: Chanel
Ring: I am
Sunglasses: Carrera
Bracelets: Ice Watch

I was very proud and happy to see that celebrities like Emmelie De Forest even electing with enthusiasm as she shared it with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Source: E. Instagram

And now I am keeping my fingers crossed for my party and brother for Europe and Hamburg!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shine Bright Like... Stripes

Hello my lovebirds,

my good neighbor called it a cliché, I am laughing about it, the fact that the postman knows me already very well and always rings at the door saying: "Johanna... I have a parcel for you...".

Today he brought me this black and white striped blouse by Romwe to wear on this marvelous hot midsummer weather in May. It is so light and smooth on your skin that you feel like you are wearing summer.

The catch about the whole look however is to combine your black and white stripes with one strong summer color which will make you and your look shine as bright as the sun.

My favorite color to wear was royal blue. Which is yours?

Striped blouse - Romwe
Triangle earrings, long necklace - SIX
Watch - Dolce Gabbana
Pearl bracelet - I am
Mini skirt - H&M
Pumps - PCD collection by Deichmann

A little insider tip: in days like these you want to tie your hair however when your look insists long open hair wear it to the back.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Dior & Roses Sale On Romwe

Hello my beautiful roses,

Dior & Roses Print T-shirt:

$9.99, start on 1:00 am(GMT) 22nd May GMT, 24 hours only。

500 pieces limited.

Special gift -- Iphone5/5s case with Dior&Rose Printed will be sent out randomly to 100 lucky customers.

Free shipping worldwide, shipped in 24 hours!

It will recover to $24.99 23rd May.

Don’t miss out, girls!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Romwe Flash Sale

Hi dears,

Romwe Flash Sale you have ever seen.

More than 200 styles.
All sold at only $6.99 up
Start at 1:00 pm 18th May GMT
Limited time, only 60 hrs.

Worldwide free shipping, shipped in 24 hours
Shop Now!!!!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

...Thanks Mommy

Bonjour my loves,

do I have anything to say? Yes! Thank you, mommy! For the wonderful new summer-in.
Are you curois? Would you like to know what she got for me? Yes? Yes? Yes?

Well here you go:

She really knows what I want, need and have in mind without me telling her. I just love her. :)

And something from myself to me to expand my collection:

Five stars for the CD! #JoinUs

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Love Is A Battlefield

Bonjour mes chers,

my whole life I went without my own luck just to let others be happy but this time I have decided to do what is only right, fighting for what I love!

Love is precious and true love is very rare nowadays that's why if you find it tackle it at its crest and show your opponent that you are made of more than red velvet but of black leather and silver metal.

Faux Leather Leggings: Romwe
Chiffon Heart-Blouse: Romwe
Boots: GUESS?
Earrings: SIX
Black ring: I am
Watch: Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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