Values - New In

Hello for the last time this year my beloved readership,

quality has its prize - that may be true - but values are totally unaffordable. Not always we get to feel its sweet taste from the beginning since it takes time to understand and cherish the value of something but that makes it even more precious. Often it already starts with heirlooms but on the other hand there are kind of values you cannot or do not want to take for granted independent from its prize and to know you enter that age that you are worth these values because you cherish them and will take care of them will give you an indescribable feeling of pride and joy. 

Having this in mind here is my new in:

This flower skirt caught my and my mother's eye - just like everything else of this label does. The gloomy flowers and I are just as if made for each other and we have found the matching 
mini-bag too that is one of the new trends. By Ted Baker

Every girl needs that one indestructible big black bag. Finish! Sorry Michael Cors but you are too mainstream for me and will never leave your mark on me like other designers did because every woman by 30 should have already chosen her designer Maisons. Already by entering the shop 
I was sure to choose this bag since it suits my collection. It needs to be big because the older 
you get the more basics collect. By Ralph Lauren

Buying such a precious skirt we needed to have a perfect matching topping 
but we skipped flowers since it would have been to much and came out 
with cheeky stripes with a sexy revealing cover. By GUESS?

When the trend reached the shops I have always wished to complete my 
black leather collection with a black leather dress. By Topshop

Little gifts from my mother

The shops and photos may reveal the high prize of this new in but for me the value is more important. Having this in mind, see you next year! Happy year-ending and may it be a health and blessed new year for you full of senses of achievement. 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Ultima - Reach For The Stars

Hello my dears,

usually it is said that whatever we do we do it for ourselves - or at least we are to do it for ourselves. But us human are born to act according to a sense and reason. It can be an outer manipulation that makes us act uncontrolled or it can be a convinced act out of motivation. The will to reach for the stars because we want to be the best person for someone else and bring out the best of us, for this person. We say goodbye to the sluggishness and comfort we have been used to because the motivation out of love gives us new juice of life. Love is where life begins and a person that fulfills us is the reason to live actively. The fear of its loss - because nothing in this life is guaranteed - makes us reach for the stars. Reach for the ultimate and makes us the strongest person we have never thought we could be.

Dress - Paparazzi
Scarf - Ukraine import
High-heels - Akira
Lipstick - Calvin Klein
Earrings - I am

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Vegas, Baby!

Hello my dear readers,

Vegas is famous, Vegas is sexy, Vegas is alluring, Vegas is risk, Vegas is fun. But Las Vegas is worth it. This city is the only place in the world where you can be a sinner without having a bad feeling. It is the complete opposite, it calls for passion in sinning.

For the Mercedes among all cities in the world you have to be dressed like the Mercedes among all the people in the world. Do not be shy and show what you have. Wearing the perfect Vegas outfit you cannot be eye-catching enough.

During the day for a shopping tour or lunch I would choose a colorful and light dress, of course with high-heels and hot sunglasses, my choice are the pilot-sunglasses by Carrera.

It is however also a common knowledge that Vegas is the city of no regrets especially what concerns the casinos. My always-choice for the perfect ultimate night outfit therefore is a variation of a little black dress - or shall we leave "little" out here with all the golden chains it includes? But that is what the ultimate black dress is about for Vegas: Attention, baby, attention! surely is the playground to pick and choose resorts for planning an unforgettable trip to Vegas. Therefore you should not miss to leave your mark on this city with your outer appearance.

Dress, pumps - Laura Beauté
Watch - Chanel
Necklace - I am
Sunglasses - Carrera

Dress - Laura Beauté
Pumps - Romwe
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Bracelet - Yves Saint Lauren
Necklace - Accessorize
Earrings - Bijou Brigitte
Lipstick - Manhatten

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Killer Doll

Hello my dears,

outer beauty is an extremely dangerous thing. More dangerous than that is that we can easily step into its trap and be attracted by what we catch with our eyes. It makes us blind for what can be lying inside. Not always the first sight is representative for the whole being. We can see a person smiling brightly but we would never imagine the tears of desperation that are held and supressed inside, we admire a person with a well-groomed appearance wearing high quality clothes and think this person's life could not be more perfect. Could it be? But sometimes people are misled in their actions with the beauty they admire. They see a beautiful doll they think they can place the way they wish. Anyplace. Anytime. But be careful when the doll feels that her personal freedom is taken away and when you act against her will. Mark my words. Be careful. She can open her mouth and she can make decisions. She can be a dangerous doll and put a knife against your back to pay you back your selfishness.

Longsleeve shirt - Cache Cache
Midi-skirt - Hallhuber
Pumps -Deichmann
Statement necklace - Zara
Bracelet - Claire's
Lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

New In

Hey my dears,

my god is the city center full during Christmas time. Everyone is very much awake and thrilled with positive stress to get the perfect Christmas gifts for their beloved ones. And what do I do? Looking to fill my closet with the latest trends and missing essentials since better a little too late but never I already have a perfect gifts in my bag.

Check out my basics and essentials below:

A basic black blouse is not to neglect and elemental in a woman's closet.
Best material is chiffon because you do not need to iron it after washing.
So wear it without worries.
 By Karstadt

Faux fur is back for Christmas time. This time however in damped shades
bright than black.
By C&A

I have been looking for an elegant denim jacket previously but at the
moment when I have forgot about it I have found a super lovely one.
What I love in particular are the details.
By C&A

After my leather pants have "died" I very badly needed new ones. Of 
course these are not as cool as my previous ones with the rivets but 
leather is what matters.
By C&A

Navy blue and joggers stay as trend for women, style your basic business
look with joggers.

Flower dresses by C&A

These rocky boots are essential for me, you know it, we all know it.
Especially in black leather.
By C&A

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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