Moonland Feat. Lenna Kuurmaa

Tere kallid sõbrad,

the readers from this blog are familiar with the term Vanilla Ninja, people close to myself associate the three headed the rock band from Estonia with me since it is my most favorite band and has left the biggest mark on me.

So after having talked about Piret Järvis the guitarist and Katrin Siska the keyboarder the time has come to last but not least talk about the lead singer Lenna Kuurmaa, too.

Currently the band has been taking a rest since 2010 but that does not keep the lead singer Lenna from singing. She has gathered musicians for herself and started solo career. Meanwhile Lenna is one of the most wanted artists in Estonia and still popular abroad thanks to her fans who keep her fame outside of Estonia alive. 

Lenna and her band participating in Eesti Laul (Engl.: Estonian Song - the Estonian pre-election 
for the Eurovision Song Contest) in 2012.
Photo: Ülo Josing

Other than Vanilla Ninja Lenna is more into the Indie genre that has become harder with the second album. Apart from that she focused on singing in her native language Estonian. However in 2013 Lenna followed the invitation and joined a project in Italy that has brought her back to the taste of Vanilla Ninja. Moonland Featuring Lenna Kuurmaa contains 13 songs mainly composed by Alessandro Del Vecchio who and sung by Lenna Kuurmaa in English. Also Lenna herself had to admit that she loved the project which reminded her on the time with the band.

Moonland reached out to all over Europe and was available to be pre-ordered and ordered or get in the stores apart from only online so it was quickly sold out. Also I have followed the thrill and added it to my collection of must-haves as fan and supporter of the band and with that Lenna the power pop or rather rock album and seeing Lenna back in the style of a rock diva was a true welcome for me.

After listening to the songs and sinking in to the world of Moonland I enjoyed listening to Lenna in English again however I must admit that I would have found it better if such a project would have made real with the whole band since a band is not only about the lead singer. The songs as well as the lyrics were very strong and very lively to me. The power of the songs was just transmitted to the listener itself. Nevertheless the songs could have been a little bit more versatile. On the whole they indeed sounded very monotone. This was recognized as well in the lyrics that mainly were about a broken hearted cheated woman who has regained her power and shows herself self-confident. Therefore it is heart to choose particular favorites, nevertheless I could admire myself for the songs "Poison Angel", "Heart Made Of Steel", "Live And Let Go" and "Another Day In Paradise".

Moonland Featuring Lenna Kuurmaa is doubtlessly an album that has caught me in a time of personal desperation but this was not necessarily a bad thing since its powerful songs built me up again.

I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a reason to go on or rather who needs a kick in the butt.

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Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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