Windows 8


my computer was built by a friend of our family who installed our internet and who always helps us if we have issues with our computers or laptops.
But no matter how great he might have created it, after more than two years every machine needs to be refreshed and so he refreshed the software of my Windows XP two weeks ago,

I firstly wasn't sure either to take Windows 7 or Windows 8 with its new features but after hard thinking I've concluded to take Windows 8 and learn it by using it even in my learning phase, but of course I've also watched a video how to use Windows 8 which helped a lot. Besides from that Windows 8 Pro Edition doesn't cost 30,- € anymore. From Febuary on it'll cost 50,- € (German prize)

What's new about Windows 8?

You might have all noticed and wondered about it when you probably saw it in the advertisement. The new start screen with the apps.
The apps are the programs you can download in the store (just like you might know it from your smartphone or the Macs). However you can still download normal programs from the internet, too.

Besides from that the security for Windows 8 users is higher as everything is now personalized. On the new start-screen you can decide what kind of theme you'd like to have and add an avatar and personal username.
I chose purple as it's my most favourite colour with futuristic effects.

As you can see the new start-screen includes some standard apps and on the right handside you have your apps - for most of them you need internet-conntection - and programs. There is also a great multitasking ability you have between your apps and the normal windows desktop. All you need to do is to move your mouse to the left and a ask will appear where you can switch between apps/start and the desktop/programs.

Last but not least what I'd like to introduce to you is the extented way to switch off your computer with more energy-saving features.


I'd suggest Windows 8 to everyone who wants to refresh his/her software and doesn't want to or simply can't pay as much money to buy a completly new computer or even Mac. But the fact is that the future are Windows 8 and Macs according to those who are working in this field and that it has already started. So it's better to quickly get used to it.
The new software is also way faster and comfortable.

I as a person who lives a creative and modern life-style fell in love with Win 8 and don't regret my choice.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

All Looks Down


during the month I've discovered a trend I'd like to set. I've always loved pants in bonbon colours and especially now when you dress very warmly with trendy knits and warm roll necks or pullovers in damped colours or warm winter boots the pants in gaudy colours bring up bright a happy and lively mood and atmosphere for those who are wear it and those who are still watching.
It is a good way to combine different atmospheres and shades and create the gamut of colours for the winter season at the beginning of the new year.

For the trend I suggest skinny pants.

Treggings (brown, beige, green, turquoise) - Vero Moda; Pants (red) - Mango; Jeans (purple) - Texto

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results&Save the Trend

Greetings my dears,

during the month I of course took myself some freetime from learning and housework to enjoy myself with friends and went out mostly to shopping.
Check out the results below:

I've finally found my dream suit in royal blue and wore it firstly when I've had my presentation in the class "Feminism and Political Theory" at university.
The important thing on wearing this is to keep it (royal) blue so the focus will stay on the suite but also the rule is not to include too much blue. My suggestion is to wear blue shoes and a scarf and discreet jewellary but also not more.
The colours I combine with the suit would be black or white or a little bit of grey as these colours rather support the outfits as good accents and contrasts.
To long suits like this one I also suggest to wear slim and skinny jeans, treggings or skirts and discreet and simple t-shirts.
A person thing I always add is that I love my suits with rolled up sleeves.

Suit - H&M

The second thing I've bought on that day was a blue belt I've been looking for to complete my outfit with the cavalary bolero for a beautiful waist. Now I only need to buy blue pumps and it seems as if I will decide for the blue pumps by Tamaris.

Belt - H&M

Save the trend! - Royal blue and poison-green will be ruling the pre spring-time focus on a certain clothing or  accessoire with the tips I gave you above and feel the elegance of spring.

On my next tour I've bought a pastel green nail polish for Febuary from my favourite cosmetics label. I've informed you that cold pastel colours are very up to date at the moment.

Nail polish - P2

Then I needed a new web-cam as my old one is too old for Windows 8 so a shop assistent suggested a camera from Logitech to me for a great prize. The cameras quality is impressive and it neither needs a microphone as it's included not much space.

Web-cam - Logitech

On my last shopping-tour before the exams and until now I've bought an alice-band which fits perfectly to my skullhead scarf so I think I just have to buy it.

Alice-band - Six

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Star Style #3: Katrin Siska


Katrin Siska is one of my three big living inspirations. She has become famous as the keyboarder of the Estonian girl rock-band Vanilla Ninja, which was founded in 2002 and introduced abroad for the first time in 2004 with the song "Though Enough".

                                           Katrin with her band-mates, making of "Though Enough"

She caught my eye especially because of her extravagant and unusual hairstyles - she has mostly included at least two colours in her hair - her style was rather sexy with short skirts and high-heels. Therefore she has been considered as a sexy and glamorous fashionista within the band by the media and lots of fans.

Photo: Bernd Possardt

The more I got surprised when she talked to me about her style. 
"I don't usually wear any high heals, skirts or dresses at all (only if I am a host of some big show or at a photoshoot, then I wear high heels/skirts/dresses if there is any special piece of that kind of colthes but usually I avoid it).", Katrin says. The clothes she prefers for her everyday style, freetime or when she can decide what to wear (e.g. at concerts or when she's the guest in talkshows is a complete different she told me: "My everyday style is very different from a typical "womanish style" - I like everything rocky and casual (jeans, moto jackets, sneakers, boots, chains, skinny or sultan pants etc)."

Katrin hosts her arranged event: Valentine's day Singing Competition 
Photo: Jelena Rudi 2011

Vanilla Ninja performs in Lasnamäe (Tallinn)
Photo: 2009

The rocky accent of her style could always been seen on Katrin especially on her extravagant accessoires she always amazes with,

On the whole I think Katrin's style and the choice of her clothes let her seems much younger than the 29-year-old actually is. She always looks refreshed and youthful and expresses lots of power. So her style just emphasizes her personality as her biggest hobby is to do extreme-sports like surfing or snowboarding. 
What I especially love about her style and what inspires me a lot is how she combines the most different styles and harmonizes them together.
This could be seen best when the band started to take a break and when she got involved and started to commit herself in politics and culture. Within all the serious clothing she always has an extravagnt, fanciful or rocky eye-catcher included and always keeps being herself in her style.
Especially for me as a prospective political scientist she has a big impact on me.

Katrin at the "Prügikast 3" Premiere
Photo: Karli Saul/Ilmar Saabas, 2009

What Katrin absolutely dislikes is the following as she goes on telling: "I also don't like fake stuff (fake nails, fake hair etc) - that I used to use long time ago if needed on a special photoshoot or a show, but not in my everyday lifestyle because that's the way I feel comfortable."
Katrin at a photoshooting with hair-extentions
Photo: Laura Kallasvee, 2009

And what does she actually like to wear? - "t-shirts -- my favourite! :)".
Photo: Kroonika, 2008

She may have her own clear defined style but she is very versatile in her clothing and always impresses the people with something new. So I've dedicated my summerlook 2013 to her.

Thank you for this great statements about your style Kati ♥

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Pure and Uniform


safe the nail trend for the first third of 2013: uniform nails in pastel shades. The prefered colours are green, blue or white in the first half of that period warmer colours like pink or orange can be worn when it starts to get warmer.
Bright, lusterless nails are a currently a real eye-catcher as the clothes-trend is dominated by black and glittery fashion and smokey, dramatic make-up. They seem elegant and pure but also give you something dominant.

Nail polish - P2 (530 - Charming)

Apart from the clear nails nude shades and invisible lips are back and fit perfectly to dramatic eyes without seeming too much.

 How to do - Nude lips:
  •  add a little bit of concealer on your lips and finish it with invisible lipgloss
Bronze lipstick -  Boulevard de Beauté

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Accessoire of the Month


the new year has arrived and been welcomed with big celebrations and beautiful fireworks all over the world.

How could you start the year of the snake (as the Chinese calendar says) better than with a pair of hot ankle boots in a snake print?
Be sexy, wild and an eye-catcher on the streets, at parties or on shopping tours wearing them.

"A woman with good shoes is never ugly" - Coco Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results


of course you have to get Christmas gifts for your dear ones before the special days but the catch is that the prizes are falling rapidly and strongly after Christmas. That's an intended strategy of the market economy.
So I have been shooping again after having spent half a week at home to learn for my first exams at university.
I can always count on my favourite British label NEW LOOK because that was my main shopping destination today.

I've found a very elegant and individual to wear dress which gives you a sexy and femine silhouette.

Dress - New Look

Last summer I was really sad because I didn't find any good clothes with flower print for my summer-collection. It's not summer yet but I've found a beautiful top in the non-summerlike black but if you combine it correctly you can turn it into a very summerlike top.
By the way this cut is my favourite one.

Top - New Look

The older you get the bigger purses you need so finally I've found a great one in an elegant black lacquer which is especially in winter very up to date.
Purse (available in red and baby pink) - New Look

Last but not least I've bought two warm tights for winter in the beloved British pattern again from a British label.

Tights (available in black, brown and blue) - Burtington

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Summerlook #13


as I've told you last year I always make a capital change of look on my summer holidays (I don't like German hairdressers that much as I've mainly had bad experiences with them.)

Last year I did something that most of the woman do really reluctantly. I've cut my long hair into a long bob in the style the Estonian singer Birgit Õigemeel had them in 2010.

Photo: Aivar Kullama

I've got lots of positive critisism for that style whereas after some time I've started to miss my long hair. Now I've decided to let them grow long (chest-length as a special most cherished someone prefers it that way) and to not cut them again.

The hairstyle I've planned for this year is inspired by the Estonian celebrity Katrin Siska and based on the hairstyle she had in the beginning of 2011.

The natural blonde had her hair a little bit longer than shoulder-length in a layered cut and coloured in chocolate-brown. Her covering hair at the front was coloured blond and included a little bit of pink (which is her favourite colour).

The difference with me will be that I will let my hair in its natural colour (dark brown) and only colour the whole covering hair blond and style it like she mostly had it, in a slightly layered cut and combed back showing my forehead (which my mother likes a lot).

In 2011 I've coloured five strands of my hair blonde. It looked unusual but cool and was something like a prototype for this plan.
I believe that such a crazy and freaky hairstyle will fit to me and my style in general. My friend from university whom I've told about this style thinks that it'll look good on me, too.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Look and Nails of the Year


on my Facebook-page I've asked you to chose your "Look-" and "Nails of the Year" - means which FbJK-look and nails did you like the best?

According to the likes under the photos the likes the

LOTD N°1 was the most popular one

[N° 1 - Night out for dancing: I prefer skirts and high heels.
The skirt is worn higher and combined with a stylish belt which makes your legs longer and your waist slim.
As the focus is on the skirt be discreet with your accessoiries and your top. Your accessoiries (e.g. necklaces) as well should not disturb you while dancing.]

For copying: top (discreet black) - H&M, necklace (glittery, half long) - Chanel, belt (wesp waist, tight, rivets and black) - C&A, skirt (dark blue with volants) - Tally Weijl, tights (opaque, black) - Desirée by Karstadt, plateau pumps (black, glittery) - Style in Shoes & Accessoires

...and the NOTW N°4.

[N°4 - the colour I've bought on holiday neon green]

For copying: Nailpolish (neon green, COL. 01 - L. Q1207) - Laura Beauté Fluo by L&B Make-Up Store

Stay tuned for more looks and nails of this year.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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