I Am You

Hello my dears,

you might not believe it and you might be shocked but one thing I realized is that we take a look in the mirror way too rarely. Do not tell me it is enough for you to check if all is accurate about your looks and you are satisfied with that. When all a mirror does for you is giving you the gift of outer self-reflection what makes you believe that you can go easy about taking care of your inner reflection. I knew it - nothing. 
The feeling of self-reflection and a stable and clear inner state is more satisfying than knowing your shield of outer looks is flawless to you. You cannot only rely on the outer shield because it is eventually going to dream when you are in a struggle with yourself.

Maybe some of us neglect it because they do not realize what self-reflection actually is. Self-reflection is the state to be strong enough to face a personal conflict and the state to be brave enough to admit that you are just like the person you have built up a conflict with. Self-reflection is the greatness to pull oneself together and take a step towards that personal that you secretly love because you have only things to share and actually no reason to be mad at this person except from the frustration that has come from the lack of attention whereas even this has its plausible reason.

I dedicate this look to Tamar Kaprelian who inspired me to this look and wish her a happy birthday!

Dungarees - Laura Beauté
Longsleeve shirt - Zara
Necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Watch - Wempe
Bracelets - Douglas, Bijou Brigitte
Creoles - I am

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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