LOTD & Trend: 50s Style & Sequins

My Look Of The Day n° 82 has been worn at the winter ball of our dancing school which took place in the Congress Center of Hamburg. Evening dresses are always duty.

For the ball of the winter season I've chosen a dress which reminds of the 50s style. Silver and black sequins on the top and a black satin tutu. Combined with a little black hat with a bun two streeks curled and a fringe with a side parting, opaque black tights, black ankle boots, gloves with a little bit of lace included and red lips the retro-look got compled. Silver was the supporting accent I've added to the look.

I've chosen a look with sequins because they are very up to date at the moment (so says the December issue of the Estonian fashion-magazine MOOD too) as they are always glittery and shiny they fit to the party season and still keep your elegance.

Ironically all my other friends wore red dresses and set black accents - maybe they did it because of Christmas.

 Dress - TK-Maxx; Hat - C&A; Necklace - Tiffany&Co.; Lipgloss - P2 (Liz Taylor); Ankle boots - Görtz

Trend: Knee-Length Socks over Leggings


latest since the American singer Ashlee Simpson (2004), knee-length socks have been considered as trendy.

She wore them sexy in a "black-beauty" look to a black cocktail dress and black pumps.
In this case they were a feminine and fanciful alternative to stout boots.

What I like about knee-length socks isn't that they keep you warm in cold seasons - why hidind them under pants?
I like that they are so versatile, that's why I like and recommand to wear them over your tights or leggings with shorts or short skirts.

The important rules here are
  1. that your shoes have to be adapted to the socks     and
  2. that your tights or leggings should be of one colour, the best recommandation would be black (white or skin-colour could be also possible)
Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Belated News: Shopping Results


spontaneous shopping tours are always the best because you always find the best things for yourself.

On the last round of my Christmas-shopping through the shopping-center Hamburger Meile I've found the following things while I was looking for gifts for my best (female) friends and scanned the shops after accessoires:

A royal blue pearl bracelet with a little bow of satin which fits to my blue jacket. Royal blue and pearls are always elegant and with a fanciful little bow it fits to almost everything. No matter if you need to pimp a simple business style or a fitting accessoire to a fanciful look.

Bracelet - I am

The second thing I've been looking for and finally found was a thin black Alice band with a big black bow made of paillettes for a ladylike and sweet girlish look.

Alice band - Tally Weijl

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Hello dearies,

wellness is something which is very important in my quite stressful everyday life - that's why I have two main wellness-days the week, Friday and Sunday. The most important thing on my wellness day is sleeping off to fill the hours off insomnia I was having to get up early. Long but moreover enough sleep keeps you healthy and naturally beautiful, no surprise it belongs to our most important basic needs.

I start my wellness-days (just like every other day) with positive emotions (i.e. my mantra: I want to do some charity big or small at least once a day.)
Positive emotions are not only good for your sphere. They avoid bad things to happen and prevent them or make them go away. With a positive, clear and cool mind you can solve every problem. Sure you cannot always be happy however you should always remember even if bad things may happen to stay positive or regain your positive thoughts and that it will always be fine. Because with that you are also contagious to the people around you. Apart from that positive emotions are good for your skin and especially for your health. A laugh and smile keep you young and glorious and they look much better on you.

On my wellness-days I always take my time and even more i.e. for a long hot bath with hair-shampoo, conditioner and shower gel with strong, sweet  gentle aromas. Something which is also indispensible during my bath or shower is a body and face-peeling.

After my shower creams and oils are very important that is why I buy body-lotions with a high content of oil (very good for irritated skin). Then I use my invisible roll-on deodorant by NIVEA (as it does not demage your clothes) and a perfume, here I want to present and recommand you the new fragrance by LANCÔME "La vie est belle" it is very soft and sweet if you compare it to LANCÔME's other fragrances but also attractive. For my lips I always use my Labello - velvet rosé lipstick and for my face after having plucked my eye-brows the face-lotion by the Estonian label Puhas Loodus (pure lotus) with the aroma of cucumber (I like exotic aromas) and a face-cream from moisturizing creme from L'Oreal to calm my skin. I usually pluck my eye-brows at an Persian beauty salon for special events but otherwise I can do it on my own.

After having used the creams I'm clapping my whole body for a natural tightening and do some gymnastics.

Afterwards I'm drying my natural curly hair straight. First I'm combing my hair straight in the form I want it to be with the blue comb then when it's dry I comb it once again with the black one while holding the dryer at my hair and give it the structure with the white one and the dryer. At the end it gets combed again with the blue one and fixed with the hair creme by John Frieda.

In the evening I have time for my famous nails of the week - I always use a natural peeling with sugar and cream-soap, then I cut and file my nails and paint them.
This week they want to make a party and are ready for Sylvester - colourful and metallic as they are.
Once again I can mainly recommand P2 colours and and the quick dry spray because I'm always needed at home and don't have much time for waiting them to dry.

On my wellness-days I'm accompanied by good-mood music and funny tv series. Sitcoms or cartoons.

I would and I recommend wellness-days to everyone because no matter how busy you are you should always take your time for health and beauty because without them nothing works!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna



yesterday one of my fans asked for an entry about winter-jackets, of course I'm always here to fulfill the favours of my dear fans.

Check out my "collection" below:

1.) For windy and wet days I prefer my short black quilted jacket from Mango. It keeps you warm and can be worn in two different ways with an open collar or a closed one. It is especially comfortable if you're out with friends i.e. at an amusement park. The big pockets are as well to mention as you can pack away your most important things in it and take them out as quickly again.

Quilted Jacket - Mango

2.) The white version rather reminds of a sporty ski-jacket whereas I'd rather wear it ladylike with tights, high ankle boots and skirts as it's long and keeps you warm down very well.

Quilted Jacket - Mango

3.) For dry but windy days I love coats in the style of the English heritage as I've already posted about. Whereas you should dress warm underneath. I would recommand to wear black down underneath to make it look elegant or at least brown. Keep it English.

Coat - Tally Weijl

4.) & 5.)  If the minus degrees are rising you need even warmer jackets and a even warmer headgear. My prefered style is the Russian elegance. The famous Shapka (prefered with the fur of rabbits) it's cuddly and soft and naturally warm. Be careful and keep it well so it won't get harmed. See my two differently varieties below:

Fur coat (with a rivet belt for a beautiful waist or without) - Karstadt

Fur coat - C& A

6.) Last but not least the less elegant version if you are on an adventure with friends. Is the popular bomber jacket which has a hood integrated so you don't need your warm headgear to be put away.

Bomber jacket - Madonna

As you see I love jackets with belts. Because for my elegant look I need my waist.

Already prepared for the winter? - Then hurry up!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna



I saw it, it fell in love with it, I bought it.
I firstly noticed such a similar suit on the Vanilla Ninja keyboarder Katrin Siska on the Valentine's Day 2011 during the event she arranged (Valentine's Day singing contest).

She combined it with dark clothes underneath (a black top and dark blue slim jeans), a plain trouser chain and red plateaus.

As mine is in my prefered blue I can also imagine combineing it with blue ankle boots or pumps, black treggings and a black top, a blue belt and my blue (trouser) chain from Zara. So the focus will still keep on the suit.

Suit - Elara

//One of my very most cherished ones said it makes me look sexy ;) ♥


Katrin Siska version:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Accessoire of the Month


in the cold December month warm headgear is important and my personal favourite for the beginning are earlaps in a trendy colour or pattern because basically you the main colours of the warm jackets are black, white or beige. The more a trendy eye-catching accessoire on the top is important.

It keeps you very warm and can be easily packed away.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results

Hola beloved followers,

on Monday I have been on a shopping tour with my parents. We intented to do the shopping for my aunt and her family as they've ordered things from Germany but as I always say when you go spontaneously shopping you always find the best things.

Dress and Skirt - C&A (I will very probably buy the green version of this dress, too)

New savours for my beloved wellness:
Shower-gel lime&aloe vera and grapefruit&aloe vera, conditioner mango&pearl and fig&pearl, creme-oil bodylotion (40% of oil) almond oil by Balea - Budnikowski

Some days later I've added a new colour to my nail polish collection, my favourite shade of my most favourite colour purple. But this time from the a new American label DEBBY.

... and my import from Estonia - my favourite fashion magazine (MOOD [Engl.: Fashion]) and other magazines with my favourite designers Karolin Kuusik, Britt Samson and Liisi Eesmaa and the girls of my most favourite band Vanilla Ninja onthe covers. Biggest thanks to my best friend.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Sera Italiana

Ciao belli,

one week ago me and one of my best friends from university had a wonderful Italian evening together. We've already planned earlier to go and have a dinner in the Italian restaurant Vapiano as she has never been there. Personally I think you have to go and experience Vapiano at least once. It's one of my favourite restaurants.
So last Friday we fulfilled our plan and had a dinner for two.

As an Italian restaurant Vapiano only offers Italian specialties like different varieties of pizza or pasta prepared to culinary arts.
It was easy to agree over a meal and over what we want to drink.
We took the meal pasta with scampi (shrimps) and tomato sauce and on top parmesan cheese the only difference was that my friend chose the Pappardelle-pasta and I chose the Fusilli-pasta. As a drink we wanted to have Fanta.

We were completely contented with our meal.
The Vapiano-service is very good as the meal is prepared right in front of your eyes and that you can draw up your meal on your own. Apart from that the quality and the prizes are in a good harmony.

About the ambient, Vapiano is perfectly made for people of every age and every kind of reason no matter if you have a romantic dinner, or one with a friend in the evening or if you rather have a business meal. Vapiano is always a good choice.

For the dinner with my friend I've chosen a very classy black-white combination with glittery diamond accessoires à la Audrey Hepburn. I prefer skirts over pants here because they always look elegant. The only colour-accents were my red lips as perfect completion.

Bolero - L&B 
Blouse - Tally Weijl 
Belt - C&A 
Skirt - H&M
Ankle boots - Akira
Earrings - I am
Bracelet - Bijou Brigitte 
Necklace - Tiffany&Co.

Visit Vapiano online

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Fashion fades...

...only the style remains, they say. Having this in mind bonjour mes chers amis.

Well something I always like to wear in pre-winter time is my anorak in one of the classic English checked pattern.
The British fashion- and lifestyle magazone Harper's Bazaar and I agree that the British heritage is a timeless trend and flexible for every kind of type and style.

Anorak - Tally Weijl

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results


last Saturday I have been shopping with my mother again out cold city center. My main goals were trench coats. after long searches we've found a perfect beige trench coat perfect for rainy autmn days. Personally I'd prefer a black one but for the time being I love it.

Trench Coat - C&A

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Kiss my Cherry Lips

Hola ♥,

it's more than one month to go until winter officially begins but the city is already frozen. The cold pre-winter time reminds of the elegance of a French autmn, so it's no surprise that romantic cherry red lips are popluar among young women.

My favourite is the Liz Taylor colour by P2

- Have you saved your red lipstick?

BEAUTY-TIPP: If you want to to keep long and not smudge use invisible lip-gloss over it.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Babydoll Revival

Hey hey sweet people,

cold seasons can be as sexy as romantic they are - so are babydolls which have been greatly celebrated about three years ago.
The rules for babydolls are slim jeans or leggings because THEY are in the center of attention apart from that they are best worn with high-heels.
Personally I think babydolls are popular because every woman can wear them. They are very variable and conceal every type of figure.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Fall-Look #4

Cuddle me!

Hello lovlies,

cuddly knits are my absolute favourites for fall and winter... it is not only trendy, it also keeps you warm and awakens your cuddly mood.

My look of the day presents you one option:

Knit-cardigan - Zara

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Accessoire of the Month #2


with November the very cold days of autumn have arrived, too. That's why warm jackets and scarves aren't enough anymore. My favourite cold autumn headgear is the French beret. It is elegant and fanciful and can be worn with everything.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

I am the Dice-Queen


inspired by the fashionable Vanilla Ninja keyboarder Katrin Siska, I fell in love with dices as accessoires. Since my last spontaneous shopping trip I've not only found dice-rings to complete the collection but also another dice-bracelet.

Be self-confident, be funky and playful with fashionable dices

Bracelets - Claire's & Six, necklaces - Six, earrings - Bijou Brigitte, rings - Six, bracelets - I am, pants-chain - colours

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Heyhey beautiful people,

on Saturday, October 27th, I have been shopping with my mother in our city center. The main goal was the department store Karstadt which included the British label NEW LOOK this was the part where I shopped most.

Check out the results below:

A romantic and comfortable jeans-dress with a brown belt. Denim dream-looks are indispensible in autumn.
Dress - NEW LOOK

A wide t-shirt with skull-heads which you can perfectly combine with warm pullovers in winter or trendy in summer.
T-shirt - NEW LOOK

Ankle-boots with rivets also indispensible. So it was time to add more rivets into my wardrobe.
Amkle-boots - NEW LOOK

Tights in different varieties for every case and royal blue leggings. I prefer it opaque.
Tights - Karstadt

And warm slippers for the cold days.
Slippers - Deichmann

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Winter-Look #1


masculine accents are timeless in the cold and grey winter season where people are longing for sensuality and security.
Women look sexy wearing masculine accents for example ties. Check out my LOTD where I try it for work and university.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Fall-Look #3


the days are not only getting colder it's starting to snow in several places of Europe that's why I'm already trying a winter-hippie-look which is one of the trendy looks for winter. Bring colour and summertime happiness into the cold and grey season.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna



today I've had a little photosooting with my friend.

See the results below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

All Straight

Hey there,

especially for rainy days I need a product which keeps my natural curly straight. Some months ago I discovered the hair cream  FRIZZ-EASE by John Frieda which feels like a cream you get at the end of your styling at the hair-dresser's and that's how your hair feels afterwards, too.

Just take a hazelnut amount of it and style your hair the way you want it after having dried it. I think it's the perfect alternative if you don't like hairspray or gel.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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