FashionMia Wishlist: Cheap Sexy Dresses & Outwear

Hello beautiful people,

I hope you have celebrated a wonderful Christmas within the circle of your family and spend relaxing holidays. I for myself can say that I have experienced another wonderful Christmas this year.

Apart from the gifts something I am certainly as excited about is the after-Christmas-shopping when the prizes are bottomlessly falling. One of my first destinations while the shops are still closed during the Christmas holidays is FashionMia. My wishlist contains cheap sexy dresses and outwear.

Christmas Time: Touch Of Magic

Hello my dearest readership,

recently during one of my shopping trips during the frosty Hamburg I was wondering why such an important celebration as Christmas where you have to go shopping has to take place in such a cold time. Then I pulled myself together and remembered that Christmas Time is the touch of magic when miracles happens if you do not believe in higher spiritual forces

Cheap Dresses By FashionMia

Hello my dear friends,

the end of the year is approaching and with it the two most important celebrations of the year. It is not only a competition of gifts but as well a competition of clothing. As I know myself that gifts can be expensive enough and we will not be released from the monthly debts thus Christmas and New Year's Eve I am happy to show you cheap dresses by FashionMia.

Shades Of Blue: What Does Not Break Gets Stronger

Hello my beloved readership,

besides black my favorite fashion color is shades of blue which is starting with steel or ice blue, over royal blue, finished with navy blue. What I love about the shades of blue is that in every shade they are eternal as they are linked together. Different and unique characters that are strong together

St. Nicholas Special: Fall4Me Giveaway

Hello beautiful people,

happy St. Nicholas' Day! Christimas time is the time of giveaways. Fall4Me is joining this tradition with a St. Nicholas special. With the Fall4Me giveaway you can win one of four ZurfDay beanies

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