The Beginning

Hello sweet people,

today I want to ask you something for the beginning, do you prefer the end of something of a new beginning?
My personal experiences turn out to be that every end has been very hurtful and sad. Nevertheless the restart, the new beginning, has been more good than I could have ever dared to imagine. People most likely do not like changes because they are afraid of the question whether it will be good or not. The more I look around I cannot have enough to separate from what has been surrounding me all this time. To say goodbye to all this poison no good for me and putting me down. I cannot wait to unpack everything new and live into it. I dare a gentle touch on it and with each touch into the white a little fairy tale comes out. But this fairytale is reality and this fairy tale leads me to a wonderful happy end I never want to lose,

Blouse - Chaus
Skinny jeans - Vero Moda

The outfit was inspired by Pamela Sue Martin who played the role of the Carrington older daughter Fallon in the 80s series "Dynasty".

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

At My Happiest

Hello my dear ones,

the first word... eh, pardon me, color that comes to people's mind when then think of me is: purple! And an unwritten rule of mine is that I would always choose blue over pink. (Would every wise person not?) I do not doubt that everyone is wondering why a person is picking a certain color for one self. As a political science student I am not surprised that I feel like a maniac to argumentively legitimate everything and deep inside I am relieved to know that I have soulmates. But then there are people who do not find the nececity to explain themselves. "Just because!", is the way they are fine. Fair enough I dare to say. I understand these people, they feel simply attracted by the color they are meant for. That color is their fortune of power. 

Here you can look at mine, the shades of bluish purple. And with that even for me everything is said. It is my positive energy, my beauty, my secret, my inspiration, my light, my thoughts, it is everything I am in my complete being. 
I do not want to to exchange this color for the world and I could have not thought of any better color.

Sounds like a declaration of love to you? Well, who knows, maybe it is. There is one thing that purple has taught me: Nothing happens by accident in life. Everything is bearing its secret reason.

Color numbers: C3 and C4

Huge thanks to Tham from My Nails for the very meticulous and professional work. I trust in her and her skills. If you want finest artificial nails or rather nail extension the American style I suggest you to visit Tham and her colleague at My Nails in Hamburg (address: Lange Reihe 5 - close to the central station).

Xoxo ♥ Johanna 

Old School

Hello my beautiful people,

I am a classy girl. I put high values on things that people in my age adults already find ridiculously old-fashioned. They are living for the moment, for them there is no direction and no time-dimension existing - neither a future, nor a past, not back or forth and not even left or right. Idealistic idiots. But let me tell you how you will be surprised how much we are going back in time and celebrate the old fashion at the edge when we have almost lost it we get back to the glory of the classy times. Or does it come back to us? The idea of "stop thinking start living" is a simple illusion whereas the picture of the past along with its values is always going to remain.

I for myself never want to forget where I come from, I am very much interested in where you come from either. Your roots are most interesting for me. It is like the search for a treasure. When I take a look at the beautiful people from decades ago I saw them so alike but yet so versatile. But I admire them because they all look like kings or rather queens from the times of baroque. Each one an unique specimen that had different stories to tell in one book. Do not forget where you come from, draw a picture and take it with you.

Blazer - H&M
Skirt - Zara
Top - Oui
Lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Simple Dresses

Hello my dear readers,

the year has hardly started but yet when I take a look at my calendar I see that almost all over the year there is something to celebrate. Either it is a reception on New Year's Eve or any reception, a birthday or any anniversary, shows or events, firm yearly festivals like Christmas or promotions. The year gives us many opportunities to look good but we do not always use those opportunities to find the perfekt dress.

The opportunity I want to give in short: The Simple Dresses Store, it offers you 24/7 elegant prom dresses for every taste and every type and is with that a good opportunity to use for the perfect dress. The best thing about the Simple Dresses' collection is that there is always a new collection of these beautiful and versatile prom dresses. Check out the prom dresses 2016 right on time.

Below I want to show you a selection of how versatile Simple Dresses' eye-catchers are:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Just Do It!

Hello my dear readership,

let us try something new! The truth is we are going through different phases in our life and during every phase we get to meet people, some of them we keep for a lifetime, to most of them we unfortunately have to say "fare well" for a lifetime. Depending on the phase and the people we got to know them from we are easily  branded as something fan of a certain band/country/etc., gamer, dancer, singer, cosplayer, fashion victim and much more. If not to say we alledgedly would feel love towards the people only because of the phase we have known them through. Are we indeed so shortly minded to not dare to think further?

With most of the people I may feel this way, with most of the people it may seem that there is no further connection or interest. But what saddens me most is the fact that these people would never dare to think that there is more inside you than just something. That you are capable to do more and also that everything in your life has had impact on you and is somehow with the amount of its value an irreplaceable treasure for you.

Sometimes we are depressed sometimes we cover ourselves from the outer world because simply everything seems to go under and everything else does not seem to have a sense anymore. All we have to do is blossoming out anew in something new or something we always wanted to do. Something we have never thought we would do.

Faux-fur vest, faux-leather pants - C&A
Boots - Lacoste
Bracelet, shopper - Douglas
longsleeve shirt - s.Oliver
Necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Lipstick - Manhatten

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon

Hello my beautiful people,

"we both know that it's not fashionable to love me" - because of lines like these we love Lana Del Rey; unique, personal, meaningful. The most important thing is that Lana Del Rey writes and composes nearly - with slight exceptions - all of her songs on her own, the result we get to see are deep songs that are coming from a deep thinker's heart. No surprise she is one of my idols, moreover no surprise she is listened to.

She once again proved it with her newest album "Honeymoon" from which I got the special edition from my brother last year's for Christmas.

Same procedure as every year: On Christmas 2013 I got the special
edition of Lana Del Rey's first album "Born To Die: The Paradise
Edition" from my brother; on my 21st birthday (2014) I got her 
second album "Ultraviolence" from him and last but not least for
Christmas 2015 he gave me the special edition of her third album

Lana Del Rey begins her album with a very sensual title song and clear lyrics. The further her album continues the more the rhythm of her songs get and the louder the lyrics are sung. Lana Del Rey remains loyal to her unique sensual Indie-style she is famous and popular for but she proves to make it more interesting and listenable with new catchy additional tones.
The most remarkable thing for me about the special edition was, apart from beautiful fan-cards of hers a sealed booklet. In the photos for her new album Lana Del Rey shows us a new style of hers: Bangs; that let her look about 10 years younger along with the straight red-brown hair. I indeed enjoyed this shooting of hers, after a dark and gloomy "Ultraviolence" Lana seems to show calmness and brightness with a clear blue sky and a field full of flowers as Chuck Grant and Neil Krug illustrated it with "Honeymoon" as if she has found an new way to go.

If I had to pick some favorite songs of the album out of all - of course - I would choose "Honeymoon", "Music To Watch Boys To", "God Knows I Tried", "High By The Beach", "Art Deco", "24", "The Blackest Day" and "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". I admire Lana Del Rey fpr her strong and openly demonstrated sense of belief to god which has become something very rare now our days apart from that I mark these songs as the most memorable and catchy ones.

But listen yourself and pick your favorites.

Personally I think that Lana Del Rey surpassed herself with "Honeymoon". It gave me inspiration and strength for further personal musical projects and the songs touched me deeply and stayed in my mind.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Look & Nails Of The Year!

Hello my beautiful people,

once a year there is a People's Choice Awards taking place - also at Fall4Me. If you follow me on Facebook you can review every look and nail art I have blogged about and - as Facebook offers it - add your "like" on the looks and nail arts you like.

At the end of the year I elect the "Look of the Year" and "Nail art of the Year" which is elected by the amount of "likes".

The "Look of the Year" 2015 was very surprising but however predictable since all the likes came shot one after the other when the look was hardly uploaded. My most favorite shopping result of last year, my all time famous dungarees which were one of the hottest trends of the year. I always wanted to have denim dungarees and - surprise, surprise - I have found them in the home country of fashion, France.

The whole look was missing two essential things to complete a look: A bag and shoes since this look was rather a home-look as I have had my best friend at home.

For the vintage style itself I was inspired by the American-Armenian singer Tamar Kaprelian who was one of the member of the supergroup Genealogy that has represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. She inspired me to try and dare more dungarees and still look cool in it. The make-up and leather as my always-rocky trademark is an additional touch of me: eye-catching and crazy.

The look and its story showed me just how similar Tamar and I actually are from the style and certainly also mentally from what I go to observe. And who knows, maybe life will bring us together one day.

Talking about crazy the most popular "Nails of the Year" 2015 just underlined my crazy personality which I also live in my style - especially the make-up or rather beauty. I was originally to mix a third color, purple, in this nail art but it was too late, so in the end a crazy mix of red and green came out since I needed to improvise within a short time.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Happy New Year 2016!

Hello my beloved readership,

I am so happy to have you all back for 2016! I hope you have all had an unforgettably great year-ending and a super amazing start into the new year without to-dos undone, words unspoken, promises unkept and favors unreturned. May 2016 make your dreams and wishes come true, bring you success and joy, keep you healthy and be blessed and full of love with your dearest ones.

And always remember to start your new year with positive energy like this...

I have celebrated 2016 in the very noble Casino Esplanade also known as Casino Hamburg with my top 3 - my family - where we have welcomed the new year on the balcony with a firework. The evening offered a disco with a live DJ, sparkling wine, some snacks and the traditional German meal for New Year's Eve: Berliners.
In addition every guest got gifts: piggy bags as much as one can carry and some roulette chips.

While the year 2015 was pretty much overviewing for me with 2016 I feel like entering a white horizon entered from a black cave. Of course I know about yearly dates like Easter, Christmas or birthdays but even with those I seem to have absolutely no expectations from this year. I keep on walking but I do not see or recognize anything. So I am fully of hopes for what concerns the new year which is so full of purities and I am very forward-looking to happy surprizes.

Another way I would like to interpret the new year is with a personal beginning of January trend: innocent flowers on a black field.

The flowers are blossoming beautifully on a black field but you do cannot see how deep they are planted. There is no end visible. And this is how I feel with the new year and everything that surrounds me and my everyday-life. Happy flowers from which you do not know what they are bearing inside or rather no end in a positive way. The eternity.

Top - GUESS?
Skirt - Ted Baker
Mini bag - Ted Baker
Lipstick - P2
Necklace - SIX

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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