Fall4Me Is Moving From Blogger To WordPress

Hello one last time here my dearest readership,

Fall4Me on Blogspot is going offline. But do not be sad it is moving to a better place known as WordPress.

If you would like to continue reading and following Fall4Me and accompany me on my journey visit from now on: www.Fall4MeOfficial.wordpress.com and save this link.

I hope to see you all at the new meeting-point!

Love, Johanna

Skyblue & Pink Nails: A Matter Of Sympathy

Hello my beautiful people,

kindness is returned with kindness and a bad mood is always pulling the mood of the fellows down as well and rapidly - that is how the game is played - after all a downer is not called like this for no reason. But let us focus more on the positive part of the story in this case - even if this causal chain valid for positive and negative effects - it is a matter of attitude but having brightening colors such as skyblue and pink included remains a matter of sympathy

The Aftermath: Fanciful, Fluid Clothes And Rough Black

Hello my beloved readership,

April, April it acts according to its will and so does fate: as if wanting to play a trick on us - it leads us to a way of wrong expectations and then - it is a matter of about one second - it makes our heart stand still for a moment and in the next one a big burden is falling off our shoulders

Soft Black: Human Weakness

Hello my beloved readership,
"He is not weak!"
"Loving life is not a weakness!" 

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