Every Flower Has Its Own Time To Bloom

Hello my beloved readership,

flowers are beings that are naturally loved by all kinds of people even before they blossom out and enrich us with their complete beauty. There are many kinds of flowers from dominant to tender. They live as fortune of life, in the first place they cause love, they as well comfort us, give us company, catch our attention and support us. But until then each flower has to grow and grow up. Living and growing to be a support for someone else means to make experiences, to commit mistakes, to learn and get their chance to improve.

The beautiful floral dress from CNDirect has become the most important flower in my life and as well made me feel like a flower.
The beauty it includes in its timeless modern floral pattern that makes it easy to add a feminine romantic red lipstick and except from that ther pattern is so full that there are hardly accessories needed for this dress - even for an accessory freak like me. The feminine cuts with a bow for the back to underline the waist as wished, the length to the calves that reminds of classy 50s and 60s icons such as Marilyn Monroe. On the whole this dress makes every girl a real timeless fanciful lady and a real eye-catcher. The clue for all practical thinkers is that this dress is non-crease.

Low cost does not mean low quality. CNDirect is a real shopping paradise that unites quality and low cost.

High heels - Romwe
Bracelet - Douglas
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Mini bag - Ted Baker

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Too Late

Hello my beloved readership,

words are more dangerous than weapons. Once something is said by one person and received by another person the effect can cause a warlike situation. This can contain feelings of pain, suffer and aggression. Just like in a war it is hard to recover even if it is not impossible to heal the wounds.  Words are spoken, heard and unfortunately never forgotten. Even after the recovery they can be thrown back to your face and awake the wounds that have turned out not healed completely. It was too late from the moment the words have come out from somebody's mouth. The interpretation and how it was actually meant drown in disappointment and shock.
Every mistake has the right to be forgiven and corrected and bring people together again. But in this world of weak humanity forgiving and loving has become very rare. We have lost a lot - especially our innocence. No one can turn back the time and make the war undone but we have the ability inside us to forgive, to look forward and to live peacefully together in harmony, take a deep breath and make the sun shine inside us again too.

Denim blazer - C&A
Skinny jeans - Vero Moda
Boots - GUESS
Earrings - TOSH
Lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Where To Eat In Hamburg

Hello my dear friends,

eating is not only a basic human need it is as well a life's attitude: everything that is taking place in life is based on a meal. On the hand the meal is important to impress the person on the other hand it is trivial matter but food is doubtlessly the best partner to bring people together and stick them together. No matter if it is a date between loving people, a family meal, a day out with friends, at any occasion we do not have a bad feeling to spend not-important how much money on food whereas when we buy material goods we think twice.

Having this in mind I present you the eats of my gourmet-weekend with special people where I picked out some of the must-visits in Hamburg that are alluring for everyone.

 Pink Malocchiato by Beanie Bee's: Pink coffee, something unusual but catchy especially with the marsh-
mellows within. A sweet type of coffee within a probably too pink but chilled and comfortably agreeable

All you can eat at the Copper House: Meat? Fish? Or something sweet? The Asian based restaurant 
offers exotic food with live-cooking and always freshly refilled.

Café & Bar Celona for a little snack: The café is a place I always love returning to since I have never 
seen a café that beautiful with such an agreeable atmosphere and kind waiters who take every wish
into consideration and correct mistakes not bothering costs or effort.
The honey-mustard sauce has a catchy spicy aftertaste whereas the "spicy" salsa-sauche rather 
reminds one of a fruity ratatouille. A feature: Free Wi-Fi.

L'italiana's ice-cream as tasty as it looks: with best view on 
Hamburg's city center and heart within a lively warm mall
kind, comprehensive and funny waiters take best care of
ice-cream gourmets like us.
P.s.: The kindest people take pink straws.

Hamburger DOM: At the traditional fun park that is taking place thrice a year (spring, summer, winter)
there are three kinds of people the carousel-drivers, the gambling-people and the gourmets. Of
course the fun fair has its prize but lard cake is a must there and  the other meals are unique and 
especially tasty.

Hungry? Visit Hamburg!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

I Want To Be A Criminal

Hello my beloved readers,

no matter how we are turning, love it is we live for. We defend people we love from the bottom of our heart without asking for right or wrong, we do a good job when we love what we do and all we want in life is to love and be loved. Purely and honestly. I may see it as a business but there is a reason why most songs written are about love and I can very well understand it.

Sadly life has become a battlefield of survival of the fittest. Feelings are suppressed and love has become a business of material benefit. In my everyday life I only see very few real survivors that do not care about what is happening because of bad politics, destroyed economy and negatively changed life standards and follow love. The funny thing is that those are these people that the majority is pointing at - how dare they. As if they were criminals. If love is a crime then we all would be criminals, so let us be. To say more I want to be a criminal. My generation has not stood up and fought for their dreams and wish to love for nothing. Point at us for being human. Curse us for standing up for our rights and blame us to show feelings.

I have love on my side. What do you have? I am admired for my love and I have the capacity to enchant others with my love. Let me admire you as well.

Blouse - Mango
Leggings - Betty Barclay
Boots - Zanon Zago
Bag - Ralph Lauren
Earrings - H&M
Lipstick - Daniela Katzenberger

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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