The Will To Extend

Hello my beloved readership,

one sentence you will always hear from me is that twice a year it is allowed to make large-scale investments concerning clothes. When I go shopping - or when I present my new in - I am mainly asked if I have something to wear that item with the answer is no J. But this is how my shopping concept works: Always chasing for eye-catching items that underline my personal style and extending my wardrobe and style. The outfit is going to be completed anyway after all the perfect look consists of different items that unite a similarity and are gathered together in harmony to the unbeatable team.

Recently I have discovered a place that supports me on my way to develop further and display myself in my versatile but always memorable style. This place is the CNDirect online shopping-mall. It is not only attractive because it is shipping its good value clothes worldwide, it is as well attractive because it offers almost every size from very small to very extra large so that every woman can feel special in fanciful eye-catchers that do not leave any wish or style open.

To give you a little impression I want to share my recent wishlist with you below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Life Is Art, So Are We

Hello my dear readership,

according to the weather one could think that winter is just starting but the calendar says it is spring with the official beginning on March 21st, the shopping malls say it is spring with all the designers' bright, colorful and fanciful spring collections shining through the shop-windows and my feelings anyway say it is spring with love towards life, people and what I do.

It is about time to dress springlike. If not from cuts of the clothes themselves then at least from the colors. There is a concept in cold-season as well as in warm-season collections. While cold season is dominated by unapproachable blacks, greys, deepness and eternity new awaken warm seasons always have a story to tell and celebrate the rebirth with happiness and playfulness. In any way fashion is always art.
What makes warm seasons my favorites are leather, leather jackets and... well leather simply just as my beloved flowers - my trademark. Spring is life, spring is being alive. Spring is to love, to dare and to think positive - if we have lacked of sun so far - and what could help us with that more than bright colors? The color palette of spring is the brightest because everything is allowed on spring. It is simply the rainbow that comes with the sunshine after rain.

Even if the concept stays the same there is always something to shop, one of my first destinations is A place that is collecting all luxurious brands at one place from anywhere in this world. Check out my wishlist below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Brave Bunny

Hello my most beloved readership,

in this life full of mean people who just want to push through their will we need to be at least a little bit cunning in life to play our opponent off when we are forced down our knees. I for example use my values and beliefs as a shield but having knock-down facts in my hands are just as important to seem flawless. Yet  this does not have to mean that nobody is not allowed to do mistakes. They are necessary on our road, only by committing mistakes we can improve and make it better next time. Mistakes should never been seen bad, I for myself can say that at several situations even I do not know where my brain is and why I do not use it. I know I could have done it better but I can just apologize. Such an irony I should have known that there are two points of view, of course, but I did not take it into consideration.
Be brave enough neither to give up nor to give in. It is just a moment of deepness and you will see that you can be and have everything you want and love if you just fight for it as you promised. You can be stronger than you thought when you know you have to be. Because in the end it will be worth it.

Blouse - Karstadt
Vest, boots - C&A
Treggings - Vero Moda
Handbag - Lauren Ralph Lauren
Lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

To Fall In Love

Hello my wonderful readership,

love is like a lightning - once it hits you it has caught you for a lifetime. It is the most common and elemental feeling in the world: you see something and you get stuck on it forever. To fall in love is being hit by amours arrow at a time and place where you least expect it. You love what you see, you find liking to it and you want it to be yours because you feel this is the thing you have been looking for. Furthermore you know that what your eyes have caught and what your mind does not want to let go of is something that is meant for you. Until it is far from you you can only have the faith and optimism that it will be beautiful with your object caught but once it is on you and something that belongs to you it becomes better than you have dared to ever imagine. Love is something you cannot see but that is always with you.

Huge thanks to Tham and Van from Thanh Nails for this meticulous work on my nails.

Visit Thanh Nails at the Lange Reihe 1 street in Hamburg near the central station to have well done nails like mine and a huge choice of trendy and always up to date colors for every taste.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Dark Desires

Hello my dear readers,

us human are not only evil by nature it is true that we all have a monster hidden not under our bed but within us. Sooner or later each one of us is going through a phase in life of which we later on are ashamed, laugh about or are deeply sorry for the troubles we caused. Could we actually get even worse? To calm you, most of the time this deep point leaves its biggest mark on us and makes us an even better person for the future; wiser, kinder, more open and life-loving. But before we get to this point a lot can happen especially with the people surrounding us we drive danger to lose important people or we get wise enough to let go of people no good for us. But even if cause troubles that leave scratches in our life still after a longer period we can get everything fixed. What matters is that we can forgive ourselves and others and like this be forgiven as well because everything is possible if we just want it and keep our optimism. The strong ones are capable to survive these hard times together but not always. Often a war breaks out between two parties which is hard to be fixed by the moment. Yet I think - and I know that there are people who will agree with me - it is better to meet a person at its deepest times to cherish even more the good times with that person because from the darkest point it can only get better.

Leather pants - C&A
Boots - New Look
Mini bag - Ted Baker
Watch - Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Just Think Positive

Hello my beloved readers,

we can have it all, just not all at once. We can be anything we want, if I think of the inner state of oneself or the profession aim for, and we can meet the person we have been dreaming of for our whole life, the friend for life, the best friend, the soul mate, the partner in crime and many more. Sometimes it is  all the same person but also we need different people in our life for every life situation: Parents to raise us, guard us and help us to enter life only wanting the best for us, siblings with whom home secrets are safe who can and where help is based on mutuality, trusted friends for life to share everything with happy and sad moments and ask advice from friends of different genders and the partner for life to go through life with.

But it is not done with reaching the first aim. Everything precious in life goes through exercises and some of them can cause a real headache. My recipe for a good end is to believe in life like a fairy tale and to believe that everything will be fine in the end. Just think positive and see your way full of flowers and not thunderstorms and lightning. A positive mind if the first and major step to take for every fear and obstacle in life. After all... come on! Spring is coming and the times are getting brighter!

Dress, boots - C&A
Edgy necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Handbag - Ralph Lauren
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Bracelet - Sweet Deluxe
Lipstick - Catrice

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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