A Sacrament; Ill City

Hej friends,

let us talk about Her Bright Skies. What do you think? Which one of the current band members was not there from the beginning but replaced one?

Photo: Maria Janzon

It is... Joakim Karlsson also known as Jolle, the bass-guitarist and vocals. He joined the band in the place of Albin Blomqvist - who was also responsible for the bass and vocals back then - between 2008 and 2009.

Photo: Tumblr
A little joke in between: Niclas Sjöstedt (2nd from l.) looks like a completely other person 
without the mustache and light hair - you could at least recognize him from his eyes - that is
why I thought they exchanged him.

[Side note: the drummar Jonas Gudmunson (2nd from r.) announced that the left the band as well in January 2014 with the following message: "Hey! I just want to take the time to thank you all for the support for me and the band. I hope you will continue to support them as good as this and that no matter who replaces me. Thank you for all the years. I am going to miss you all! Jonas." - a very lovely goodbye and I suppose I speak in the name of all the fans.]

Let us stay in the year 2008 and with Albin (from l.), he released one of three albums with the band named "A Sacrament; Ill City" and about this work I want to talk with you today.

What is the first impression you get when you hold this album in your hands...? Well my first impression was endless thankfulness to my little sister who surprised me with this album when she was here. Later on when you take a closer look at it you get to feel the gloomy mood and the deep emotions that are hidden under the lyrics of each song written by Petter Nilsson also known as Pete (from r.).

The coolness (of feelings) make you shiver with every single song. It is a longing and desperation that wants to be let out nearly a revolution of a non-working system. 

All in all it is a very strong album from which I hardly can choose a favorite song. However if I had to choose I would pick the intro "The Ill City", "Burn All The Small Towns" (great now I could start naming all...), "This Is Who We Are", "Come Serenity", "Serenade Of Dreams", "Cold Swedish Winter" and "I Love The Bomb"

Got curious? Do not forget to check them out.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

It's Not The Time To Destroy Yourself

Hello my beloved readership,

do you know the feeling when you have been looking forward to something and then it did not take place?
Do you know the feeling when you have decided to work hard to fulfill your dream and then it looks like it is being crushed by someone else (unintentionally)?
The feeling when you fell in love with someone and then it turns out that there is another special someone in this person's life?
The feeling when you worked hard for an exam but you still failed and have to repeat?
Do you know the feeling that from 100 to zero your emtions drop into sadness, frustration and desperation and you end up in tears because you feel alone with your sorrow in the world and feel like you will never make it?

For all those - in other words all - of you I have something to say: It is not the time to destroy yourself from a fall. We let ourself falling too easily and too hard. This makes the pain even worse and we let ourselfs hanging. The more relaxed we are the softer the fall becomes and we still can guard ourselves with an halt. Take a mintue to breathe and relax. Take a look into the horizons and read what the sky is telling you. Try to find the way yourself with a chill. Chilling is stylish. Chilling is cool. The chill is the stimulus you neglect and underestimate too much but it is back and it will keep you going. Just believe in the beauty and popularity of it.

Knit cardigan - Zara
Tee - She by Karstadt
Jeans - New Look
Belt - Cache Cache
Pumps - Romwe
Watch - Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Happy Birthday Fall4Me!

Hello my beloved readership,

I cannot believe it is to be the third birthday of this blog already, I mean really?! I remember every single stage of this blog's creation as if I have just done it yesterday. But as I always keep saying this blog is like my child I am have been taking care of it every day and with this blog I do feel like a mother that is exploring with her child every day. Thanks to this blog and my passion towards it I have met many priceless people, I have been finding inspiration every day with the other blogs, bloggers and with what is in the air and another most important thing I got with this blog is love and positive energy. I feel like having something that is never giving up on me and asking the best of me but still staying myself since the market of bloggers is overwhealming full the best thing you can do is staying yourself and impress the world with originality.
And this is what I do with a style inspired by not so common idols, not being a typical fashion bloggr with a hidden message and covered personal story to every look and not necessarily writing directly and only about fashion and choosing a more journalistic and pluralistic concept for my blog which has been established most within this last year. I have as well disbanded my concepts such as the "Fall4Me Accessory Of The Month" to not bind myself to duties and open myself for new projects. This is to symbolize the freedom inside me.

The most wonderful thing however is sharing the love in two ways, on the one hand delighting you, my wonderful readership and on the other hand working together with impressive and admirable people that share your passions and love therefore I especially want to thank my prominent partners for the collaboration and support: Liz Malraux (fashion designer from Hamburg), André Maeder ("Fashion Hero"-jury), Marcel Ostertag ("Fashion Hero"-winner), Katrin Siska (keyboards in the Estonian band Vanilla Ninja), David Rienau (Hamburg PR-manager), Tanel Veenre (Estonian jewellery designer), Liisa Soolepp (Estonian knit-wear designer), Stella Soomlais (Estonian leather accessory designer), Gerda Miller (Estonian MUA), Indrek Galetin (Estonian photographer from London), Mary-Jean O'Doherty Basmadjian (Australian-Armenian soprano opera singer and member of Genealogy) and Annabella (model, cosplayer and musician from France).

For my blog's birthday look I was inspired by an important friend and one of my most favorite journalists which emphasizes my style.

Overall & denim vest - C&A
Sweater - Lipsy
Boots - GUESS?
Watch - Chanel
Necklace - SIX

Of course huge thanks to everyone who is a part of me and this blog. Let's go for another beautiful years together.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Distasteful Has A Name

When you are reading an officially accepted and widely spread newspaper such as the Mirror you would expect professional journalism and not a few lines that look like written from a 13-year-old sick teenage-fan who has no feeling for objectivity or diplomacy.

Good evening my beloved readership,

events like the Eurovision Song Contest bring millions of people, souls and hearts together as well as nations and cultures with the power and beauty of music. A million voices are arising and opinions get confronted as it is in the human nature. Virtue taught us to respect the opinion of your person opposite even if you might not share it. The basic right of freedom of speech and press and the age of the internet make possible that so called "journalists" from the Mirror can make use of and abuse these human rights given with tasteless articles like this about Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and spread it within seconds all over the world. Articles like this make me worry about the required qualities of a Mirror"-journalist" if you can talk about quality at all. If there are artists, politicians or people who hate the press-media then you can bet that it was the doing of the Mirror. Thank goodness that meanwhile the market is so full of newspapers that the Mirror can go under in the overwhealming amount of newspapers national and international.

When you are presenting a song with the title "Face The Shadow" that is confronting a dark past with the hopes of the future from an Eastern European country you can hardly expect flowers and a green meadow and artists who are wearing an average dress-code of suits and simple night-robes. Naturally you expect a gloomy stage and high-fashion (Haute-Couture might be a foreign word for uneducated Mirror-journalists) that brings together tradition and modernity. Besides from that there is nothing wrong to choose the second most favorite color among people pruple, which is my favorite color too just by the way.

Armenia may be a pretty young member in the Eurovision family but in nine years of participating (with one break due to political reasons and because we do not wish for a dead Armenian in Azerbaijan) it has had on the whole the success that the United Kingdom can only dream of.
Facts like those make me wonder how far the United Kingdom would actually come with its entries if it was not one of the privileged big five that are always already qualified for the grand final.

The disappointing rankings of the British entries make it look poor to be in the grand final but always with a bad result. Not even internationally known interprets like the group Blue or Bonnie Tyler can help it.

Only because Blue sang "I can, I will" and Bonnie sang "Believe in me" you Daily Mirror do not necessarily need to feel concerned.

Before you poison your readers against Armenia learn about the spirit of unity and strength. The six artists Essaï Altounian, Tamar Kaprelian, Vahe Tilbian, Stephanie Topalian, Mary-Jean O'Doherty Basmadjian and Inga Arshakyan shined so bright on stage that you and your vampires quickly vanished in dust.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Building Bridges

Good evening Europe, good evening world,

this is Fall4Me calling.

We have heard these words at least 40 times yesterday during the unforgettable grand final of the world's biggest music show the Eurovision Song Contest which took place for the 60th time in the Austrian capital Vienna under the slogan Building Bridges.

This time Eurovision wrote another history with the highest number of finalists with an amount of 27 countries and Australia as anniversary guest which had its debut in Eurovision on Saturday May 23rd.

I had a full house yesterday with friends and family. A happy surprise was that the weather was sunny for the evening the artists confirmed us during the show that the sun was shining insinde them since everyone was singing even better in the semi-finals. The quality of all finalists was very high and it was the first time that I let myself be surprised for the voting results since too many favorites and potential winners have been in my heart.

It was in fact a big surprise with Sweden winning almost twice in a row after it celebrated a success with Loreen and her song "Euphoria" Måns Zelmerlöw takes the Eurovision Song Contest for the sixth time to Sweden with his song "Heroes" which has been the most popular song according to polls and surveys. No I do not have any doubts any longer that anything is possible in Eurovision. Personally I would wish that the responsible ones arrange the contest next year not in Malmö like they did in 2013 but in Stockholm.

Photo: Telegraph.co.uk

Since in my previous posts you can re-check my impressions of the ones two already participated in the two semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday and not much has changed I will keep it short and add the impressions of the big five France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, the hosting country Austria and special anniversary guest Australia who had been qualified for the grand final already.

France/Lisa Angell "N'oubliez Pas"/Lisa had a strong and great voice character and excellent mechanism of singing. Her stage made me go goose-pimply. It was bright but touching with the soldiers and ruins which shall remind that mistakes as such from the first world war shall neither be forgotten nor repeated. I loved it very much.
United Kingdom/Electro Velvet "Still In Love With You"/I never thought that the United Kingdom could ever catch my taste and love towards retro funk, jazz and electro like this. A wonderful song, stage and performance from the male-female duo.
Australia/Guy Sebastian "Tonight Again"/A pretty common song which was very well "eurovisionized" to dance and party to it. Guy put on a great performance and was literally shining on the stage.
Austria/The Makemakes "I'm Yours"/Generally I could kill the host of the first German TV ARD Peter Urban for his tasteless and rude comments. But this time I have to agree that this song had nothing original but rather sounded very Jan Delay-like.
Germany/Ann-Sophie "Black Smoke"/The young shining woman Ann-Sophie did not sing bad. Or more exactly said she was one of the best singers yesterday on stage and her song was very cool. She in her quality did not deserve zero points and my personal message to her is to not take it personal. She was never worse than Lena 2010/2011.
Spain/Edurne "Amanecer"/Another ballade from a Spanish beauty with a strong statement voice however in a breath-taking way. Her song could have matched perfectly to a "Lion King" Disney movie. A very strong performance.
Italy/Il Volo "Grande Amore"/The best at the end obviously. Il Volo embranced me with literally big love. Three handsome gentlemen with strong Opera voices, An end just to fall in love.

And just like last year here in the following is my very personal ranking without any political or financial influence but opinion of a musician, viewer and Eurovision fan and with the actual ranking in brackets:

1. Poland (23)
2. Italy (3)
3. Georgia (11)
4. Israel (9)
5. Montenegro (13)
6. United Kingdom (24)
7. Armenia (16)
8. Estonia (7)
9. Russia (2)
10. Slovenia (14)
11. France (25)
12. Sweden (1)
13. Australia (5)
14. Greece (19)
15. Norway (8)
16. Germany (27)
17. Albania (17)
18. Spain (21)
19. Serbia (10)
20. Romania (15)
21. Cyprus (22)
22. Lithuania (18)
23. Belgium (4)
24. Austria (26)
25. Latvia (6)
26. Azerbaijan (12)
27. Hungary (20)

My message to all the artists is that despite the results despite all they are all winners. They have won the heart of the country they have represented and many new fans and friends and thrill of many positive emotions and experiences and they were all shining stars on stage. Each one can be proud of his and her work. 12 points go to everyone who was part of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

As always I am looking forward to exchange opinions with you on my networks.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Second Semi-Final Impressions

Guten Tag meine lieben Leute,

the second semi-final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest took place yesterday in the beautifully built Wiener Stadthalle with another 17 countries from which 10 were to be qualified for the grand final tomorrow on Saturday.

My personal favorites in the beginning of the show were Sweden and Poland so they both deserved a heart on my cheek.

And here are my impressions of the second semi-final in the order country/interpret/my personal opinion:

01. Lithuania/Monika Linkyté &Vaidas Baumila "This Time"/ The song itself was alright but somehow did not appeal me. About the performance: The kiss reminded me a little bit of El & Nikki from Azerbaijan 2011 or Krista Siegfrids from Finland 2013 and was a little bit unnecessary and nothing new or special.
02. Ireland/Molly Sterling "Playing With Numbers"/Can you believe that the beautiful Molly is just 16? I loved her deep strong voice and the fact that she was playing on the piano. She also had a cool style and a very calming and beautiful forest as stage. I pity a lot that she did not pass to the final.
03. San Marino/Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini "Chain Of Lights"/ The best song my brother and I have heard so far that evening by the youngest participants in Eurovision history. Their song had a cool beat and was very appealing and remembered for sure. Another song that should have passed to the final.
04. Montenegro/Knez "Adio"/ Montenegro destroyed everyone doubtlessly singing a great and lively folk song in the native language. Me and my whole family loved it.
05. Malta/Amber "Warrior"/It is the first time I get to listen to a song and see a performance where the representative from Malta does not look like coming from the bushes but it doesn't leave a very good impression if two "Warrior" songs are in one Eurovision so compared to Georgia she was quite weak.
06. Norway/Mørland & Debrah Scarlett "A Monster Like Me"/A beautiful and strong ballade. I loved it! Debrah reminds me of Kate Winslet in "Titanic".
07. Portugal/Leonor Andrade "Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa"/Leonor is a beautiful young girl but sadly the gothic outfit did not suit her at all. I would have expected a beautiful ballade from her.
08. Czech Republic/Márta Jandova & Václav N. Bárta "Hope Never Dies"/One of the very best songs of the evening. It was a strong song and both singers hat excellent voices. A perfect come back that deserved more success,
09. Israel/Nadav Guedj "Golden Boy"/A golden boy with a golden song. I had to laugh hard about his outstanding shoes but he even delivered the part of Azerbaijan and Turkey and everyone else. A very lively song with potential to win.
10. Latvia/Aminata "Love Injected"/A typical now our days charts-song. It was good and had a personal charcter but then it was destroyed again by too much mainstream.
11. Azerbaijan/Elnur Hüseynov "Hour Of The Wolf"/Silence from the hosts of Armenian Public TV, silence from me. I did not understand anything of his performance. It went under in the darkness and loss of character in the voice and song,
12. Iceland/María Ólafs "Unbroken"/The song was very beautiful. I enjoyed it a lot and pitied that she was not very successful. But she was loved by my whole family.
13. Sweden/Måns Zelmerlöw "Heroes"/The most popular song according to surveys, I am not surprised because I belong to those who love Måns song. It is one of the few that invite you really to party what you expect from Eurovision. Apart from that I find the little painted figures totally sweet.
14. Switzerland/Mélanie Réne "Time To Shine"/One of the best Eurovision songs by Switzerland did not make it to the grand final. What a taste do the others only have... Mélanie was shining with her strong voice and lively song on stage.
15. Cyprus/John Karayiannis "One Thing I Should Have Done"/Our relative from Cyprus (just a joke because my name is Karajan and his Karayiannis) had a beautiful calm song which was however nothing special for Eurovision conditions.
16. Slovenia/Maraaya "Here For You"/The most adorable participants in Eurovision history. They were participating just to tell their grand children about their experience. The wife had a voice like Amy Winehouse. It is the first thing you notice. But you really felt the love in the whole performance.
17. Poland/Monika Kuszynska "In The Name Of Love"/Monika was my heroine from the very beginning. After she was involved in a car accident nine years ago and was paralyzed from down the hips she did not lose the courage of a happy life and even participates in Eurovision. It is admirable! But she also is a musical talent. She reminded me of Céline Dion somehow and had the most shiny stage. I also loved the cherry blossom in the stage. It opened my heart.

Once again connect with me on my social networks and discuss your opinions with me. Looking forward to you!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Eurovision Song Contest 2015: First Semi-Final Impressions

Guten Tag liebe Leute,

with big thrills I have welcomed the 60th Eurovision Song Contest yesterday evening traditionally with my best friend and my family.

Those who know me know that I loved to surprise myself with the songs and performances during the contest however I am always aware of the Estonian entry since I as big fan of this country traditionally watch the Estonian pre-election "Eesti Laul" (Engl.: Estonian Song). So in the first run my favorites were Armenia, Estonia and Russia. In order to support my beloved countries I have dressed myself black with purple accents in the style of Armenia's Genealogy and painted an Estonian heart on my face.

I love to exchange my opinion with my family and friends, to laugh with them and to be sad with them together while watching the show since it always gathers together people, countries and cultures with music. The opinion between me and my mother is pretty divided however my father and I do mostly agree and my best friend always enjoys to learn more about the artists from me.

And here are my impressions of the first semi-final in the order of Country/Interpret/my own opinion:

01. Moldova/ Eduard Romanyuta "I Want Your Love"/ The song was cool and catchy, very alive and Eduard was also a diamond for the female audiance however my fear was confirmed that because of the rather revealing outfits they would not come further to grand final.
02. Armenia/ Genealogy "Face The Shadow"/six countries, six cultures, six influences, one origin and one result. My brother, best friend and I agreed that we loved Mary-Jean's opera part the most; Tamar (the American representative who was singing after the chorus) visibly gave much effort to bring out the best she can; Inga (Armenian representative who sang the chorus) looked very professional which was not a surprise since she already had a successful Eurovision experience six years ago; Vahe (African representative who sang with Tamar) was very strong on the stage he pretty much transmitted power to the viewer. On the whole it was visible that the band members were thrilled with emotions on the stage. I hope they will be more relaxed for the grand final. The song itself is strong, full of emotions and makes me go goose-pimply everytime anew especially at the end. My taste was absolutely caught with the purple and black dress-code and gloomy stage. My personal highlight was when a world-map appeard on the stage and each singer went to stand where he or rather she comes from. A song that deserves to perform in the grand final.
03. Belgium/ Loïc Nottet "Rhythm Inside"/The song had a catchy beat but was rather boring for Eurovision conditions. I am surprised it passed to the grand final.
04. The Netherlands/ Trijntje Oosterhuis "Walk Along"/ A beautiful country song as we are used to it from The Netherlands, sadly it did not stand out in comparison to the other artists.
05. Finland/ Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät "Aina Mun Pitää"/ I did not believe my eyes when I saw these were the participants for Finland. The song was not alluring at all as well as the performance but due to their age and will I think they would have deserved to be in the final.
06. Greece/ Maria Elena Kiriakou "One Last Breath"/ "The best song I have heard so far this evening" my father said. I agree with him that her song and voice were very strong indeed. My brother enjoyed "what" he was watching.
07. Estonia/ Elina Born & Stig Rästa "Goodbye To Yesterday"/ The best song I have heard to so far that evening. Stig is the man of my dreams no. #2 after a certain other one (you will never guess it anyway). But he and Stig are very similar to each other in any way. I enjoyed my view and my ears with his voice and the whole song. Very much my taste such a classy song in a male and female duet.
08. F.Y.R. Macedonia/ Daniel Kajmakoski "Autumn Leaves"/ Another beautiful song that did not stand out very much. And because he looked my best friend's ex-boyfriend we could not be in favor of him (joke).
09. Serbia/ Bojana Stamenov "Beauty Never Lies"/ The song suits the singer and has strong lyrics. It surprised me that she came further but her song deserves it.
10. Hungary/ Boggie "Wars For Nothing"/ The song and the performance did not really appeal to me.
11. Belarus/ Uzari & Maimuna "Time"/ When you cannot stop listening to this song for the rest of the night you wonder why a song like Hungary's came further and this amazing duo did not. The violin was a great addition to this catchy song that made me go all goose-pimply.
12. Russia/ Polina Gagarina "A Million Voices"/ When you see such a pure Polina you do not expect a voice as strong as Shakira's her song was very beautiful and as strong and touching. What I loved was her white dress on which light-effects appeared that made it look like Polina came from the stars.
13. Denmark/ Anti Social Media "The Way You Are"/ Young, dynamite, enthusiastic was the band as well as the song. I very much pity that they did not make it further.
14. Albania/ Elhaida Dani "I'm Aliva"/ The song and the singer were was alive as the title. Elhaida had a great voice and lively performance one will not forget that quickly.
15. Romania/ Voltaj "De La Capăt (All Over Again)"/ Another surprise that evening since the song did not appeal to me very much as an Eurovision entry.
16. Georgia/ Nina Sublatti "Warrior"/ The strongest performance doubtlessly came at the end. The young teacher must be doubtlessly an ideal to her pupils. Her dress and stage were breath-taking. A very strong song and her voice was on stage even better.

Now let me turn the paper: Did you expect this feedback? And more important, do you agree with me? Where do you have another opinion? Gladly share it with me!

Happy Eurovision everyone!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

10 Brainstorms

Hey dears,

usually brainstorms are coming from above to your head but since I as usual love to step out of line it suddenly dawns on me for the moment when I take a look on my neon yellow fingers that are shining everywhere at any time. Moreover the brainstorms from my fingertips will make me remember that there is always a way out and a criminal superbrain like me will find the ideas in time while everyone else is distracted,

Huge thanks once again to Minh from Miu Nails & Wellness for the heartful and perfect sercive.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Anaïs Collombier Créations X Fall4Me #2: Flower Queens

Bonjour my beloved readership,

in the second part of our Anaïs Collombier Créations X Fall4Me special Anaïs and I have been modelling two variations of my flower crown creations exclusively designed by Johanna Karajan calling out for the summer trend that every look from edgy to elegant deserves a flower crown.
For this special shooting we have chosen the only place in the Northern German capital Hamburg that is made perfectly for such an occasion: The park Planten Un Bloomen (Engl.: Plants and flowers).

The best gift for women are flowers and every woman deserves to be a queen so we have combined both in one and became flower queens.

At the end of our special we have a little surprise for you which surprised us before: We have been asked to support the promotion of the new Magnum Pink and Black. I wonder if Magnum knew that we would have been at the right place on the right time.

Be like Magnum Pink (raspberry):

Be like Magnum Black (espresso):

Don't forget to follow Anaïs Collombier Créations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And order your flower crown by Johanna Karajan via e-mail or on my networks: fashionblogj.k@googlemail.com

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Anaïs Collombier Créations X Fall4Me #1: Tribute To Her Bright Skies

Hej my beloved readership,

on the passed weekend I have had a special guest at home, my sister from the other mother officially known as Anaïs Collombier. Anaïs Collombier is an 18-year-old model, photographer, graphic designer, guitarist, drummar, song-writer and background singer from France.

During our wonderful city trip with my main and top photographer also known as my best friend and partner in crime Sara we have been promoting Anaïs' and my (besides Vanilla Ninja) most favorite rock band Her Bright Skies who were supposed to have a concert in Hamburg that Saturday.

In a video (which you can find on my Instagram: @JohannaVonKarajan) we have sent them greetings with their official sponsor Monster Energy (the green flavour because it is Jolly's (bassist and vocals) favorite one).

Our main shooting took part in the Hamburg club scene Schanze, where the band was supposed to have their concert in the club "Kleiner Donner" (English: Little Thunder). Anaïs and I have taken their first guitarist Nikki as our role model and posed the same way as he did.

Photo: Facebook

Anaïs' outfit:
Leather jacket - Jennyfer
Handbag, pumps - GUESS?

My outfit:
Leather jacket - Gipsy
Belt, blouse - C&A
Jeans - New Look
Ankle boots - GUESS
Cardigan - Paparazzi
Lipstick - P2

In part two of our special Annabella and I are going to show flower-power. Stay tuned. Meeting-point: Here!

Do not forget to follow Anaïs Collombier Créations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Her Bright Skies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with their members, Jaybee: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pete: Twitter, Instagram, Jolly: Twitter, Instagram, Nikki: Twitter, Instagram.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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