Ella Deck And Friends - Fashion Show 2015

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"We give little designers the chance to present themselves.", Ella Deck stated when she talked to me about her fashion show when I have met her the Monday before. The Hamburg couture designer knows what it means to start at the point of zero so she engages herself to help other little designers and as well offers work placement at her atelier. "The designers to be can send me their applications and then it can begin."
However Ella Deck makes no difference between the styles of the designers learning at hers and her personal style: "We are going to unite stark contrasts.", and so it happened to be that before the main show of Ella Deck and friends the Hamburg sports- and streetwear designer Kristine Dölle presented the current collection of her label ZurfDay.

At the evening of November 6th, 2015 Ella Deck and friends have invited to a private fashion show at HOME & GARDEN in Winterhude, Hamburg.
"We have intentionally chosen this location to give our guests a home feeling, As the name of the location HOME & GARDEN already says home symbolizes a family feeling. What we want to say with this choice is: 'Just feel like home!'", Ella explains and continues, "to bring more home feeling into the fashion show we have laid out cow fur carpets on which the models are supposed to walk.".
The designer proudly told me that among the models there were as well her two sons Dio-Noël (6) and Yves-Anthony (8) on the catwalk.

Apart from the home feeling and union of the extremes, another highlight was that the extravagant and eye-catching hats, bags and various accessories that are designed by Ella Deck's friends were to be bought right on place at different little stands within the location.
"I work together with different designers to create the complete perfect look for the women. That is why we call this fashion show 'Ella Deck and friends'.", the designer explains the name of her fashion show.
"We do not see each other as partners but meanwhile as friends because we work together every day.", Ella Deck emphasizes the importance of the partnership.
In addition the designer explained the idea and importance of these little stands as the following; "We are expecting businessmen- and women, freelancers, et cetera who will be actively writing on their social networks about the show. Therefore we want to give them the comfortable opportunity to shop right on place and not having to come for shopping one other time again since these people are busy in their everyday life anyway."

Ella Deck and friends.

Other important guests of that evening were among others the singer and actor Saskia Leppin who enriched both the fashion shows with her beautiful and strong voice and the dancer, host and model Christine Deck, the beautiful host of the show.

Since 13 years celebrities like Christine Neubauer, Bettina Wulff or Frauke Ludowig have worn Ella Deck, since 13 years Ella Deck herself has been establishing her couture fahsion and trends: "As a designer you put value on setting your own trends.", she emphasizes, "What we want to show with this fashion show is to have no fear of combining, we have made summer items suitable for winter, red and white are combined with a very dark blue. I want people to talk about the fashion show and say: 'Ella Deck? There I have to go for the next time!'"

The highlight of the show was a purple dress which Ella Deck has showed me before: "This dress has a special manufacturing of braids.", she explained while showing me the dress, "it has an attractive back and a flower on the chest."
Personally my blood stood still when I saw it for the first time and I was just as speechless when I saw it worn and the complete look with a matching bouquet of flowers. What I loved most about the dress is the color, purple which is my personal favorite color. Flowers are the trademark of Ella Deck Couture.

What was not shown that evening but what as well belongs to Ella Deck Couture are wedding dresses. "If I look around in Hamburg I only simple wedding dresses. We however order the most expensive material and silk from London and put high value that the dress is figure-hugging and that the material suits the woman." and apart from that Ella Deck Couture also contains: "Meanwhile we as well get requests for promotion dresses.".

And what does the designer herself like to wear? "Personally for my everyday life in my I prefer casual pleated pants and with a fancy silk blouse."

During our talk her phone was ringing unstoppably as it seemed. Prelude Fantasia by Chopin had become a catchy tone for me for that day. Such a noble ringtone underlines the elegance of the designer.

The entertainment continuned with a competition for the guests and a reunion with good friends and closing new agreeable friendships. But everyone was a winner that evening with a little gift package for everyone at the end.

The outfit I have chosen for the night was a purple cocktail dress and its matching boots since I knew Ella likes it colorful and her highlight dress was going to be purple, too. I have added a headpiece as well matching Ella Deck's look. It was thought that I was one of the models like this and my red lips.

 After show with my beautiful friend and model Regina San

 With Christine Deck. As lovely as beautiful.

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