You Have No Idea What I'm Bearing Inside Me

Bonjour mes chers,

you have no idea what I'm bearing inside me when it's getting... hot or cold. Either way I'm bearing power, either way I'm bearing luck, either way - in both extrems - I am reminded of my way to not drift apart when stones are laid into my way.

All they see is a beautiful, fashion-confident doll. But they question her competence.

All they perceive is a sweet obedient young lady with a voice of gold. But they doubt on her assertiveness.

All they do is giving her advices and talking to her in an insistent tone of voice. But they refuse to listen to her and understand her.

Here is her message to you. You'll see me and I'll show you and then we will see how the colors will turn.

Huge thanks to Miu Nails & Wellness for the heartful service and precise work.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Confessions Of The Super-Shopaholic

Ciao belli,

Oops...  did it again! But twice in a year you may raid the shops.

The super-shopaholic knows especially when to shop: At the end of January when you can get high quality items from luxurious labels for lowest prizes and still look like a million dollar baby.
After all the super-shopaholic's philosphy is: "Why buying something now if you know you can get it later much cheaper?"
The super-shopaholic has friends in every regular store to enjoy some extra discount.
Even the super-shopaholic has a certain dresscode: Comfortable but chic shoes and a big bag which she hangs over her shoulder because she needs both hands and some more.
The super-shopaholic isn't an egoist but she lives in her own time-zone.

So much to the super-shopaholic now I would like to know what you think of le new in:

A running gag: I change my bag every week during the semester. I wonder who noticed until now.
Shoppers - Douglas

Necklace à la Cartier - Douglas

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Most Beautiful Patriot

Tere kallid!

Home is where your heart is. Motherland is where you have buried your most beautiful memories...

If you ask my friends, school mates and teachers where I come from they'll answer you: Estonia! But don't worry, since January I can say the same about every fashionable girl since the colors of January are made by Estonia.

The new year begins with a deep strong blue within black and white that symbolizes positive signs like trust, harmony and peace and prepares us for more than we can expect and imagine.

One thing for sure is that bright times are awaiting and may it be just as dark. The darkness is overcome with the pure melody of blue.

Because Estonia has sang itself to freedom and independence in the coldness of February.

Blazer - Tally Weijl
Dress - C&A
Watch - Wempe
Bracelet - New Look

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

The Black Among The Blacks

Hello sweet people,

what a silly title today, isn't it? No? Then you certainly have at least an idea what it means to be the one among the ones.

Our winter dresscode at work at the brand s.Oliver for the weekend is black. After all black suits everyone, black is beautiful and black is the color of winter. Good that we are free in the choice of our accessories or else I wouldn't have had an interesting look and story to show and tell you for much longer since me and my photographer can't meet and shoot every day especially not in this period of elections, exam-phase, cold winter, etc...
Apart from that there have been so many black looks and black stories I have presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you. (F*ck it, I wear a lot of black!)

So for another black look and black story (since we met right after work) I've had to find the outfit among the outfits. Suitable for three hours of standing work, warm enough for winter, elegant and hip for a cocktail night with my best friend afterwards and the reaction was by each one of my black dressed colleagues: "Wow, wow Madame! You look hot!". It went so far that even on my way to work a man who left the store already ran back to open and hold the door for me.

And if you reached this point you might wonder how I did it. But if you have followed and known me long enough you know that I did it as usual with my love towards the detail. This may lead you to the fact that I am probably indeed a typical woman. But on the other hand this is what makes me a woman. I pay attention on the little things. I take every detail serious and I put little things first and significant.
This makes me the one among the ones.

Cardigan - L&B
Belt, joggers, blouse - C&A
Boots - Belmundo
Neckband and bracelet - Claire's
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Earrings - SIX

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

A Mercedes Is Not Replaceable By Anything

Hi dears,

trust me, I've missed you so much! But January always is a tough time. Especially this year because of the elections of the Hamburg parliament and as you know I am as well a candidate. However I must not neglect university and moreover not you. So I have decided to take you to one of my journeies I have been on just yesterday.

I accompanied my parents to the Mercedes Benz establishment of Hamburg. The place where I spent a major time of my childhood changed just like the simple Nokia 6310 to a smartphone. I literally shook my head and had to take a second look at the huge building in the Friedrich-Ebert-Damm. But my surprise was definitely of positivity. This is one of the moments when I would laugh brightly about myself because I love building of glass to be honest just as the little houses that remind you of a village.

The inside hardly changed - in comparison to the outside. However they renewed the lounge and café where I allowed myself some quality that looked like hot chocolate offered by the kind service that the most admired and luxury car-company of Germany offers you.

Check out my impressions below:

Instagram: @JohannaKarajan

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

New Look & Me - A Lovestory

Hello my dears,

do you know the feeling that you decide to learn from your stupid mistakes but then when the moment comes you kind og repeat it and get angry about the situation and yourself? Welcome to the club.

It has been about two years now that I have discovered and started shopping at New Look - which you can find at the left side of the cass on the third floor of the department store Karstadt in the city center of Hamburg - and still it looks like I never learn from my mistakes. The sales there are a dream, so are the clothes - no surprise I as regular customer closed friendship with the outfit advisor there - I at New Look I always find something. I think it is my store because it underlines my style and meanwhile it is dominating my closet.
It is quality, famous and - as mentioned - not that expensive. I could spend hours there talking to my friend and check the clothes.

But there it goes: Girls, honestly, don't we all know have experienced the mother-daughter fashion-conflict about buying something or not? My mother always complains about my picks (that you always love about me). She finds them very old fashioned or sometimes too childish or boyish. Two days ago however she realizes that they are trend items and encourages me to buy them. But the sales at New Look are gone by one blink if you don't reserve them.
So I did but sadly not long enough since this time my mother remembered the rule that if you spend money in the beginning of a week or month you will only go losing it on the day when I wanted to go and buy them.

On the next day I went to re-collect my picks to buy them I firstly just found one things, this denim shirt which has a soft touch.

Because I firstly couldn't find my other picks anymore I have decided to have a look around the shop again hoping I would find something new and maybe even better and I indeed found a pair of amazing high-heels! So even if I didn't have to worry about my NYE outfit anymore it couldn't improve my mood since I was sad about the loss of a red blouse and a flower scarf.

I am talking about this chiffon blouse which (as you see) was also awailable in this damped dark green - which I also liked in the beginning but I preferred the red one over this one since I've decided to just buy one of them. Since I couldn't find the red one I - more or less forced - bought this in the end which is also special and by one part completes my closet. I found this one again at the third look.

After I did my shopping (more or less contented). I went to say goodbye to my friend and wish her all the best for the new year then on a table I have found the scarf I was sad about and it was indeed it! So I grabbed it and rushed back to buy it. My luck for the end of the year: My new favorite scarf. My best friend has the twin-version of it. I loved it already when I saw it on her.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Look & Nail Art Of The Year 2014

Good day my beloved followers,

traditional post on new year no. #2: the Fall4Me look and nail art of the year. According to the amount of likes on the look and nail art on my Facebook page I pick the look and nail art you liked most in the last year.

Narrowly won by one comment in addition has the look no. 289 also known under the title "The Lady" so far I haven't worn this dream of a dress on an official occasion - just for the collaboration shooting with Romwe. However even this dress and this look are bearing a story and deep emotions but let's once in a while come back to the fashion aspect and the message of this dress.

First of all as every girl has a little princess inside her every woman deserves to have a kickass floor length noble robe that will tear the heart of the other woman apart of envy. Every woman should fulfill herself this dream of the dress.
As you can see this asymmetric black robe doesn't ask for much jewelry - not even with an jewelry freak like me - since it includes diamonds and glitter. It just needs to be supported with the right accessories and accents to be complete that's why I chose a black watch and earrings instead of completely silver ones as the left hip is fully stud as well as the shoulder.
Where it's rather black (in contrary at the bottom and on the right I allowed myself diamonds with the shoes and the single bracelet.

For what concerns the hairstyle personally I find that simple loose hair would be too casual and in contrary an extravagant upswept hairstyle would be too much. This dress is optically stretching you so you should have long hair classy made up with hairspray. This will complete the classy look.
Me and my photographer agreed that not much make-up is needed. Moreover we found that it should be natural because the make-up would steal the show of the rest. It shall just give you a well-groomed appearance.

This robe is pulling all the attention to it without having to scream. It says that I am here but I am unapproachable. A rose beautiful to admire but dangerous to touch. Just suitable for a self-confident strong but emotional beauty. Afterwards I personally felt like a Bond-girl who is just needing the perfect James Bond by her side.

Your favorite look is also the principle design of the blog - well-deserved as it is expressing me best! We chose a special location for this special item.

On the contrary your favorite nail art was happier and indeed more coloful. "Very summerlike", as you found correctly about no. 43.

A shiny fresh and fruity orange. To be honest I am very happy that you liked this nail art by Miu Nails most (I will soon let you know why).

What can be said about it. It is like a warm sunshine on your body that lightens up your mood. Generally I think orange is a must-have color for summer that went well with all my summer outfits. A good alternative to red.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Happy New Year 2015!

Hello my beloved readership,

I hope you have all had a good start into the new year and managed everything in the last year so you wouldn't have entered the new year with things left undone or unfinished.

I think that entering a new year is like being born again - everything is untouched, new and things certain and uncertain are awaiting us. At the end of a year you are making a personal recap of what was good and what was bad, what you want to improve amd what you want to keep as you would when you realize your life is going to end.
Whatever it is we have to have faith in this new year and give it the chance to be the best in our life.

What does 2015 in particular mean for us? For me it means a lot already all over the year. The first third of the year will consist of every day being a fight for me - but I am used to come out as a winner from every fight!
100 years Armenian genocide... will it finally be officially recognized? Hopefully. My brothers and sisters who's life, home and identity was taken from them brutally during the first world war would just deserve it. At least I hope that more countries will take Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Lebanon, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican, Venezuela and Uruguay as an example and recognize the Armenian genocide officially and entirely.
My blog - my baby - is turning three years old this year. Which means that I would love to achieve at least 3 000 followers on my Facebook page - the rest is going happily well.
This year I am planning to register and start my BA-final assignment (Bachelor of Arts in political science) which will take 6 months.  I am quite excited about it. It still feels like yesterday when I started my studies in 2012.
"Jazz With Me" - after having written songs for two albums which will realized soon. I will spend this year writing songs for this EP and practice them on the piano. I also plan to learn a new instrument or rather advance my skills in playing the flute.
I am as well looking forward to two unforgettable fashion shows by Liz Malraux - one of my favorite designers.

And of course I know that we are all looking to at least 100 new looks and 100 new stories by Johanna & Fall4Me. At least two Romwe shootings are awaiting in the first half of the year.

Since we are used to it my mother and I prepared a huge table again whereas the table and plate decoration was done by the creative director of our family - me. It was also my premiere of preparing Millefeuille and they taste as good as they look.

As a representative of the Estonian flag yesterday I certainly have to go to my beloved country this year.

Neckband - Claire's
Bolero - Elara
Top - L&B
Ankle boots - New Look

All the best for 2015!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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