I See Stars

Merry Christmas my sweet loves,

I hope you have had a magical and wonderful Christmas. For me I can say that the magic of Christmas has reached me. After my beauty-session I had to realize that I didn't have any money in my purse and forgot my EC-card at home. What gift could you buy with only one euro for your brother in the last minute?
Well I was about to go home and near tears when a creative mind like me had the idea to check out the Christmas market and buy him a gingerbread-heart with a beautiful message in it - sometimes in our seasonal fun-park known as the Hamburg DOM you find them for one euro or even 50 cents. But not in the Christmas market. I have told the seller about my situation and he has seen how sad I was so he cooperated with me and sold me a heart with the message "I love you so much" in red for this euro.
My brother's reaction: This is definitely the BEST gift! (Because it was symbolic and came out of heart - my second gift was money because he is collecting money for the new X-Box)

Something everyone should know about me is on the one hand that I love the night with all its being and essentials and that I love eye-catchers in fashion. For example this vintage stars-skirt I've got myself by H&M two weeks ago.

The best occasion to present it was my friend's and my third so called "night-session" when we first have dinner with cocktails and then take photo photos together.

I have kept my look discreet but classy, noble and fashionable with black to put the focus on my jewelry which als contains night-essentials and my skirt.

Skirt - H&M; clutch - Bugatti; heels - Görtz17; shirt - Cache, cache; coat - Diva

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Leather Before Christmas

Happy Monday to you my sweet ones,

this will be my last post before Christmas. 
There is still very much to do until tomorrow in the evening when me and my family can finally settle down enjoy the most beautiful event of the year. 
There are still calls that have to be done, works that have to be finished and the Christmas tree has to be brought and decorated - traditionally it's me who does it with biggest pleasure and love. Oh! And don't tell him, but I still haven't bought the gift for my brother! But at least I have a plan of money, shop and what it will be. 
Last but not least there are some beauty sessions waiting for me about which you will read soon. 

Anyway, the last look I am presenting you before Christmas contains not only my most favorite color purple but also my beloved fashion color black and one of the new earrings I have got myself last week (I have also bought them in orange and glass color). It is classy as trendy - what could I wish for more? 

Leather - a material we always connect sex and attraction with. Of course, there might be something behind it, but a fact is that leather was in the 80s and 90s a preferred and almost basic cloth to wear, no matter in what color or style without any naughty thoughts. It is a product of nature and of high value and quality. A high fashion trend that is always up to date.

Earrings - H&M; shirt - SHE; cardigan - L&B;  belt - Kookai; skirt - C&A; boots - Paparazzi; watch - Chanel; bracelet - Claire's; lipstick - Debby (N°39)

Have yourself a warm, blessed and joyful merry Christmas with your beloved ones. Enjoy your gifts and receiving them and fill your mind with positive thoughts and emotions. 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Colors Don't Steal Each Other The Show

Hello and happy Sunday my sweet people,

colors are always beautiful to watch. When I see colors I have to smile, even in the darkest moment it is as if the sun would shine. Colors cheer me up. Colors are life. Wearing many different strong colors at once is what we know as the trend called "color-blocking" - one color is in the center of attention and the you move your eye and the next color is in the center. 

See it that way or like beautiful gamut of colors which go in harmony. Blue for Greece, green for Portugal and Italy and red for Spain. As you know I always prefer blazers on my presentations just like that day when I had to compare these countries with my group. 
It was very difficult to find significant differences between these countries. 

Blazer - H&M; treggings - Vero Moda; boots - Texto

Having this in mind I would like to greet and send love to four blogger mates and friends from these countries: SerialKlother Konstantina from Greece, Sara and her lookbook from Spain and Estefania from Spain -  place to get lost, Rita from Portugal and the nameless Elisa from Italy. Every blogger is an inspiration and lecture. 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

All I Want For Christmas

Bonjour mes chérs,

all presentations and works done for this semester and two seminaries even completed successfully already. Perfect conditions to think of one of the currently most important questions: What will I wear for Christmas?

But why thinking and brooding if the answer is already exhibited in shop windows, worn by celebrities on their shows and presented by established bloggers? The answer begins with strong color and ends with sequins!

No need to decorate yourself with so many accessories comparable to your own Christmas tree steal it the show but shine with style with accessories as an additional feature.


 The electric-violin group from Estonia: Violina, combing the trend with the alternative trend red

Martina Hill aka Tina Hausten and Christine Prayon aka Birte Schneider showing the trend and alternative trend red for those who don't like too much gltter. Martina is wearing it in the "dress 
the blazer"-look.
Dress - Peek & Cloppenburg; gloves - Claire's; tights - Falke; boots - Buffalo

Earrings - SIX

 A trend even back then all over the year the Carrington daughters Fallon (Pamela Sue Martin) and Amanda (Catherine Oxenberg)

Having this in mind I wish you a wonderful, blessed and joyful celebration and magical Christmas night full if light with your beloved ones and of course great presenting.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Hairstyle, Hairspray, Heritage Of The 80s

Hello lovelies, 

today's post is dedicated to you again my beloved readership. 

This week I was asked about my 80s styled hairstyle à la Catherine Oxenberg: How much hairspray do I use and do I use a low-dryer? 

I don't use a low-dryer. I use a normal hair dryer and style my naturally curly hair straight with a mid-large, round comb. 

I sadly can't say an exact plenty of how much hairspray I use. I can say so much that I always let my head hang down and use a little piece of hairspray from the inner side of my hair from every side. Then I comb is to the back and into a strong side parting.
At the end I again use a little bit more hairspray to firm my hair but not too much so it wouldn't become sticky. 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Bloggers Are Noticed By Their Outfit - Ladies' Night, The 3rd

Heyhey my beloved readership,

finally I have the strength and health again to tell you about the spectacular announced Ladies' Night which took place in the department store Karstadt in the city center of Hamburg for the second time this year on November 28, 2013. For me it was the third one I have attended to. 

When the shops are officially closed after 8 pm Karstadt celebrated a little party with the ladies of Hamburg: shopping with discount, sparkling wine, cocktails and other drinks, a little snack or diverse types of sweets to try and some smaller or bigger highlights awaited you, such as photoshootings, giveaways or celebrities. 

My personal highlight was the "Fashion Hero" special: the young designer, shooting star and newcomer in the world of fashion designers Marcel Ostertag, who has won in the TV show "Fashion Hero" by Claudia Schiffer and started his career with it, presented his winning-collection on a little fashion show, a little interview and autograph session afterwards. With him was one of the judges, the Swiss fashion designer André Maeder. 

Model: Barbara Wilsky 

 The final

 Trend altert for winter and Christmas: RED! Two versions of the Fashion Hero's design for women who prefer pants and women who love dresses.

Why it was a highlight? First of all because I have had a place in the very first row again. Apart from that I was the first one whom André Maeder took a photo with and right after I said that I'm a blogger, the managers of this event, one of the models and even the designers said that they knew I am involved in fashion because of my cool outfit, wished me luck on my way of blogging and promoted me from their side. 

"Would you smile into my camera please?" 

With André Maeder 

 Cheers Marcel

Two stars in the world of fashion: designer Marcel Ostertag and blogger Johanna Karajan from Fall4Me

Marcel for Fall4Me 

Greetings from André Maeder to Fall4Me
(check out the other videos on my Youtube-channel soon)

The best thing was that I could experience all this with my best friend. I love you ♥ 

Photoshooting with my bestie by Karstadt with a Hamburg landscape of your choice (either the Speicherstadt or the Town Hall Square) or as a blue and snowy Christmas card. 

Cheers - here with Jägermeister and Schweppes 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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