Moments Of Joy: 23rd Birthday

Hello my dearest readers,

exactly two weeks ago I became 23 years old - yes, time is not standing still, not even on me. I am like my soul mate among my friends, that if it comes to arrange others' birthdays we are always attentive and good at it but we would never expect others to return this favor to us. I was happy that this time all I seemed to haven given was returned to me. When the clock tock midnight of September 1st I was surprised with some sweet gifts, our family's friend as guest, strawberry-cake and the most beautiful bottle in history.

I think I am not alone in the world with the disappointment that some certain people miss to congratulate you on your birthday, even though we have penetrating reminders such as Facebook or other networks where we say "Thank you" to those who remembered and share some beautiful moments of our special day. The worst thing about that is if those people post pretty much that day or like the photos you post without any further reaction than clicking "like" - is that what has become of our human society?
Nevertheless I can doubtlessly say that this was the best birthday I have ever had: in the first place because all the goals or rather wishes I had set for my birthday were fulfilled with a proud number of congratulations, a special person writing more than just a simple 'Happy Birthday' and my significant other honoring me on my special day. Furthermore I was surrounded by my most favorite people and wore one of my dream outfits (at this point my huge thanks go to my significant other who was responsible for this opportunity). Last but not least the further gifts I received touched me to the bottom of my heart and will last for ever. The dinner at the Louisiana restaurant and completeing the night on the event "LVRS ROOM - another love story" dancing in the noble club The Room in Hamburg were just perfect.

The gifts I received: the sexy women's long sleeve slim bodycon party cocktail evening mini dress, red roses, a bottle of red wine, a bottle of rosé sparkling wine, money, a personal shopping voucher, a book, a holy bracelet (a new good-luck charm to add to my arm), lots of sweet birthday cards, two tickets for the Hokusai x Manga exhibition, new Vans, a biro saying "love you", a big lollipop, liquer, a necklace pendant with two dolphins forming a heart, the perfect opaque purple lipstick by Kiko Milano I wished for from a friend who could not attend to my birthday, a cuddly scarf, nail polish and Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards.

With gifts like those gifts I can say that I am surrounded by the very best people in the world!

dress - CNDirect
Lipstick - P2
Pumps - Görtz
Bracelet - Douglas
Watch - Chanel

Huge thanks once again to each once from my family, friends, colleagues and mates who made my 23rd birthday so special and unforgettable. Thanks for all the touching words and wonderful wishes and of course the supercute gifts.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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