How To Bloom In Fall

Hello my dear readers,

when season gets darker the colours get more intense just like our thoughts. After all on a black field of endless deepness everything on the surface is shown to better advantage because you have no chance to concentrate on the surrounding. That is why the night, the queen of darkness, is the mother of thoughts

There are two types of people in the world: the ones that think and the ones that act. The first group of people is working very closely with the heart as well as with the brain. They let things get too close to their heart and overly overthink everything. The people that act show very few comprehension for this, sadly, but if you ask me sometimes it would not harm the actors to at least put themselves in the thinkers' place and examinate where this thinking comes from. Thinking and simulating moments to prepare oneself is not a bad idea however moments are unique, unrepeating and irretrivable. No matter how much you prepare for them they always turn out different. Sometimes even for good. Moments are the proof that you have lived. You did something instinctively that may have been judged false but what you doubtlessly would have regretted if left undone. Moments are decisive for the further course of your life. Just have in mind what would have been or not been - precious things - if you did not take the moment to act...!

Once... there comes the time to review. Prepare yourself but do not forget to live in the first place.

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Love ♥ Johanna

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