Are You Going With Me?

Ciao belli,

some of you might wonder where I'm asking you to go with me - well going green. As we find ourselves in the year of the snake in 2013 it's no surprise that even designers like Guido Maria Kretschmer say that green is the color of the year.

Treggings (available in many different colors) - Vero Moda, ankle Boots - Street

Earrings - SIX, ring - Bijou Brigitte, nail polish - Laura Beauté / N° Q 1207; P2 / N° 170 Crazy  

Kayal - P2, nail polish - P2 / N° 840 Tell me a secret; N° 232 shockful; N° 620 artful; N° 249 dangerous

Mini-shirt (available in different colors) - C&A, leggings - Karstadt

Blazer with short sleeves - L&B France

Jacket - Uli Schneider

Be brave enough to show color and wear it. Never forget: As long as it is the same shade you can't do anything wrong.

Especially in spring I see many girls are crazy for mint green. 

Nail polish - P2 / N° 130 fresh sister

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Every day is St. Patrick's day in 2013.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results


last week I've continued my SIX shopping in the store Karstatdt where me and my mother have had a great service again.

I've needed green earrings I can wear in my everyday-life which aren't easily destroyable like feather earring so I've found those cute ones by SIX. The perfume samples by BOSS, Gucci and Lacoste was a little gift for good clients by the shop.

Earrings - SIX

One day later I've continued the shopping with my friend where I was rather caught by the blue jewellary. Blue is one of my most favourite (fashion) colour. It always looks noble, classy but also modern and chic.

Bracelet, earrings, long necklace - SIX

The last thing I've bought was one of the new nail polishes by my beloved P2 in mint green once of the must-have colours of 2013.

Nail polish (130 "Fresh Sister") -  P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results

Ciao belli,

yesterday before the political family-, children- and youth-committee meeting took place in the city hall of Hamburg I've been on a little shopping tour with my friend.
Check out my shopping achievements below:

First we took a peek in the accessoire shop SIX which has had really gorgeous jewellary since the beginning of the year, among other very colorful, big jewellary with a gamut of colors which reminds of the retro-style of the 50es or 70es.

I've bought earrings in the colours of my most favourite dreamteam of this year, which I've already told you about and a rocky bracelet from their limited edition, more of that is coming soon.

Jewellary - SIX

You know, most people ask me how is it that I have so much nail polish. I want to share this secret with you too: On every shopping tour I'm buying a new nail polish from my most favourite cosmetics label P2 and so slowly and bit for bit the collection grows so much that yesterday I had to free a new shelving for my beloved nail polish.

Nail polish ( 890 - Lost in Paradise)

So, tell me, are you impressed? :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Every Woman Should Owe The Classic Beige Trench Coat


every woman should owe the classic beige trench coat with a belt for a beautiful feminine waist and which is double breasted dark buttoned.
I especially think that women with dark hair can wear it very well as it would give the whole street style a beautiful contrast. You should also underline your eye-catching trench coat with different (darker) shades of brown and beige and avoid another gamut of colours.

Especially in this rainy April month I love to wear it.

Trench coat - C&A 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

I Follow You


for everyone who has waited for me can now finally welcome me on Tumblr. I'm inviting you all to follow me there too to stay tuned.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

What Color Are You In Today?


I've already fallen in love with the elastic bracelets on my last summer holiday in Cannes. During the Olympic Games in London when McDonalds released them with the Olympia glasses.

They are so easily and comfortably worn that they are always a good-looking addition to your outfit and don't bother at work, university or school. I especially love to wear them in summer as they with their gaudy neon colors give you a certain summer feeling.

At the Ladies Nights (about what you can read more here) Ice Watch also distributed them in more colors since then they have become even more irreplaceable for me.

No matter if you're showing your new airbrush tattoo to someone, reading or typing something on the PC, cuddle your dog or want to know what time it is. These elastic bracelets bring you in the mood and show your mood.

You can even wear them in the colours of your preferred country e.g. Estonia like I do.

I wear them on the left side to wear other bracelets on the right side.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Kiss Me Twice


i'm currently checking out the H&M Magazine Spring Issue 2013 and decided to present you their trends which I can identify myself with.

The first trend I've discovered is the so called "lip duet" in two different ways.

The first one is a soft, natural and rather discreet duo which is actually perfect for the spring trend, pastel and for those who rather like to accentuate their eyes: Skin color combined with a soft pink. Personally I think that this option of the lip duet is also perfect for the denim trend which will be celebrated in summer even though it has already arrived in the shops.

How to:
- all you need is concealer, a soft pink lipstick or gloss and invisible lipgloss
- first of all cover impurity and conjure nude lips with the concealer and add powder on it
- then use the pink lipstick or gloss for your lower lip
- at the end refine everything with the invisible lipgloss

The second option is is stronger and more colorful. You can use both the new reds at once for your lips. This trend fits better to discreet looks with less to no pattern and a smooth color gradient according to H&M. I would also motivate you to try the other spring trend neon colours and flower pattern to cause the happy spring mood.

When I saw this on the magazine I was amazed and found it really cool with orange in the center and (softer) pink in the corner.
All you need for this is a calm hand and a creative mind.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

It's Ladies Night


the 6th Ladies Night by Karstadt - the biggest departement store in Germany - took place thrice in Hamburg on Thursday, April 4 in the city center from 8 pm to 11.00 pm [GTM+01] and the southern district Hamburg-Harburg from 7.00 pm to 10 pm and on Friday, April 5 in the north-eastern district Wandsbek from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm.
I've attended to the Ladies Night in the city center and in Wandsbek with my friend who asked me to go there with her. Her mother was also present on both days. For the second night I've convinced my mother and grandmother to come too and one of my best friends from university.

                                I was even sent a personal invitation to the Ladies Night 

The Ladies Night is a shopping night only for women - or rather ladies - as the name itself already says with a lot of entertainment, among others DJ- or live music from the 70es band the Javlites which were promoted performing in Wandsbek, 10 % of discount for almost the whole range of goods, competitions, photo shootings, sparkling wine reception and many other highlights and entertainment, like a beauty rallye or  professional make-up for free.

The evening program of Friday           

The Javlites performing at the Ladies Night on Friday

The fitness center Fitness Friends was also promoted showing some Zumba dance which is a new Latin American dance. On my YouTube channel you will get to see two videos of their performance.

Every lady was a winner that evening because we were all given very nice gifts and surprises.

As me and my friend didn't manage to take many photos on the first night the main thing we did on the second night was taking photos. We've discovered a very interesting thing, that photos can be printed on chocolate with food coloring.


 The only photo I managed to take on night #1 with one of the Infinity Cars 
from Japan which were promotoed, too

The choco-photo

My personal highlight: The airbrush tattoo - I would never make myself a real one.
The Japanese symbol of 'Love' and a little star.

I can't wait for the next Ladies Night but my conclusion for the bigger store in the city center would be to either let it last at least an hour longer or start the phase out right at 11.00 pm and not earlier. I've concluded it was too little time and too many great things offered on Thursday. 

And here a fitting song for you :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Accessory Of The Month


after five months of deep and cold winter the snow is slowly but surely melting finally for this season and the warm spring sun shows up and brightens the days and brings up good mood. Therefore my accessories of the month April are sunglasses.

Get the absolute overall view this with selected pieces which are popular and timeless.
Choose your favorite:

My most favourite ones are my black Carrera GRAND PRIX 1 sunglasses with red and white legs. There I've got inspired by the Vanilla Ninja girls.
As I've already told you last year they are very popular in Cannes and among Rap giants like Kanye West. They like to be worn by sexy and self-confident women or men who also like it casual.

Sunglasses - Carrera GRAND PRIX 1

The other sunglasses I've told you about are the pilot glasses by Ray Ban popular through Angelina Jolie.
Meanwhile they are worn by more Hollywood stars and especially young people at the age of 18 to 30. Because they make you look younger. They also give a the secret angent-look.

Pilot glasses - Ray Ban RB3044 Aviator Large Metal LO207

Talking about Ray Ban there is another model: the RB2132 622 New Wayfarer, which has also become very popular in Hollywood and Europe. Personally I haven't tried them whereas I plan to this year on holiday. But as didn't want to present a celebrity to you again I've asked one of my fans on Facebook if someone would be interested to be the model for this entry.

Zuzia loves them and always wears them. Currently she is promoting them skiing with them in Switzerland. These sunglasses are rather discreet but spicy and can be worn to everything if you don't like too big sunglasses.

Sunglasses - Ray Ban RB2132 622 New Wayfarer

Go back to the 60es with brown-beige colored Hippie-sunglasses e.g. by BeYu. Mostly worn by timeless elegant ladies.

Hippie-sunglasses - BeYu

The last but not least model is also a rather discreet one I've bought from H&M. I absolutely wanted to have the ones my idol Piret Järvis likes to wear apart from her Carreras but I only could find them darker. Still I'm in love with them if I need smaller and more discreet ones.

Sunglasses - H&M 

Which one is your favorite?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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