I Decide

Hello my beloved readership,

"we meet everyone for a reason, either they're a blessing or a lesson.", Frank Ocean.

I very much agree to this wordly wisdom, furthermore I stick to the view of life that every stage in our life leaves its mark on us and makes us learn and develop further. Sadly I cannot claim this about everyone. There are people who just do not seem to want to learn and grow up no matter how much life slaps them round in the face may it be any life situation: a relationship, the career, the inner stability and further more.
I do not believe in the bad within these people but I am also not as naive to close my eyes from still waters running deep especially when others running into my life showing me that it is better possible.
Be careful(!) and draw a healthy line for yourself. Sometimes we have to make shocking, hurtful and heavy seeming decisions for the sake of ourselves to jump into a brighter and better life.

Life is like this, somehow everyone is connected to everyone but it is in human nature that we cannot get along with everyone because we are individuals reaching for personal freedom. Often we do not accept radically different advices even if it is good meant. Well, therefore it is the best to go separate ways with people who are no good for us and get closer with people who share our mind, our story and our soul. We do not need to meet frequently the best friends are there when we need them and this is based on mutuality.

Having this in mind, it is good to be back and happy transition to spring.

Blazer - H&M
T-Shirt - Romwe
Leather pants - C&A
Boots - GUESS?
Watch - Chanel
Earrings - Tosh
Lipstick - Calvin Klein

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Good Times

Hello my dearest readership,

when the sun is shining and the skies are bright we are happy by the touch of the light. The most important item for sunshine have become sunglasses. While in the beginning they have been meant to protect our eyes from the overly strong rays of the sunshine, sunglasses have nowadays become a major fashion-item for cold and hot bright days and are used for any occasion. More important than the purpose of protecting the eyes is to match the sunglasses to the look.
The two types of people either have found their firm model for themselves that underlines their character or follow the trends and are always seen with a new model.

Personally I belong to the type of people who have their firm models and wear them independently from any trend. Well, to be more precize I even have two pairs of sunglasses that I divide for "strong", edgy and rocky looks and "light", vintage and chilled looks.
What both have in common is the teardrop-form that underlines my finely chiselled features I have from my Armenian heritage. Another importance for me is the size. The sunglasses of my choice must not be too small because of my big eyes and wide forehead. However an oversized pair as well does not fit to me since I have a long and narrow face.

The facial shapes are all it is mainly about to find at least the right model of sunglasses. Also a fashion foward meeting-point like Farfetch.com knows it. Farfetch does not only offer high-quality designer items from clothes to accessories, it as well gives its customers fashion advices to lend a hand. That makes it a favorite place to always come back.

On Farfetch.com I have also found one of my basic pairs of sunglasses and want to show you my perfect look based on it.

"Matt" Sunglasses - Isabel Marant (Shop on Farfetch)
"Jiloos" Dungaree - Diesel (Shop on Farfetch)
striped t-Shirt - Astraet (Shop on Farfetch)
Fringed ankle Boots - Saint Lauren (Shop on Farfetch)
"Nine" shoulder Bag - Desa 1972 (Shop on Farfetch)
Studded wrapped bracelet - Givenchy (Shop on Farfetch)
Padlock chain bracelet - Werkstatt:münchen (Shop on Farfetch)
"Läder" watch - Larsson & Jennings (Shop on Farfetch)
Filigree leaf pendant necklace - Wouters & Hendrix (Shop on Farfetch)

I have chosen the famous "Matt" sunglasses however in a bright shade of sand that underlines my light skin and gives an illuminating contrast to my very dark brown hair with light brown high-lights under the sun.
Such a "light" discreet vintage model deserves a timeless chilled 80s combination with blue denim dungarees. Blue is my favorite color to wear with shades of sand since both colors are represented in the nature - the sky, water and earth. I follow the sandy base in the bag and shoes. Since I love to dress feminin I have chosen elegant boots with high heels - the fringed model is meant to keep the chill. Chill and carefreeness is also a sign of cheekiness. Nothing fits better to a dungaree than a classy striped t-shirt.
Apart from the feminin touch in my look a rocky accent as well has to be represented. This is shown in the jewelry the black leather bands in bracelet and watch. The padlock bracelet is a basic I always wear since it is from my boyfriend who never wants to let me go.

I wish you always bright skies on your way and stylish sunglasses-moments.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

My Favorite Time

Hello my beloved friends,

after Christmas is before Christmas, no, it is even better for what concerns getting cool new stuff such as - in my case - clothes and accessories. The prizes drop, the shopping booms. But only because something is on sale it does not mean that it is of low quality. It just means that the season changes and space has to be made for new. I for myself can say that despite season-change and winter-sale I have still found timeless and trendy clothes and I am very well equipped for next year.

Check out my new in below:

Every classy girl needs her basic black clutchbag. Personally I love those big ones since you can pack
more necessarities into them, apart from that in the 80s it was the lady's basic bag for everyday-life.
Especially this black one gives colorful reflections to the light. By Tom Taylor Denim

Actually I already have enough cosmetic bags but when the image on it calls for irresistable images I just
cannot say no. Keep Calm And ...Carry On bag by Douglas

My argument to buy this bag was that is is purple. But apart from that the shoppers have become my 
basics for everyday life since they give a lot of space and are comfortable to wear. I recomment
colorful shoppers for everyone. By Douglas

The mini-bag to go out with has become a widely spread trend especially for the elegant girl. The
shoulder bag is insofar good that you have the freedom to hold it in your hand or not without losing it
at noble events. My choice: Ted Baker

The mask is a teaser for a future project, that is all I reveal for now. By Douglas

Pearl bracelets are as well basics of mine. I love to wear them as eye-catcher for a complete noble look. By Douglas

Another bracelets I love to wear are big one-pieces. I just do not feel comfortable with few on my
wrist. By Sweet Deluxe

I have extended my collection of classy big earrings and statement necklaces, to wear with blouses.
So I have bought a matching bracelet to a complete jewelry set. By Tosh

Another blue classy eaarings by Tosh

If you are in love and want show it wear scarves full of hearts. I fell in love with the blue one one but for
a good deal I was also covinced the pink version. By Douglas

Every woman at the age of 30 should have found her own basic fragrance. Mine is "Hypnôse" by

Soon I am going to talk about bag basics. This is one of them, a mini-umbrella for rainy days. I wanted
mine to be a stylish one fitting to me. By Douglas

I should come out of black according to my dear parent and green for a parka
is the perfect alternative basic. By Peckott

I said goodbye to my old black basic for transition into winter but since I
needed a new one my mother knew that she bought me this with very noble
buttons. By She

I have become a faux-fur vest addict. It is after all a good accessory for winter
to keep oneself warm inside in winter. Just like the poncho for fall. By Yorn

The surprise of the day. After edgy boots I wanted long elegant ones with a heel.
The only good ones I have found are these ones by Zanon & Zango, however 
since I could not make a good deal and they were too expensive like this my 
parents were luckier the next day and surprised me with them.

I have never worn comfortable pumps like these. Furthermore they fit perfect to my dirndl with which I
want to visit this year finally. By s.Oliver

And finally little gifts for good shoppers :);)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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