Ted 2 Is Like...

Hey buddies,

lately my best thunder buddy (my brother) took me to cinema and we have decided to watch Ted 2. After I have fallen in love with the coolest teddy bear in town while watching the first movie the second part has been a must for me. I went there without watching the trailer or informing myself about the movie (I hate to be spoilered in any way and enjoy something without any prejudices). I was in the best condition to be surprised. All I have heard was that is to be a good movie. But I did not have any different thoughts about it.

So, I do not wish to spoiler you either about the movie. All I will say is that I can just confirm what I thought about the movie ahead that it is worth watching and a must-watch movie to enjoy at the cinema. I think I liked it even more than the first movie because it was very emotionally embracing however the unique Ted humor is more an represented once again. I could laugh about the jokes weeks and months later on.
At some points I thought that there is no central theme in the movie but Ted 2 is just like the real life: First you wonder why things happen in the order they happen or rather why they happen at all but in the end you understand that it was meant for something bigger and greater.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Hello my dear readership,

in the beginning music has been a matter of talent, of uniqueness and quality. During the time the music business has developed to a real show and entertainment business where not the song itself, the mood and the lyrics are important but the looks of the artists and the catchy tone to sell a product and not to express your feelings as a singer to the audience. The more important it is to a minority to bring back the rare value of the old school where one artist has one personal style and many personal songs with each one baring a story in itself or being dedicated to a special person or experience.

Tamar Kaprelian is one of those artists that puts a high value that her songs are written on her own because the art of music is one of the most beautiful ways to express yourself. Two years after her album "Sinner Or A Saint" she has released an EP named "California". Taking into consideration that Tamar is based on the other side, New York, at the first sight it is hard to get the connection between Tamar and the title song "California"...

Fall4Me: How was the idea of California born with regard that you are from the completely other side (New York)?
Tamar Kaprelian: "California" is a love song to the person who I was dating on the East coast. I was trying to convince him to move to Los Angeles. I ended up moving out to the East coast, instead of convincing him to move out West. And while New York is an amazing city, California always has a special place in my heart. And it constantly calls me back.

And since loving someone is a positive thing the five songs on Tamar's EP sound rather positive even the two deep ones "California" and "Come Home (Walk The Line)". This EP - especially my personal favorites "Good Times" and even more "Feels So Good" inspired me to rethink the song I have been working on (which is dedicated to my crush) and write a happy love song with positive character instead of a deep, melancholy ballad but more to that sometime later.

All in all Tamar's EP was more than worth the efforts of ordering it with the help of a friend from the USA. Something making sure to check out in any way.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

New In

Hi beautiful people,

summer sale is a horrible sickness. Seriously, it pulls you into its curse to shop like a sinner whereas you actually have holidays planned where you are going to spend money anyway. It is really hard to stay strong with so many beautiful at so low costs. The only way to resist is to just look down and pass by the shops. And if you are taken to the shops resist enough to just buy what is most necessary for you.

I've tried it and this is what came out:

This denim dress is something I have had on my shopping-list already for 
some while. Now that there was a better offer for this dress and my size
was still there I bought it.
Denim dress - Peckott

I was actually looking for a mint-green blazer but I needed mint-green pumps anyway and have
found the perfect ones left only in my size. That must have been a sign.
Pumps - New Look

Trying does not cost a thing so I just did it but my mother liked this skirt so much that she 
prompt bought it.
Skirt - She by Karstadt

Bijoux are worse than anything because they can catch me worse than
clothes can but luckily I was critical enough to just stick with this 
necklace for which I already have the matching bracelet.
Statement necklace - I am

Not looking into the shops is a good strategy to escape this sale. Because I will stay strong to save my money for holidays. having this in mind I wish each one of you a great summer time and holidays. Recharge and gather positive energy for the new season.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Stay Strong Flower

Beautiful like a flower, dangerous like a flower, strong like a flower.
Good day my beloved readership,

while world is turning more and more a crime and war some are left with a simply pure heart not willing to give in to the system. How many times have you heard how naive and stupid you are? As much as I was, good. Do not be discouraged by those bad tongues. I translate "naive and stupid" with "too good for this world" and I encourage you to start thinking this way, too.

Still not convinced? Okay then let us all imagine for one moment that we were flowers. Crazy, I know but we all are certainly creative enough to imagine it. Is it wrong that a flower is living to itself its whole life? It is just there, it does not do anything necessarily earth-shaking but let us be honest it is beautiful to admire. This is the moment when some people will rise up and say beauty was not everything.
Nevertheless the beauty of a flower is everything. There is no better ideal than a flower. In black times or white times. It makes me just remember my career as blogger. My success has begun when I stopped worrying why the others have it while I do not. It made me feel like my level is widely under theirs and I started to wonder, to wonder, to wonder. What can I do? What is missing? How can I get there? What is their key? (And even) should I just not give up? This storm of questions slowly trying to destroy me did not want to let go off me. My conclusion: Never! The sun shined and gave me the energy to bloom and grow. In this business (and probably in every business). I must think like a flower, be like a flower, be a flower. I do not need to care about competition. I love unconditionally and I support unconditionally with all my being. And even if someone would try and tear me off I will be there, bigger and stronger. In black times and white times.

Flower dress - New look
Flower Crown - La J (Johanna Karajan Creations)
Necklace - SIX
Watch - Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna with love from Lüneburg

Polina Gagarina Spectacle

Good evening my friends - or as Russians would say: Dobriy vechr,

the day before yesterday I have had the chance to be a part of Polina Gagarina's audience during her concert spectacle in the Russian capital Moscow however not live on place, where a huge hall was full, but as viewer. Those of you who are new to this blog, missed to follow this year's Eurovision Song Contest, are not into Russia or those to whom this name sounds familiar however cannot assign this name to a face Polina Gagarina is a Russian singer and was her nation's representative in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna with her song "A Million Voices". However... how could somebody forget about this face?

After Eurovision in May of this year it was the first time the 27-year old singing mother gave such a huge and lavish concert. In one and a half hours she changed her outfit five times and with that her music-style. Her opening was rather sensual, calm and deep which turned emotional and strong of feelings and closed with a jazzy highlight.

Polina Gagarina certainly is a heartily and very emotional woman. Whoever thought this thrill of emotions came just because of the high rating in Eurovision had been proven better yesterday. All the time she was talking to her audience saying emphasizing how much she loved them and how thankful she is for everyone who was part of this concert. Furthermore she was holding her microphone to her audience to invite them to sing with her.

"Love is the sense of life", Polina Gagarina

Apart from having won my heart with such a kindness the petite Polina has an unexpectedly strong and deep voice that amazes me.
I loved her her concert very much yesterday and think she is a very sweet person worthy to be checked out and supported. Indeed spectacular

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Hot Summer

Hello guys,

"chick; chick, chick,chic", I was called, "you are turning all the men's heads", they said once I dared to show myself in hot pants in public. Well why not playing the game if you are holding the cards in your hands and the conditions are perfect to do it in this hot summer. As I always love to fork out something more I do not even turn heads with my looks but as well with a car that lets every man's heart beat higher. 
I like to play the games however in its limits. Because I do not play and I am looking for someone who as well does not play but likes to play the games. Be light and free to make everyone melt in all the hotness.

Top - L&B
Bandeau, sun glasses - C&A
Denim hot pants - New Look
Watch - D&G

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Hello my dear readership,

when sun is rising it is as if all problems should be gone with the long seeming grey and gloomy time. But especially people who live in a metropolis far away from the seaside know: this heat is unbearable! Sometimes you cannot even carry yourself and instead of enjoying the weather you are rather sluggish. In times like these never forget the gentle wind that is coming to refresh you. Simplicity is the motto according which to act. Simplicity in all forms of being. Do not let the heat burn your mind, keep cool and take things easy with a deep breath because you are capable to gather yourself together sooner or later to see the right path and come further. Therefore the fruits that are created in summertime are the most delicious.

Shirt - New Look
Skirt - Camíeu
Watch - Wempe

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Every Coolness Has A Warm Side

Hi dears,

summer is back in town and is it possible to feel any different than simply cool, cooler, coolest (?) under your heavy sunglasses and sexy dress code especially when the trend color is a cool icy blue? Of course not, especially since hot towns need cool people. But us cool people are always are cursed with the prejudice to be cold of feelings, ignorant and arrogant. I want to stand up for my cool brothers and sisters and say that underneath our coolness we are hiding a heart of gold which is as warm as the sand of the beach kissed by the sun.

But well let us be honest, how can the people around us see this warm side if we hide it. It should be packed out and brought together into harmony with all the coolness. This is how it works to create happy summer-feelings.

Thanks to Miu Nails & Wellness for the very cool nail art.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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