No Pain, No Game

Hello my dear readers,

you cannot always be a winner but it is up to you when you decide to stop being a surviver and give up. Those who fail at the first try rather know to cherish the value of success at another try or to fight for success until it is achieved. I still do not easily believe that a fail is another chance for something better but I am one of those types who are strengthened by a fail and more motivated to win the next time. A creative mind like me will always find a way out of hardships even though I belong to the dark side because the darker yourself the brighter your future. It is the criminal minds that always invent the plan B spontaneously.

Life is a jungle: it does not always act according to our will neither it offers all we want. Learn to deal with it. In the end it is a playground of piece of art to create however we want. Take to your hands whatever comes in your way and start to brainstorm.

Huge thanks to Tham from Thanh Nails for this beautiful and neat work! Visit the studio in Hamburg-St. Georg at the Lange Reihe 1-5.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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