Don't Let Anybody Tell You...!

Hi my dears,

we are a new generation, many things are different from the time when our parents were at our age. We are the generation of dreamers, we live according to romantic values and we put true love and friendship first. We are a generation in the time of self-discovery, we are neither saints but furthermore nor wilful sinners. In our actions and intentions we are just led by our feelings. Often we may be driven to make mistakes just because we do not know whether something is right or wrong. We do not think we know it all but we have to make our own experiences - just like our mentors did.

In the end we are aware of the fact that because of our mistakes we might get in conflicts - worse or harmless - but in the end we have the unconscious need to commit mistakes because otherwise we will not develop, neither we want to go without the fact to learn from each mistake and share our knowledge. So do not let anybody tell you you what to do! Do what you reach for doing.

Hat - Görtz
Denim shirt - New Look
Vest - C&A
Leather pants - Romwe
Ankle boots - Akira
Lipstick, eyeliner - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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