Bonjour mes chers for the last time this year,

it's my most favorite time of the year again thanks to the three words that make every woman's heart beat faster and louder "50 % off"!

To be honest I feel like time is passing way to fast now that there are only countable days left to the end of the year and there is still too much to do. But I want to enjoy and live this year until the very last moment because you never know what you might be surprised with.

But I hope you will enjoy your shopping first of all. A GUESS? girl from hat to scarf to bag in love is always recognized even in the full city center of an European metropolis.

Hat, bag, scarf - GUESS?
Pumps - Deichmann

And have the best start into the new year, thank you for an unforgettable 2014, I don't want to miss any of you in 2015 my beloved readership!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Life Is Good To Me

Bonjour sweet people,

before I get bombarded with envy why life is good to me and not you let me set right that life is as good to me as much as I let it. And so can you take your destiny into your hand.

To be honest I never thought that I would find myself in such a situation that I would have the choice between two - I am aware of my value but because of what I have lived so far and with the norms and values I have been raised with I learned to rather not talk to arrogant about myself.

Both of them seemed to only have good things about them. The thought that I would have to decide sooner or later and go without one was killing me. But finally I took a deep thought thanks to great people I am surrounded by that encouraged me to fall back in love at the second sight.

In the end I realized that it was right to get back to the roots to someone who gave you the most wonderful feeling that a person can give to another.

Cardigan - Paparazzi
Striped tee, joggers - C&A
Ankle boots - GUESS?
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Earrings - I am
Medallion - H&M

Since this will be my last post before Christmas I wish you all a wonderful, magical and relaxing Christmas with your beloved ones and happy gifts.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Every Look Tells A Story

Good evening and happy holidays my dearest readership,

welcome back to Fall4Me, the fashion and lifestyle blog by Johanna Karajan. Did you get a shock about the radical change of this blog?
Well, I dare to believe that the radical changes I am surrounded by in everyday life got me motivated. After all the stress from the past days and weeks my creative mind got flashed by wanting to make magic.

Personally I think that this new design underlines my personality and the meaning of this blog much better. Since this in the first place my personal blog I provided you a review of my best looks so far from which each looks bears a personal story that is coming from the bottom of my heart.
I'd like to make this clear: I don't like writing about fashion! I also don't understand why I should. Not because I wouldn't have an idea about fashion or trends but because I have well working eyes like - I dare to assume - everybody else who visits this blog. I'd rather let my photographs and my looks speak out what I do not find necessary to write down. After all fashion is the most beautiful way to express yourself, so the slogan of this blog.

I love to read blogs and I would love to read more blogs because the author is sharing his deepest thoughts, mind and experiences with his readership. It is the biggest and most precious gift a person can give to us.
Every look as every photograph is a memory that is lying in our heart and our mind blurry and darkened, but alive.
Of course photos are what keep a fashion blog alive but if it's your personal blog you should be able to share some thoughts. Therefore I changed the cover to black and white. I would like you to read the language of my photos and concentrate on them. After all the cover comes from an article you have met already.
Besides from that - just as my closet reveals - I prefer black over white and kept it dark. My blog is designed in the style of the new minimalism that bears a touch of me.

I hope that you like the new design of my blog, also I hope that this more personal design will invite you to come back to my blog more frequently.

Welcome back to Fall4Me. Let's write and tell stories together.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Dreams Began... Dreams Come True

Hello dearies,

dreams - seen at night, thought of during the day, told around... wished for to come true. Sometimes you might forget about your dreams because new dreams appeared but then it just needs a little thought or sign in your every day life to remember them and get back to reach for them and just a short time after you find yourself with them fulfilled.

Dreams - something you are longing for for so long, something that seems million miles away... and then all of a sudden they are closer than they ever wear.
Then they are grabable, real and with you. The moment of joy that came when you already gave it up and less expected it. They become real better than expected.

My dream is that everyone who has dreams finds them fulfilled. If not now, then later. But fulfilled.

My dreams began with this music art. And after almost a year this dream came finally true.

Thanks to Minh from Miu Nails & Wellness once again for the great and heartful service and this beautiful art!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

I Should Live A Life In Black & White

Hello my dearest people,

life is commonly known to be full of risks...but aren't the decisions we make the real risks? So I would say that life is rather full of decisions. Either we do or we don't do, we speak or we don't speak... But whatever we decide to do, in that moment we are to be aware of the fact that it's either black or white and nothing in between. It's the moment to be or not to be.

Oh, let me just live a life in black and white. So cool, so far, so unapproachable, so untouchable. A far romance that seems touchable near but yet remains untouched.

In silence I'll stay, waiting for the moment to come and return.

Dress - New Look
Boots - GUESS?
Necklace - Tally Weijl
Bracelet - Douglas

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Memories... They Haunt My Mind

Hola queridos & queridas,

every story begins with the words "do you remember?"... I am told not to live in the past but how can't I if I am overtaken by the memories of me and you? One single word, one single sight, one single sound awakens the flame that has been extinguished once.
Some we keep as a little shadow that is resting in our brightly burning soul as lecture, as victory, as the rest of my life and my forever company from my past life and future life.

I will grab for your hand and never let you go. Hold it tight through the fight called life.

Denim shirt - C&A
Leggings - Betty Barcley
Necklace - New Look

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Dress W+E Has The Answer...

Bonsoir my lovely people,

do you actually have your eye-catcher dress Christmas or rather New Year's Eve? I knew it. Good that we have the answers to all questions and the solution of all problems. offers cheap prom dresses from their promotion collection for every fashion diva. But do not get confused by the low prizes, you will see that the dresses are of even higher value. Become the princess during your Christmas fairy tale with the dresses from

And since we have learned from Cinderelle that every princess needs her personal shoes Dresswe offers you cheap prom shoes for women.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

All I Want For Christmas

Good evening my dear ones,

my post ahead I do not want to be taken the chance to wish you a joyful, magical and thoughtful Christmas time with your beloved ones full of positive emotions and energy.
One month before the big event my best friend and I have welcomed the warmest period of the year in the coldest season of the year with the must of Christmas: lard cake.

Some clients have already started to look for their first Christmas gifts. As every advise can be useful I present you my top 10 Christmas gifts below:

10. You are never wrong with a gift card. Lasts for at least one year and you avoid to make something wrong because you approximately know about your dear one's favorite shop.
9. Especially for a family member: Necessarily one of them will for sure love cooking or preparing something. So why not getting an everyday-company household appliance to leave a lifetime remark on one of your beloved ones?
8. Real fans have the original CDs! Or merchandises. And I know what I am talking about. Maybe your friend or family member still doesn't have something from his/her favorite band/artist/game and will be more than thankful for your help.
7. Jewelry has a special meaning. For example, I give jewelry away and do not wear it anymore when I have separated from the person in a disgusting way. But to change to the more beautiful side: After Valentine's day I think Christmas is the most romantic time of the year. Planning an engagement, etc.? Waiting for Christmas can't be more beautiful to send a special message with a jewelry.
6. My personal coffee/tea cup! Everyone of us is either a fan of tea or coffee. After all the hot drink either relaxes you in the night or wakes you up in the morning. Whatever it is. While relaxing what would be better than a cup just for you that reminds you of someone very special with a special print or message?
5. Clothes. There is unconditionally no one in the world who would go against the motto: "wardrobe full but nothing to wear." Open up your ears and remember what your special ones always wanted and go and get it. Otherwise there is certainly someting they need.
4. Beauty products/wellness vouchers. In cold weather the skin needs an extra care. Wellness or its products are therefore a good pick.
3. A trip. Maybe he/she will even take you with him/her. But a trip (no matter how short it might be) is always an exclusive gift.
2. An invitation. You two always wanted to do something together? An invitation could be a pretty alluring reminder.
1. Something selfmade! There is nothing more original and meaningful than something selfmade, Either something to eat, a song, something sewed... we all have at least one talent. Christmas is the time to show it and touch your dear one's heart.

Beyond all do not forget: The gift is not as important as the intention and meaning behind it. As long as it comes from heart it will be the best gift!

I am excited about your gifts. Enjoy the exclusive shopping!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Come A Little Closer

Bonsoir mes chers,

to stay or not to stay... that's the key-question that is wondered these times. Are you going to hide from the truth? Or will you run away already in the beginning in order to avoid getting hurt?

I myself invite you to come a little closer. Things aren't always what they seem to be. Moreover things aren't what they have been once anymore. If you leave things unspoken you will fail. If you wait for your opposite to make the first step you will fail. If you think too much you will fail.

So why don't you come a little closer and show me your pretty charm? I would like you to win my heart by showing me who you really are in your full cheerfulness. Do it. I'm waiting for you.

Coat - Romwe
Faux fur vest - C&A
Scarf - GUESS?
Bag - Gerry Weber
Skinny jeans - Vero Moda
Ankle boots - Tamaris

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

The Hell & Me

Bonsoir my lovers,

hotter than hell, sexier than devil is me. After you knocked me out and left me lying there all alone I stood up.

I'm gonna give you hell because I'm on fire ready to fight for what I love, what I'm living for and what is important to me.

You're gonna lack of air. And I'm gonna stand behind you and watch with amusement.

Oh ruby... You're gonna beg. Oh scarlet... You're gonna scream. You're gonna surrender to me. You have no chance to keep me in your chains anymore and no force over me. I am now your master. My own master. And I'm gonna stand behind you and watch with amusement.

Blazer - New Look
Bouse - Tally Weijl
Faux leather pants - Romwe
High heels - Akira
Earrings, bracelet - SIX
Watch - Chanel
Necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Lipstick - Manhatten
Beanie - H&M

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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