Hello sweet people,

us human are real paradox little beasts. We start to cherish something when we lose it and we love what we do not have. No... we are not little beasts. We are living beings led by vibes. We have a heart and a soul, we cry and we smile, we exhaust ourselves and we rest, we shout and we keep silent, we love action but we cherish the silence. We are kept alive by our social contacts and relationships but sometimes, just sometimes we need some time for ourselves.

We live according to vibes, we can and we cannot all alone but something that will never change is the need for freedom. No duties, just liberty. No stress, but silence. So, my message for you is, do not dare to push me too far. You and I can only work in balance you can want it but I have to want it to and if I ask you to stop treat me the way every being with a heart and soul deserves to be treated, with respect, kindness and with all its faults with comprehension.

Faux-fur vest, longtop - C&A
Scarf, boots - GUESS?
Leather jacket - Gipsy
Leggings - Romwe
Earrings - Bijou Brigitte

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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