Bonjour my beautiful people,

"opposites attract", I disagree. But I feel like I am living a different life. I feel like my life is turning completely against me, all the dreams I have had, all the aims I have taken. As if it is not meant to be. I have worked so hard to to fulfill myself my dreams, I have even had people to support me on my way and still are willing to do so. These people want my dreams to come true. They keep saying it with such a strength that I cannot resist to give up on them on that moment. But in the end it turns out that all my effort was not hard enough and splinter for splinter my heart is breaking. What is actually awaiting me? 

I am living a life on a thread. A very thin thread. I am lying in the air and I do not know. I really do not. I do not know if it is worth continuing. I do not know if this is what I am meant for. Since other people are fulfilling themselves my dreams. Yet I do not know if I could actually give up. In the end I find myself sticking to what I keep doing and I continue smiling with pure little steps in the security of certainty that I do what I am loving.

I am landing with my feet on the ground again and all that it takes is their masterpiece.

Dress - Romwe
Leather jacket - Gipsy
Ankle boots - GUESS?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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