Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Second Semi-Final Impressions

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the second semi-final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest took place yesterday in the beautifully built Wiener Stadthalle with another 17 countries from which 10 were to be qualified for the grand final tomorrow on Saturday.

My personal favorites in the beginning of the show were Sweden and Poland so they both deserved a heart on my cheek.

And here are my impressions of the second semi-final in the order country/interpret/my personal opinion:

01. Lithuania/Monika Linkyté &Vaidas Baumila "This Time"/ The song itself was alright but somehow did not appeal me. About the performance: The kiss reminded me a little bit of El & Nikki from Azerbaijan 2011 or Krista Siegfrids from Finland 2013 and was a little bit unnecessary and nothing new or special.
02. Ireland/Molly Sterling "Playing With Numbers"/Can you believe that the beautiful Molly is just 16? I loved her deep strong voice and the fact that she was playing on the piano. She also had a cool style and a very calming and beautiful forest as stage. I pity a lot that she did not pass to the final.
03. San Marino/Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini "Chain Of Lights"/ The best song my brother and I have heard so far that evening by the youngest participants in Eurovision history. Their song had a cool beat and was very appealing and remembered for sure. Another song that should have passed to the final.
04. Montenegro/Knez "Adio"/ Montenegro destroyed everyone doubtlessly singing a great and lively folk song in the native language. Me and my whole family loved it.
05. Malta/Amber "Warrior"/It is the first time I get to listen to a song and see a performance where the representative from Malta does not look like coming from the bushes but it doesn't leave a very good impression if two "Warrior" songs are in one Eurovision so compared to Georgia she was quite weak.
06. Norway/Mørland & Debrah Scarlett "A Monster Like Me"/A beautiful and strong ballade. I loved it! Debrah reminds me of Kate Winslet in "Titanic".
07. Portugal/Leonor Andrade "Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa"/Leonor is a beautiful young girl but sadly the gothic outfit did not suit her at all. I would have expected a beautiful ballade from her.
08. Czech Republic/Márta Jandova & Václav N. Bárta "Hope Never Dies"/One of the very best songs of the evening. It was a strong song and both singers hat excellent voices. A perfect come back that deserved more success,
09. Israel/Nadav Guedj "Golden Boy"/A golden boy with a golden song. I had to laugh hard about his outstanding shoes but he even delivered the part of Azerbaijan and Turkey and everyone else. A very lively song with potential to win.
10. Latvia/Aminata "Love Injected"/A typical now our days charts-song. It was good and had a personal charcter but then it was destroyed again by too much mainstream.
11. Azerbaijan/Elnur Hüseynov "Hour Of The Wolf"/Silence from the hosts of Armenian Public TV, silence from me. I did not understand anything of his performance. It went under in the darkness and loss of character in the voice and song,
12. Iceland/María Ólafs "Unbroken"/The song was very beautiful. I enjoyed it a lot and pitied that she was not very successful. But she was loved by my whole family.
13. Sweden/Måns Zelmerlöw "Heroes"/The most popular song according to surveys, I am not surprised because I belong to those who love Måns song. It is one of the few that invite you really to party what you expect from Eurovision. Apart from that I find the little painted figures totally sweet.
14. Switzerland/Mélanie Réne "Time To Shine"/One of the best Eurovision songs by Switzerland did not make it to the grand final. What a taste do the others only have... Mélanie was shining with her strong voice and lively song on stage.
15. Cyprus/John Karayiannis "One Thing I Should Have Done"/Our relative from Cyprus (just a joke because my name is Karajan and his Karayiannis) had a beautiful calm song which was however nothing special for Eurovision conditions.
16. Slovenia/Maraaya "Here For You"/The most adorable participants in Eurovision history. They were participating just to tell their grand children about their experience. The wife had a voice like Amy Winehouse. It is the first thing you notice. But you really felt the love in the whole performance.
17. Poland/Monika Kuszynska "In The Name Of Love"/Monika was my heroine from the very beginning. After she was involved in a car accident nine years ago and was paralyzed from down the hips she did not lose the courage of a happy life and even participates in Eurovision. It is admirable! But she also is a musical talent. She reminded me of Céline Dion somehow and had the most shiny stage. I also loved the cherry blossom in the stage. It opened my heart.

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Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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