Happy Birthday Fall4Me!

Hello my beloved readership,

I cannot believe it is to be the third birthday of this blog already, I mean really?! I remember every single stage of this blog's creation as if I have just done it yesterday. But as I always keep saying this blog is like my child I am have been taking care of it every day and with this blog I do feel like a mother that is exploring with her child every day. Thanks to this blog and my passion towards it I have met many priceless people, I have been finding inspiration every day with the other blogs, bloggers and with what is in the air and another most important thing I got with this blog is love and positive energy. I feel like having something that is never giving up on me and asking the best of me but still staying myself since the market of bloggers is overwhealming full the best thing you can do is staying yourself and impress the world with originality.
And this is what I do with a style inspired by not so common idols, not being a typical fashion bloggr with a hidden message and covered personal story to every look and not necessarily writing directly and only about fashion and choosing a more journalistic and pluralistic concept for my blog which has been established most within this last year. I have as well disbanded my concepts such as the "Fall4Me Accessory Of The Month" to not bind myself to duties and open myself for new projects. This is to symbolize the freedom inside me.

The most wonderful thing however is sharing the love in two ways, on the one hand delighting you, my wonderful readership and on the other hand working together with impressive and admirable people that share your passions and love therefore I especially want to thank my prominent partners for the collaboration and support: Liz Malraux (fashion designer from Hamburg), André Maeder ("Fashion Hero"-jury), Marcel Ostertag ("Fashion Hero"-winner), Katrin Siska (keyboards in the Estonian band Vanilla Ninja), David Rienau (Hamburg PR-manager), Tanel Veenre (Estonian jewellery designer), Liisa Soolepp (Estonian knit-wear designer), Stella Soomlais (Estonian leather accessory designer), Gerda Miller (Estonian MUA), Indrek Galetin (Estonian photographer from London), Mary-Jean O'Doherty Basmadjian (Australian-Armenian soprano opera singer and member of Genealogy) and Annabella (model, cosplayer and musician from France).

For my blog's birthday look I was inspired by an important friend and one of my most favorite journalists which emphasizes my style.

Overall & denim vest - C&A
Sweater - Lipsy
Boots - GUESS?
Watch - Chanel
Necklace - SIX

Of course huge thanks to everyone who is a part of me and this blog. Let's go for another beautiful years together.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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