Shopped Like A Sinner

Hey my dears,

every time I decide not to spend money until the rest of the month and believe that the month is not that long anymore I read posters saying: "1/2 prize for clothes on sale" and then it happens that I shop like a sinner with my whole family. That not enough we got invitations to after-work shopping today along with gift cards. But seriously, these clothes for those prizes were literally a gift. So this sin is allowed once in a while.

Thank you once again C&A!

Check out all my sins below:

Overall-trend-hype stays

Not often you see an Armenian woman in a traditional German dirndl, but
if you do it looks even better than on some Germans. Why? Because a 
dirndl is a must-have in every German closet.

The flower-dress I have always been looking for now I'm looking for one 
without sleeves and with red roses.

I love black leather!

Are you also excited to see me in my new in?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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