Anaïs Collombier Créations X Fall4Me #2: Flower Queens

Bonjour my beloved readership,

in the second part of our Anaïs Collombier Créations X Fall4Me special Anaïs and I have been modelling two variations of my flower crown creations exclusively designed by Johanna Karajan calling out for the summer trend that every look from edgy to elegant deserves a flower crown.
For this special shooting we have chosen the only place in the Northern German capital Hamburg that is made perfectly for such an occasion: The park Planten Un Bloomen (Engl.: Plants and flowers).

The best gift for women are flowers and every woman deserves to be a queen so we have combined both in one and became flower queens.

At the end of our special we have a little surprise for you which surprised us before: We have been asked to support the promotion of the new Magnum Pink and Black. I wonder if Magnum knew that we would have been at the right place on the right time.

Be like Magnum Pink (raspberry):

Be like Magnum Black (espresso):

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Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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