Eurovision Song Contest 2015: First Semi-Final Impressions

Guten Tag liebe Leute,

with big thrills I have welcomed the 60th Eurovision Song Contest yesterday evening traditionally with my best friend and my family.

Those who know me know that I loved to surprise myself with the songs and performances during the contest however I am always aware of the Estonian entry since I as big fan of this country traditionally watch the Estonian pre-election "Eesti Laul" (Engl.: Estonian Song). So in the first run my favorites were Armenia, Estonia and Russia. In order to support my beloved countries I have dressed myself black with purple accents in the style of Armenia's Genealogy and painted an Estonian heart on my face.

I love to exchange my opinion with my family and friends, to laugh with them and to be sad with them together while watching the show since it always gathers together people, countries and cultures with music. The opinion between me and my mother is pretty divided however my father and I do mostly agree and my best friend always enjoys to learn more about the artists from me.

And here are my impressions of the first semi-final in the order of Country/Interpret/my own opinion:

01. Moldova/ Eduard Romanyuta "I Want Your Love"/ The song was cool and catchy, very alive and Eduard was also a diamond for the female audiance however my fear was confirmed that because of the rather revealing outfits they would not come further to grand final.
02. Armenia/ Genealogy "Face The Shadow"/six countries, six cultures, six influences, one origin and one result. My brother, best friend and I agreed that we loved Mary-Jean's opera part the most; Tamar (the American representative who was singing after the chorus) visibly gave much effort to bring out the best she can; Inga (Armenian representative who sang the chorus) looked very professional which was not a surprise since she already had a successful Eurovision experience six years ago; Vahe (African representative who sang with Tamar) was very strong on the stage he pretty much transmitted power to the viewer. On the whole it was visible that the band members were thrilled with emotions on the stage. I hope they will be more relaxed for the grand final. The song itself is strong, full of emotions and makes me go goose-pimply everytime anew especially at the end. My taste was absolutely caught with the purple and black dress-code and gloomy stage. My personal highlight was when a world-map appeard on the stage and each singer went to stand where he or rather she comes from. A song that deserves to perform in the grand final.
03. Belgium/ Loïc Nottet "Rhythm Inside"/The song had a catchy beat but was rather boring for Eurovision conditions. I am surprised it passed to the grand final.
04. The Netherlands/ Trijntje Oosterhuis "Walk Along"/ A beautiful country song as we are used to it from The Netherlands, sadly it did not stand out in comparison to the other artists.
05. Finland/ Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät "Aina Mun Pitää"/ I did not believe my eyes when I saw these were the participants for Finland. The song was not alluring at all as well as the performance but due to their age and will I think they would have deserved to be in the final.
06. Greece/ Maria Elena Kiriakou "One Last Breath"/ "The best song I have heard so far this evening" my father said. I agree with him that her song and voice were very strong indeed. My brother enjoyed "what" he was watching.
07. Estonia/ Elina Born & Stig Rästa "Goodbye To Yesterday"/ The best song I have heard to so far that evening. Stig is the man of my dreams no. #2 after a certain other one (you will never guess it anyway). But he and Stig are very similar to each other in any way. I enjoyed my view and my ears with his voice and the whole song. Very much my taste such a classy song in a male and female duet.
08. F.Y.R. Macedonia/ Daniel Kajmakoski "Autumn Leaves"/ Another beautiful song that did not stand out very much. And because he looked my best friend's ex-boyfriend we could not be in favor of him (joke).
09. Serbia/ Bojana Stamenov "Beauty Never Lies"/ The song suits the singer and has strong lyrics. It surprised me that she came further but her song deserves it.
10. Hungary/ Boggie "Wars For Nothing"/ The song and the performance did not really appeal to me.
11. Belarus/ Uzari & Maimuna "Time"/ When you cannot stop listening to this song for the rest of the night you wonder why a song like Hungary's came further and this amazing duo did not. The violin was a great addition to this catchy song that made me go all goose-pimply.
12. Russia/ Polina Gagarina "A Million Voices"/ When you see such a pure Polina you do not expect a voice as strong as Shakira's her song was very beautiful and as strong and touching. What I loved was her white dress on which light-effects appeared that made it look like Polina came from the stars.
13. Denmark/ Anti Social Media "The Way You Are"/ Young, dynamite, enthusiastic was the band as well as the song. I very much pity that they did not make it further.
14. Albania/ Elhaida Dani "I'm Aliva"/ The song and the singer were was alive as the title. Elhaida had a great voice and lively performance one will not forget that quickly.
15. Romania/ Voltaj "De La Capăt (All Over Again)"/ Another surprise that evening since the song did not appeal to me very much as an Eurovision entry.
16. Georgia/ Nina Sublatti "Warrior"/ The strongest performance doubtlessly came at the end. The young teacher must be doubtlessly an ideal to her pupils. Her dress and stage were breath-taking. A very strong song and her voice was on stage even better.

Now let me turn the paper: Did you expect this feedback? And more important, do you agree with me? Where do you have another opinion? Gladly share it with me!

Happy Eurovision everyone!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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