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let us be honest everyone of us has at least once found him- or rather herself in the conflict that something - may it be an event or a thing - is too expensive but in the end worth spending money on since it is something that happens once in a lifetime or as well a must-have.
This was the situation my brother and I have found ourselves in when the event "A New World: Intimate music from Final Fantasy" was on tour among others in the city I live in, Hamburg. From 31 performances only six of them have taken place in Europe and two in Germany, so I can consider myself as very lucky and blessed as a huge fan of the "Final Fantasy" series by  Square Enix that Hamburg was one of the cities chosen.

The "New World" orchestra featuring Benyamin Nuss as solo pianist conducted by Arnie Roth played at the beautiful Laeiszhalle in the evening of October 16, 2015.

The concert was introduced with the "Red Wings" theme from Final Fantasy IV, various other themes followed from nearly each part of Final Fantasy from calm main themes such as the "Wanderer" from Final Fantasy V to catchy battle themes among others "Those Who Fight" from Final Fantasy VII solo on piano by Benyamin Nuss and "Force Your Way" from Final Fantasy VIII. The songs were divided into two parts in the first part rather calm songs have been played the songs have become catchier towards the end.

Solo on piano: Benyamin Nuss

My personal highlight was the grand final when conductor Arnie Roth made us, the audience, a part of the "New World" orchestra. The alltime famous "One Winged Angel" theme which belongs to the main antagonist from Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth, was held as last song. Therefore we had to sing in a choir "Sephiroth" but sometimes actions say more than a thousand words so see it yourself.

The main antagonist from Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth

It was definitely worth attending the concert. The orchestra played exactly like the actual music and the conductor, pianist and guitarist were all very kind seeming and funny people.
What I personally found a little bit heavy from the responsible ones was the fact that for an autograph hour, meet and greet and photos with the musicians VIP-tickets had to be bought which costed about 72 euros. I think that everyone independently from the ticket-class should have been able to have this chance, Another thing that bothered me and nearly everyone else I talked to was that the tickets could have only been ordered previously on the internet with a credit card as only payment opportunity. This made it difficult to buy them because either out of security reasons you do not want to type your credit card information online or you do not even have one.
The good thing was that an evening box-office was offered before the concert.

A fashion blogger's article would not be complete without an outfit-talk. J. Usually to an opera you wear a suit or rather an elegant dress but I was motivated by my best friend and famous French cosplayer Rebelling Princess to cosplay one of the Final Fantasy characters and chose Ifalna Faremis from Final Fantasy VII since she was easiest for me to cosplay spontaneously. Ifalna is the dead biological mother from the main female character from Final Fantasy VII, Aerith Gainsborough. Sadly no one seemed to recognize my cosplay.

My cosplay

...and the original Ifalna.

For many other videos visit my YouTube channel. There I have created a playlist with the songs I have recorded be aware that I did not record all but only my favorite themes.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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