Grey Mouse? No,Thanks.

Hey dears,

why do we have spring or why do we have summer when we know that we are predestined to be exposed to the deep, cold winter or rather strong, embracing summer? Are we really that weak to have the need of a smooth transition before we enter either the darkness or the brightness? After all, who warms us when an accident happens, when we get surprised or when something may it be good or bad suddenly occurs?
No one, so there is no excuse if we do not use the chances we are given. There is just one moment and the opportunity to sink in or not, we not always have the time of three months to prepare and create the best of the moment given. Sometimes we do not even have three seconds.

Instead of pitying yourself go out and face the extreme. Face yourself and stop thinking, do what you have to do and then, just do it. No matter if it is wrong or write, do it. Because if you do not you will regret it for a lifetime. It is not about to hide.

Thanks to Miu Nails & Wellness to the great nails and service.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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