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Hello my dears,

butterflies are beautiful, tiny, free and they are sooo cool! The beautiful animal as pattern is the runner up of the season and a trend that you can find in the most recent collection of every label. Christian Dior showed how it works and was the first one to release the trend already in late summer.

A fashionista like me is naturally updated about the trends and follows them but a style-confident independent blogger like me does not necessarily follow every trend but also sets them and remains loyal to her style.

So after some research I have found this beautiful dress in black and white and on a further store check-out the perfect matching scarf which I can use as a stola.

Dress - H&M

In the same store we have found a catchy offer: Oktoberfest fashion 50% off. I admit I already have a dirndl in my closet as you have seen this spring but I could not resist to buy another one since it had a beautiful flower pattern that caught me and a red-black combination which I loved as well. My mother and I have as well found the perfect hat to it which however can be also used for autumn outfits since a hat is one of the most important accessories for this season and red is a good matching color for the shades of fall.

Butterfly scarf, dirndl, hat - C&A

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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