Fall/Winter Must-Haves

Hello my beloved readers,

tell me, what is THE fashion item of fall/winter? Coats! I knew it. We all knew it. For some people coats are just a means to an end to keep you warm. Often the coat is randomly chosen what is important is that it would keep you warm and not break easily and once you have found the "perfect coat" it is done and you do not need or any other. You put on a scarf, a cap and your gloves raondomly and are defended from the cold.

But you did not believe how essential and important coats have become in fashion industry for your look and your style. It is not just the size that is important but meanwhile as important is if it underlines your individual personal style and character. I think the revolution is shown by the different types of coats and jackets for winter and the constantly growing choice of each group and winter-accessories.

I myself have at least three different types of winter-coats and countless accessories. Which I am going to present with in the season.

But for now see my must-haves by Farfetch.com below:

The Definitive Coats of the Season

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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